CM: Milan to miss out on promising striker as Spurs make official offer

By Isak Möller -

Alejo Veliz has been linked with a move to AC Milan over the last few days, but it looks like the Rossoneri will be beaten by Tottenham. The latter have made an official offer for the player, a report claims. 

This season, the 19-year-old has found the back of the net eleven times for Rosario Central in 23 appearances. As a result, he has attracted the interest of several big clubs, including the likes of Milan and Tottenham.

As reported by, Milan recently held talks with the player’s entourage to understand the situation. However, even though chief scout Geoffrey Moncada is fond of the player, the Rossoneri never went further than a simple inquiry.

Tottenham, on the other hand, have made an official offer of just under €15m, which is the value of the release clause. They are also willing to leave Veliz at Rosario on loan until December when the Argentinian season comes to an end.

Milan are thus set to miss out on the youngster, instead ready to focus on Lorenzo Colombo who could remain with the first team for the upcoming season.

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  1. I hope Maldinis Hair Piece is happy. Missing out on Veliz instead to focus on a guy who struggled to score 6 goals at Lecce with regular playing time.

    I am NOT happy. And we have nonEU options open.

        1. Everytime you post you expose your lack of judgment more and more.
          He held the ball up very well, lot’s of nice lay off’s, kept posession and showed great strength.

          Has your pal from Argentina ever faced a team like Madrid? no

          1. My lack of judgment? Lolllll lmaooooo you don’t even have proper judgment? Remember Petagna? Same characteristics. And like Colombo, no brain. Oh but he holds up the ball well lmao. So did Matri.

            Colombo did little to nothing this preseason.

          2. Also. Many argentine youngsters have gone to Europe and done well. Including in the Serie A. The league is known for producing high quality talent.

            Some nice lay offs and he held up the ball… omgosh.

          1. I don’t think it has anything to do with how good Veliz is or can be. After spending 110m on greater needs it seems like we’re at the end of major spending barring any funds generated by exits. Clearly the club chose to go for Okafor over Veliz, probably because Okafor can play all across the front line. It’s clear our striker “group” for the forthcoming season is Giroud, Okafor, and Colombo. This will only change if funds come in from transfers AND Colombo is sold or loaned out again. We arguably still have greater weaknesses at DM and CB, and possible now RB if Calabria’s injury proves worse than advertised, so if we happen to scrape another transfer together without sales it will probably come in one of those departments.

          2. UPDATE: Just like I said it looks like we’re beginning negotiations to sign Esteve, so that’s where the focus is, not spending money on what would be a fourth striker. I think the club will continue with this group of strikers this season and it’s a position that will be strongly addressed in 2024 when Giroud’s contract expires.

  2. It’s Milan decision so let’s just wait. It’s not the end of the world, maybe we again missed chance on another Julian Alvarez or Enzo Fernández, but he also could be the next Ganso or Gabriel Barbosa.

    If Milan really want him there’s still time to make counter offer but I doubt it.

    Also as I mentioned some time ago, I have soft spot for Colombo. Dunno why. Last season he played for a struggling team in Lecce – they only scored 33 goals in whole season and Colombo scored 5 of those goals. And if he score at least 10 goals for us next season he is already a good improvement. And will only getting better.

    1. Exactly. We have a homegrown player, that should be a pride, he’s talented, physically impressive, he didn’t have a chance yet with this team. And he’s free. Just keep him. At Colombo’s age, Pippo only scored two goals in his first season in Serie A.

      1. Colombo is never going to amount to anything. 5 goals in a ton of appearances for Lecce. And we can’t keep missing out on talents like this for a longshot.

        1. 11 goals in argentinian league is nothing to shout about.
          Colombo is a talent and a big guy, who is just growing into himself. Why would you trade that for an unproven quantity

          Have some faith in the quality young players we have and stop constantly looking for some shiny new thing, it’s childish and foolish.

          The biggest problem Milan face this season is integrating so many new players.

          1. He had that in like 20 something appearances. Better than 6 goals in 33 appearances for Lecce.

            He’s the unproven one. What is childish and foolish is expecting the next Inzaghi in some unknown that failed to make an impact at Lecce.

            Also Veliz is a highly rated talent. I think I will trust Moncada’s scouting over some random bozo on the internet. And you just want Colombo because he’s Italian. Not because of actual talent.

        2. 6 goals and 2 assists with Lecce, at 20 yo, for his first Serie A season. You can expect him to improve this season. He’s big, muscular, like Giroud.

          We don’t need to bring every wonderkid from Venezuela or the moon. See Lazetic, very exciting signing at the time, disappointing with Altach.

