CM: Milan want additional discount on Messias – confidence filters regarding Ziyech

By Isak Möller -

Junior Messias joined AC Milan on an initial loan deal ahead of the season and while his stay seemed certain a few weeks back, that isn’t the case now. In fact, the Rossoneri want an additional discount, a report claims. 

The Brazilian winger, who arrived from Crotone ahead of this past season, had a decent first year with Milan as he found the back of the net six times. His most memorable goal came in the Champions League away at Atletico Madrid (1-0 win).

According to, Milan are currently reflecting on Messias’ future and it appears they want an additional discount on the buy-out. Initially, the clubs agreed on €5.5m but two weeks back, they settled at €4.5m.

The official announcement never arrived, though, and that is because the Rossoneri are working to get an additional discount. Meanwhile, they are very confident about signing Hakim Ziyech from Chelsea on a loan with an obligation to buy, for around €25-30m.

That signing would make Messias slightly redundant, hence the efforts to lower the price. Milan still want to keep the Brazilian, but just not for that money.

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  1. If we bring new RW then we really dont need this guy ,saelemakers will be bench option,we cant sell castilejo to anyone since nobody want to pay 1 dollar for him

  2. Is there any reason for this? Milan has three RW and all of them had performed below par, why keep sign junior and looking for Ziyech?

    1. Casti is definitely leaving this summer, and some reports of us selling Messias on after we get him, maybe to Monza for €10m so probably to maximise profit if we do that, otherwise we’ll sell Saele instead, but I think thats the worse option of the two

      1. But why would they sell to Milan for a huge discount so Milan can make money? I would just call Galiani and sell directly to them, tell Milan to piss off with their super cheap attitude. I honestly don’t see the point in giving discounts for Crotone.

        1. Because we have first right of refusal, and they are willing to give discounts because they know they’re in no position to really negotiate. Do you think Crotone has any staying power for a player from Serie C? Economically they need what they can get, so it makes a lot of sense really. The max they’ll get for him is 4.5m, and it will be from us, because anyone willing to pay the extra we will just negotiate with to sell him on for a profit, and Crotone knows this. Plus keeping good relations with Milan will help with any potential loans/purchases from us in the future. Strategically it’s also easier for them.

          1. Milan doesn’t have anything. And if Monza wants to buy him I’m sure they can get a million more. You really think that Crotone will sell to Milan for 4.5M and then Monza will give Milan 10M. Instead of just buying directly for somewhere in between that. I don’t think you understand who runs Monza, they are not idiots. 😀

      2. First of all casti is going nowhere,last three summers we said “casti is definitely leaving this summer”.

        1. He is out this summer because next one his contract expires. He can be sold for a low amount to be capital gain now, last season it would take more than anyone would pay.

  3. Honestly Milan should not buy him, he is a very very average player, it even shows in his play, that’s why he did not make it when he was younger, AC Milan is above his level, he should go to a mid table team, and I have been saying this for ages, if we buy him to turn a profit, then we will be wasting money, he is already close to 32, is technically and tactically limited, which team do u honestly feel will pay 10million for him, we are better off if we buy Raul Bellanova, then pushing florenzi forward, Alexis is still young, he will definitely improve…

    1. €10m is the reported price tag we’ve set with Monza showing interest and I believe having already contacted us and Crotone about him, not completely unbelievable. Also Florenzi deal is already complete, and a cheap, reliable solution that offers experience and leadership to an otherwise extremely young backline. Good move especially considering that he’s already proven he’s utility in our squad.

      1. Use ur brain,if we have 10 million offer from Monza we would not negotiate to get him more cheaper than this settled 4,5 mil,and risk losing him,and crotone for sure would not accept letting him go cheaper than agreed 5,5 they made last year, if even we can read news about 10 mil offer from monza,do you now understand how fake and brainless are these news about selling him to monza?

        1. He made up some random thing in which somehow they are all idiots and only Milan can buy and resell him. 0 logic, makes no sense at all. Of course if that is true he would be on his way to Monza for 7-8M probably, and they would say goodbye to Milan.

    2. He is a very smart player. It is first time playing for a first team. He has done well. Go look his hightlight for Milan.

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