CM: Milan hierarchy hit disagreement over potential Pioli successor

By Euan Burns -

There is a disagreement brewing among the decision makers at AC Milan over who could be the potential successor to Stefano Pioli at the end of this season, a report claims. 

As has been reported by, there is a disagreement between new special advisor Zlatan Ibrahimovic and some of the other executives at Milan over which direction should be taken in the summer if Pioli is not allowed to see out the final year of his contract.

It seems that the majority of those who make important decisions at Milan feel that Bologna coach Thiago Motta is the best choice, given how well he has managed to get the Gialloblu playing this season so far.

They experienced a dip in form but seem to have now weathered it and are back to predominantly winning ways, which is another suggestion that Motta is a top manager.

As for Ibrahimovic, though, he thinks that the available Antonio Conte would be the best option for the club given his wealth of experience in Serie A, having won the league with both Juventus and Inter before.

The loss to Monza in Serie A immediately reignited the anger towards Pioli from some fans despite the club sitting two points away from second place.

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  1. Ibra the only one talking sense. Man is a winner and they want someone who can win trophies, no brainer. Motta is unproven and a punt compared to Conte.

    1. yeah winner, 1 UCL QF appearance his whole career, fell out with every single club he’s been at, earns 4 times most manager’s salary but yeah ‘winner’ because he won the league couple times.

        1. You wanna be an embarrassment in Europe every year under him, most fans don’t

          if you like Europa league so much go support Atalanta

        1. What point was that? Pioli, also a proven winner at Milan, beat contes Tottenham. By that logic, why not just keep Pioli (what should actually happen given Motta is a nobody who has won nothing)

      1. Hahaha now Zlatan Ibrahimovic the football legend who played for Juventus, Inter, Barcelona, Manchester United, Milan or PSG is a loser because he disagrees with a bunch of bankers who discovered football a few years ago and who want the cheapest option.

        1. Ibra has no say in this, how you really that gullible to believe some media rumors about how a recently appointed advisor is someone allowed to make key decisions for the club?

          Why do all of you take EVERY MEDIA REPORT SERIOUSLY

          1. An official release from the club explained that the role of Zlatan would be to assist the front office regarding football operations. I agree that the current reports are probably media bs but it’s clear that Zlatan will have a say if we appoint a new coach.

          2. he’s an advisor, not a decision maker, big difference

            Conte is not even that sought after if you havent noticed, go see if Bayern Barca ManUtd to name a few top clubs even go for him.

    1. It will also ruin Ibrahimovic when Conte doesn’t pan out. It will be another year zero in 2024 when we get rid of all of our wingers to accommodate Conte’s signings and 3-5-2. Then it will be another year zero in 2026 after Conte has quit and we have to get rid of a bunch of players so we can sign wingers for the new coach (and they won’t be as good as Leao or Puli).

  2. Zlatan is like most. He sees the game as it was 30 years ago.

    Splash enough cash and make it all about the coach, throw in some motivational speeches and success ensues.

    How much do we uproot for Conte when we can’t even deliver him the best squad, which is what he requires for success?

    1. “How much do we uproot for Conte when we can’t even deliver him the best squad, which is what he requires for success?”

      This. When was the last time Conte won trophies with a “not that spectacular” roster? He couldn’t even beat Pioli’s Milan last season with Kane & co.

      1. He took a terrible looking Italy to QF’s and beat spain in the Euros… And that was with Giaccherini playing… 🙂 That was almost a win .

        1. Oh I recall that euro. Beating Spain in a R16? A Spain coming to an end of their cycle. Still haven’t got passed the quarters anyway. That’s not impressive. He always stumbles in cups. UCL, Euros, u name it. When we met Germany in the quarters, I recall Low mimicking his formation to Italy so they go man to man and totally eliminated Italy’s attack on the wings. And because Conte doesn’t have a plan B…guess what Italy couldn’t do anything. This was a Germany team which played 4 at the back until only that game. Now, it’s a sign of respect that they switched their whole system just for their opponents for that one game but they shouldn’t be playing your system better than you.

  3. Wrong. Besides a few players out there the rest are just like robots and not special. The players are dumber than they’ve ever been before and hence the need for a great coach is even more important. This is why you see teams like leverkusen, girona, Aston villa, and bologna all overachieving with inferior squads. Good coaching. Definitely not due to the ‘best squad’ like you say

  4. Hello everyone, the thing that 🔴⚫are facing is the squad don’t react like a team the is no quick and urgency and pressing mentality in the starting line up, the mentality that I’m taking about is the one we showed against first leg VS Newcastle and the second leg VS Psg, when you are watching some matches you feel boring due to luck of desire in the players.

  5. Between Conte and Motta i will go all the way with Motta, remember couch Allegri’s starting career with 🔴⚫same can be with Motta or better.

  6. I might be against some majority here, but I’m definetly against Conte. Yes he did win many leagues with Juventus and one with Inter, but he did so with a squad that was way better than his opposition and still managed to never get pass the quarter finals in UCL (Pioli did at least reach a semifinal). Also his recent failure with Tottenham leads me to think that he might be outdated as a coach and more beatable that we think.
    Furthemore, his sytem with a back three, his attitude, his salary and his request will lead to yet another upheaval of the squad and spendings that we might simply not be able to afford. All of this because he can “guarantee” a serie A ? No coach can guarantee anything. There is always an element of gambling with each new coach.
    Not gonna lie, my favourite coach to go for is Jurgen Klopp, but it’s safe to say that this is simply not going to happen.
    Now for Motta, I’m not gonna say that there is an absolute guarantee that he’ll do wonders with this team, but I think that he has shown enough quality with Bologna to give him a try. Yes he never won anything as a coach, neither did Rocco, Sacchi, Capello, Allegri OR Pioli before coming to us and Ancelotti only won a coppa intertoto before coaching us. Salary wise Motta will be more reasonable and affordable and his system is one of the closest to the one we currently use (which is always a good thing).

  7. Ridiculous. Every time we lose a game now we have to put up with these stupid articles of fake journalists pretending they know what what Management wants and are saying behind closed doors. Do better than publishing this crap.

  8. Im team Motta ‘cuz im curious if he can do it. Im also pro Conte if they do go that way ‘cuz im curious if he can shape this bunch into proper warriors. Doubt

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