CM: Milan in talks with Bakayoko’s entourage over January move – the latest

By Isak Möller -

Tiemoue Bakayoko isn’t getting any playing time at AC Milan and it looks like the midfielder will leave the club in January. The Rossoneri are very keen on terminating the loan, as is widely known. 

Bakayoko arrived on a two-year loan from Chelsea in 2021 and because of a clause in his contract, which makes the move permanent, he hasn’t played anything this season. He only featured in Dubai to showcase himself ahead of a move.

According to, Milan are in talks with the entourage of Bakayoko and they are working on a January move. Chelsea still own the player but are ready to sanction a move elsewhere, letting the Rossoneri terminate the loan.

Bakayoko has a rather hefty salary and it would be a huge boost to get rid of him six months earlier than expected. After all, he’s not playing at all and it’s only bad for his own career.

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  1. He is loving his life. He does nothing… literally nothing and gets paid millions. What a joke. Something is definitely wrong with society here.

    1. I think its a simplification of his situation. First of all he is fond of the club and clearly has been hoping to get a chance which then hasnt happened,
      As an ac milan fan i would rather be a bench player for the club i love and try to fight for my chance than playing for a different club, simple as that and i doubt many milan fans would think differently.
      In regard of bakayoko i do believe that he has accepted in which direction the wind blows and that he wont have a chance of staying beyond this season so he propably has realized that there is no reason to stay any longer.

      1. Of course it’s a simplification, it was intentional. Crazy we struggle bumping Bennacers salary up but then pay a waste of space in baka a fat salary… smart.

        1. i agree its unfortunate that he is still with us if that is infact detrimental to for example renewing bennacers contract which it propably is so yeah its not like im in favour of having a wage heavy bench player like bakayoko in milan either but its hard to blame the guy for hoping to carve out a space after kessie left the club. Unfortunately he hasnt performed well when called upon though and should have left in the summer to resurrect his career.

      2. He is still in Milan because no other club wants to pay him the salary he is currently making.
        Has nothing to do with being fond or fan of the club. It’s all about the money he is getting now that he won’t be getting at any other club.
        Milan has been trying to push him out since last January. What chance to fight for his spot?
        Same situation that happened with Castillejo.
        Both of them were told they won’t play and won’t be taken into consideration, but they still decided to stay and get their money (which is absolutely their right) instead of going to play at another club.
        You are a fan until you become a professional, and then you are only a fan of the club that cuts you the check.

          1. I literally just said that once you become a professional, the only club you are a fan of is the one that pays you while they are paying you, which means the one you play for.
            But Bakayoko resistance to leave is all based on money, not Fandom, because he isn’t even a bench player. He has played as many minutes for Milan as me and you, zero.
            He is just someone who has a great seat to watch the games

          2. Well maybe the fella had hoped for better days anyways i want him as little in the club as both of you and never really wanted him back after his first year with us but we cant really blame him for hoping either. If his contract is terminated with us his salary wont be less as his contract last untill 2024 with chelsea so i actually do believe he was hoping for another chance with us,

  2. Still he hasn’t been given enough chances because milan would have to pay if he plays a certain amount of games. He is strong and had a fabulous 1st season under gatusso. But we passed on the opportunity to sign him permanently. Now i feel so sorry for him. Once again Milan gives a player away without giving him a fair chance!!!!!

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