CM: Milan decide not to raise €12-13m bid for Valencia midfielder – the latest

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan have decided not to raise their offer for Yunus Musah and have left the ball in Valencia’s court, according to a report.

Milan were intensely linked with a move for Musah in the days immediately after it became obvious that Sandro Tonali would be departing and joining Newcastle United for a club-record fee, thus leaving the midfield in need of a rebuild.

According to Daniele Longo of, Milan have decided not to improve their first offer for Musah, which was worth around €12-13m as a fixed amount plus bonuses.

Now the ball passes to Valencia who must show an opening, otherwise the Milan management will turn to other targets for the department.

Giorgio Furlani and Geoffrey Moncada appear to be quite methodical in the evaluation of players and how much they are worth bringing various factors into play, and they adjudge their first bid to be a fair one.

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    1. Absolutely if its correct then i agree its a huge insult as his valuation is around 20 mil and there were also reports that valencia wanted 30 mil so that would be quite the low bidding if that info is correct as his contract is also first expiring in 2026.

      1. Yep agree , atleast offer 20m euro . Yunus has physical like kessie also same box to box midfield , ACM buy kessie for total 32m euro ( 2 years loan fee + obligation to buy ) . Yunus in my personal opinion more worth than RLC price

        1. he is 5 cm smaller but he looks pretty strong so i wouldnt oppose this deal within a reasonable fee at least, Gattuso liked him but also said he would need some patience but looks like a player that could be further developed and that would at least fit redbirds approach. RLC propably can make a bigger impact currently if he can stay fit but musah could propably fetch the club some more cash down the road.

      2. Agreed. 12-13M LOLOLOLO. We are still nickle and diming everyone lol. Embarrassing.

        Like you said he’s not in the last year of his deal so thinking you will get this guy for half his valuation is naive and shows a lack of experience IMO. IF we were serious about signing this kid offer close to 20M including bonuses and be done with it. More WASTING TIME by Furlani. We have the $$ – so spend it IF this is the player we want to help replace Tonali.

        1. im not suggesting that we should pay the rumored 30 demanded but 12-13 mil is indeed embarassing and a complete waste of time if it is indeed correct. Leao currently has a valuation of around 90 mil and im pretty sure we would be offended if someone came and offered 55-65 mil as well, or at least i hope so,

  1. This a huge mistake by Milan and they will regret it. They need that physical presence in the midfield that has been missing since Kessie left. He has huge potential at only 20 years old. He is a better option than Reijnders who Milan have no problem spending 20 mil on.

    1. reijnders is tonali replacment. i dont know this musah kid but if he is as good as people say half of eu would be after him already…

      1. Yeah and Reijnders is worth 20M? If he was I’m sure there would be other clubs that would have already offered that money.

        1. ofc he is. That is not a lot for a player of his caliber and exp.
          but i wouldnt expect you to understand that.
          And keep in mind one takes a noneu spot the other does not. Who is the main noneu Milan target atm again?

      2. So again, we are going to go another season without properly replacing Kessie? Can’t wait to see our midfield getting pushed around again this year. They have the money from the Tonali sale and this guy fits exactly what they need and he’s only going to get better. Milan are just being cheap as usual. They’ll go grab someone for 5 mil from some Belgiun b league that can sit on the bench along with Vranckx.

  2. RLC, Pobega, Reijnders, Krunic. They already have enough of players with b2b/mezzala characteristics. We need a holding midfielder. A regista. Whether we play 433 or 4231. Bennacer is the only one capable of playing deep but he’s out. Maybe Krunic. But another is needed.

    1. Krunic and Pobega as not starter Material so another b2b and a holding mid should arrive to be partnered with RLC.. RLCs Purchase seems to be troubling you but yeah lol.

  3. Was it him or Chuck who on their first day of pre season training said he’s happy were he is? Perhaps that’s why Milan decided he’s off! Lol. To be honest tho I wouldn’t imagine the offer to be this low but at least Milan are keeping firm to what they think is right. Now after a few days of no positive come back from Valencia ,start with another target. Ricci i think is a good playmaker and would be a nice regista in a 433. Get a lot of midfielders because I don’t want to see Krunic as much this season

  4. American owner favouring American instead of Italian……American revolution…….lol…..waiting for new disatarous seasson for my beloved milan

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