CM: Milan braced for new bid from Germany after demanding €15m for talented forward

By Oliver Fisher -

Jens Petter Hauge’s experience at AC Milan could end after just one season with Eintracht Frankfurt set to make a new bid, a report claims. writes how the first half of last season seemed like the perfect script for the Norwegian, as the young talent came from a very small city in his home country and managed to establish himself at one of the most important clubs in the world.

The second half of the season was not quite the same though as he found his playing time decrease under Stefano Pioli and he now seems destined to say goodbye after less than a year. Milan could sell Hauge but they don’t want to do so at an amount below their valuation.

Hauge has interest in both the Bundesliga and the Premier League, with Eintracht Frankfurt the team who have made most concrete steps by making an offer of €8m fixed plus bonuses. Milan rejected this offer as they want €15m, but that amount could go down to €12-13m, but not one euro less.

A new bid is expected from Eintracht in the next few days, who will have to move closer to the Rossoneri’s demands if they want to sign the winger.

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  1. It’s okay to sell him and Leao for 42 million, then replace them with Kvaratskhelia for around 15 million. 27 million can be used to add fresh money for Vlasic and Berardi/Ziyech.

  2. Why is everybody so hot for Vlasic? The guy has not proved anything, whether in European top leagues nor in the croatian national team?

    Hauge showed great talent in the first half of the season when he actually got opportunities. He only “did not perform” in the second half of the season, because Pioli clearly did not want to use him.

  3. Pioli cost us Paqueta

    Pioli is going to cost us Hauge

    Pioli is going to cost us Leao

    Please what Pioli achieved? If it is champions League then we should remember that Milan was very close twice with a novice coach Gattuso.

    The difference between Gattuso time and Pioli time is Just Ibra.

    Ibra is the source for the team achievement.

    1. Yes, average coach, nothing special. Just bring team spirit and that’s all. It is strange our policy is to sign young prospects and coach who can’t develop their potential and make everything to leave the club

    2. Hauge isn’t in front of rebic and we also has leao higher in the pecking order so the fact that he hasnt played that many minutes really shouldnt come as a huge surprise either to the fans or hauge himself as he had already played a nearly full season in norway before his arrival. Would like to keep him though but if a sale can help us improve the team overall …so be it.

      Well paqueta refused to play at some point so cant really say im surprised he was deemed surplus to requirements by the club…and its not like he plays in a really great league at the moment in ligue 1. Milan wouldnt have been able to act in the market had we not made some tough choices by selling some of our players.

      Pioli achieved a 2nd place and got us into cl after 7 years absence and he also vastly improved several players and his team also broke or equaled several records both italian/ac milan and european related ones so thats what he achieved and also with a near non existant transfer funds last year so thats what he achieved.

      I always suported gattuso both as a player and a coach and that all the way to the end but regardless of that you cant compare his tenure with piolis triumfs with the team in relation to before mentioned records and we also play far better football under the italians tenure,

      Bad excuses even though he also has had his impact the players all say that pioli united the team.

      As already mentioned i would like us to keep hauge as well but its pretty damn easy to sit here and for us and blame the club choices as they have done great up untill now and non of us are with the training team and see work etthics, general adjustment like language barrier does he like living in a milano etc. the player might want to be a starter. anyways pretty easy to pblame the coach when we have made leaps in quality since he arrived.

        1. Maybe not long term as the guy propably will retire in ten years time BUT for now i simply refuse to say that we should gamble on someone else when he has done a great job and his records proves that. Changing coach just because disgruntled fans say he is average etc or doesnt play hauge much would be a huge gamble when he has been doinjg as great as he have been doing. One of the main issues in the club in nearly a decade has been the lack of stability and pioli has been the onlly one in recent years that has created coherency so i say keep him as long as the team atleast performs..

      1. That’s true, as a fan we do not know what was happening in the training camp or in the locker room. Everything we can see was from media or watch the player plays, so we know how good the skill is, or how bad he played for one game. But how good player such as krunic for milan , or Samu castillejo for the team ? If you can compare the way they play to Hauge, who did better ? Even Calhanoglu , after the winter he’s just average

        1. Well its expected that hauge is skillfull as he previously was a futsal player to my knowledge but so was Hachim Mastour not to say that hauge isnt a better player but you can have all the flashy talent in the world but that doesnt mean you will succeed. Well i think pioli overplayed both castillejo and krunic but generally due to lack of squad depth but whos to say that those players isnt better following the system and the coaches ideas. Look at the old roman defense tactics if one soldier stepped out of formation all would likely fall and therefore the game system trumps the players regardless of who they are. Atleast thats a way to percieve things.

  4. No he isn’t ahead of the two aforementioned players,but what is that saying other than the coach opting for others ahead of Hauge. Almost every single fan thought that Pioli disrespected Hauge by not including him in the Europa squad, as did I.

    I give Pioli his credit for leading us back in to the Champions League, but I do have to draw the line somewhere. It’s evident that Zlatan had more of an influence on the team and the final outcome of league than the coach himself and I dare say that he’d be a liar if he himself couldn’t admit that.

    Hauge deserves to stay at Milan, if only because he almost single handedly served Pioli his own rear end in the Europa League with a team that isn’t even on our level.

    1. Well hauge isnt a better player than either rebic or leao and not even close but even though it came as a surprise he wasnt added even hauge himself said that he accepted the coaches choice and regardless whether he was disapointed thats not the same as disrespecting him as its not up to the players to decide who plays or not and the same goes for the fans.

      Obviously ibra had his impact when playing no question about that but to imply its alll on his shoulders is infact disrespectfull of both piolis and the other coaches and players work they put for the day.

      As already mentioned i was surpirsed he wasnt part of the squad later on but will i accept a profesional caoches decisions who both spend time with the players and propably took his education at one of the most esteemed football instutions like coverciano or disgruntled fans that want a speciffic player to feature well then its a pretty easy choice for me,,anyways doesnt mean i agree with all of his decisions though.

  5. Sell Hauge immediately if any club offers around $12-15 million. He has potential…but that’s about it right now. I recall he only excelled during the Europa League group stages, against the lesser quality teams, such as Celtic & Sparta Prague. But when he was given his opportunities in Serie A, dude looked like a deer in headlights, lost most of the time. So dont blame Pioli for not playing him more, instead of the more established players, such as Rebic & Leao.

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