CM: Milan demand a Premier League record fee from Chelsea after €100m bid

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan received a big offer from Chelsea for winger Rafael Leao but they have resisted selling him, according to reports.

According to, Leao will remain at Milan beyond the 20:00 deadline. They cite a report from Diario AS who claim that Chelsea have made a serious attempt for the Portuguese international, putting €100m on the table.

It is a proposal that was rejected by Paolo Maldini and Ricky Massara, who asked for €150m to let the former Lille star leave in the current window which is the same as his release clause, one that does not apply this late in the window.

Milan are in fact willing to sell Leao only if they receive an offer that is simply too good to turn down, and that is one that would make the former Sporting CP talent the most expensive player in Premier League history.

It is a scenario that does not seem to be feasible at the moment, due to timing and because the Blues do not want to go so high. Leao is admired by Chelsea, but unless there are surprises there will be a new attempt only in 2023.

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  1. Big mistake…Leao isn’t reliable at all, he played 3 months well, and starts this season really bad.
    €100 million i would sell him with my eyes closed. Only problem finding a replacement

    1. That only problem happens to be a MASSIVE problem. Selling our best player with no hopes of replacing him before the deadline? That would be terrible business, regardless of the fee.

    2. well I think that it’s not entirely a mistake as you put it considering the unavailability of a suitable replacement at this point in time so maybe in January or the next summer transfer window the offer can be accepted and the funds can be used to acquire one or two more competent legs in that department

      1. Maybe he’ll be sold in January as M&M will have 4 months to look for the next LW. Let’s just hope his value don’t drop significantly during these months.

  2. Let’s see on January. If there’s no sign he’ll renew, than sell. But the feeling is that Redbird won’t be as strict as Elliot in term of salary cap.

  3. well I think that it’s not entirely a mistake as you put it considering the unavailability of a suitable replacement at this point in time so maybe in January or the next summer transfer window the offer can be accepted and the funds can be used to acquire one or two more competent legs in that department

    1. Go back to fighting to fighting for too 4 from fighting for Scudetto again? No. It’s not wise. To think any new signing could just walk into the team and make it like Leao never left is unrealistic. The team would suffer greatly. A deal like this must be done in pre-season with plenty of time to integrate his replacement.

  4. He’s gone, the wheels have started turning and he’s not playing well…sell him next summer and get in Lang and a RW who isn’t Ziyech, and a top striker.

    The premier league monster is becoming ridiculous, both Botman and Scamacca have gone to warm benches

    I think he’s more likely to go to City anyway, perhaps if Alvarez doesn’t start much we can get him off them…

    1. Yeah, Premier league $$$ is ruining football.
      Scamacca can’t even start yet he still went there for a payday.
      De Ketelaere GAINED my respect when he chose football over we have to reapy back that faith he had in us

  5. Selling at this point would be catastrophic yes 100 m is a lot and on any given day I would have said yes with the situation around his contract. But the replacement the timing of operation is not worth it… signings takes times to gel. If I was red bird i would offer him what he wants than sell him further with even a mentioned amount. Have a gentleman sort of agreement with his agents. Get us the money we will let him go and invest that accordingly…..players are ambitious now a days gone are those where we find baresi Maldini or del piero or rossi or Totti. We would cash on him improve our cash flows and correct our shortcomings….but this season its rather late even if we got such offer before the start of season or around match day 1 it was a good go…..

  6. People are so f*cking naive here sometimes. If we sell Leao for 100 million, what makes you think we are gonna use that money to strengthen the squad?! All we have seen and heard of the new owners, is that they are gonna cut budgets and buy young prospects. If we sell Leao now, Maldini will get 10-20 million and be told to go find some unknown French talent. This will put us right back to square one and it will take us another 2-3 years to develop another player with Leao’s qualities.

    That is why i don’t want Milan to sell ANY of the star players. Theo, Leao, Tonali, Bennacer, Kalulu etc. None of them will be replaced by star players. It will be cheap young talents which will take a long time to develop. That’s not what Milan needs right now…

    1. I think you’re most probably right…US owners are making football clubs into businesses…I’d have preferred Arab ownership because they don’t…they want to create successful football teams.

        1. Atleast they are not doing business with football, they are interested in football and gain name themselves, club. Psg is the only worst club.
          Man City will not pay huge salaries like Psg. Many star players still earns 5m or 6m or 7m still… They have teams like 7 in different countries. Its an organisation that helps the other city group football teams with the knowledge they gain and transfer it to other small country clubs. It’s like a Ngo for football to improve the football players facilities, knowledge like in Europe.
          PSG sucks because of the less competition also, they can win the Cup easily and always choosing wrong sporting managers not someone like Zlatan

  7. 100M, I sell him man.We can find a replacement later on. In 2 yrs when we lose Leao for free everyone will remember today.
    Players these days run down contracts all the time. We should have sold him and figured out replacement later with the cash in the bag.
    Losing players for free is what I fear most

    1. “if he grows up mentally”

      That’s a helluva big IF. So far there has been no sights of growing up though – quite the contrary actually.

      1. You are such a Leao hater @bb it’s pathetic. Are you even a Milan fan? You constantly bash him every chance you get instead of wanting this player to continue to grow – you instead hope for his demise. What a loser you are. And if Antony is worth 100M – Leao is def worth 150M. STF down and go back to playing Xbox you foolish child

        1. No hate. Just rational. 🙂

          And I do hope the lad would wise up and start living to his potential. But I don’t see that happening though.

  8. 150M for a overrated bum who is as inconsistent as my dog😂 what a joke. It’s nice that he stays, don’t get me wrong but it’s it’s a fk joke that we ask 150M for this guy. I’m more hyped about CDK in 2 games then him, CDK is really good. And don’t come reacting with “ He won a MVP already” bc that mvp was the biggest joke in years. He only won that bc he won the league and he was our only good attacker but if he deserved a mvp Lautaro Martinez also does, as much as I hate him he’s doing it for years

  9. No reliable source has said anything about Chelsea and Leao all summer, except for some no name sources that wanted to put their name out there by fabricating a story

  10. i think if Chelsea want it, they can come back knocking by January or next Summer transfer window. M&M not against the idea, with the range and quality of Milan scout, i believe Milan can find a suitable replacement.

  11. It’s amazing all the negativity about Leão, the freaking league MVP. He had a slow start to the 2022-23 season, a bit rusty and preoccupied with the transfer rumors, but I’m sure that as the season goes by he will resume the double-digit goals and assists. He already played better the last two games. Some posters here are just ungrateful. Yes, Leão is irregular, but when he is good, he is excellent. Don’t forget that! This said, if he doesn’t renew by January and there is a 100M+ offer, then sell him with time to hire good replacements. We shouldn’t be losing players for free as free agents. But I’m glad that Leão will stay at least until January.

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