    2. It this is a low € buy, you buy him and loan him so he develops. If he’s good you can sell him for profit like čelsi does. If he is very good you can keep him in the sqaud after xy loans.
      It’s smart business.
      Colombo is irrelevant.
      Retegui went to genoa for pennies, another slipped chance

    3. he’s just another petagna. never in my wildest imagination i could ever see him leading our line. he can produce the spectacular once in a long while but apart from that i couldn’t really see anything. look at veliz instead, he’s physically imposing, his predatory instinct is raw but is clearly visible. and i don’t think these kind of instinct is something that can be trained. it’s like either u have it or u don’t. i really really hope we could get him although it seems more and more unlikely as things develop. i’m no expert but i really feel like veliz is going to be a hit.

    1. They can’t buy every player that looks interesting to them. We’ve spent a lot of money already, so might not be in a position to do so, especially for someone who might end up being 3rd choice at best to start a season.

    2. If we’d have made a bid a week ago then so would have Spurs. Nothing has changed.

      If we don’t bid for him now it’s because a) he was never a key target anyway or b) we have spoken to his agent and he’s out us in the picture about the players plans.

  3. Also Colombo isn’t the type pioli wants for a striker Colombo has to really start showing what he’s capable because he will be Daniel maldini 2.0 just some excitement and that’s there’s more to it. While Veliz is more of a classic striker Pioli wants closer to giroud. Gabriel barbosa it’s mostly he’s fault (agent) that he didn’t try to stay in Europe. At last if you bring someone outside the Europe you need to show you want to keep him just only sent him on loan until a place becomes available like giroud is 36 yr wait one year or finish the league with Rosario Central then come back and play little minutes in some games. Like come on

  4. You can’t sign every target in a transfer window, i think the priority for management right now is to buy or try to loan in a CB and LB and maybe a RB.

  5. Oh f**cking great. Well our striker colombo and giroud can make every goal and tap ns if supported by the best winger in the world 😀

  6. This is why Pioli is done at the end of the season. Money wasted time and money on Musah when 3 MFs (2 of them cripples) had already been signed. He is an absolute buffoon. Colombo is too slow and too limited technically to make it. He has a canon of a shot and that is all. El Hilali is already a better player. Retegui is an international. He is a miss. Given the track record of EPL clubs signing talents from South America, I would not be claiming this is a missed opportunity. WTF was Musah signed when Veliz, Retegui, El Wahi and Dia could have been signed for less? We need a DM and CF, not central midfielders.

  7. Colombo 6goals 2assists at lecce was super impressive, check how our strikers were doing in that same season, those stats are not easy to get even at milan, then imagine at a relegation candidate, at his age he might be the best italian striker, i dont know if there is any who had those numbers in serie a, if he is the best italian of his age, why not give him a chance at milan

  8. Also Veliz has good stats for Argentina U19 in euro even this is small fee for him like sign him and loan him for 6 months back to Rosario Central and then try him for some matches the second half of the season. Also for some reason they don’t want players that have exp in serie a like Singo Dominguez Hjulmand Parisi Pellegrini Ruggero Calafiori like what are they doing. Go and try to sign talents it’s 5 goals only. Wahi is way better than Colombo but they don’t try even . As far as now we don’t have talents from the academy Colombo didn’t showed enough to stay.but hey here’s other proposal sign Veliz loan him back keep and try Colombo for second season in serie a.

  9. If Milan is really interested in him, the management will make their offer for him. Rosario Central would then weigh the two offers, and also the player’s choice. The market is still open. He hasn’t been bought; just that Tottenham has made an offer ahead of other clubs. Nothing to worry about.

  10. The amount of people overrating a rather average Italian is astonishing. Just to make an excuse not signing a highly talented player.

    1. One player playing in Serie A one of the best leagues in the world and another playing in the equivelent level of Serie B.
      One is a settled member of the squad, the other an unknown.
      Use some logic for once!
      Remember CDK? How that turn out?

    2. And you loving some random id*ot from a south american league is weird

      talented my foot, I can guarentee you never saw a single match of his, his ‘talent’ is his size WHICH COLOMBO ALREADY HAS

      we dont need to waste money on a striker now

  11. So will all of the dip$hits that constantly complained about past management missing out on Enzo and Alvarez also be complaining about current management missing out on Veliz????🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔. Asking for a friend lol.

    I hope the reason we missed out wasn’t because we decided to keep Columbo over Veliz…that would be horrid. Veliz has way more upside than Columbo who we all know at best will become a backup or a Borriello kind of player. Fine for small teams but can’t do much at a big club.

    Go big and go and get Wahi

    1. See my comment above. Hate to break it to you, but our striker market is probably closed. Also, if they chose someone over Veliz it was probaby Okafor, not Colombo.

    2. Velis more better than origi or colombo but we must sell origi first before buy striker , origi keep reject offer thats slowing ACM get new striker

      1. We didn’t need to sell Origi first before buying Veliz. Huge mistake by Furlani and Moncada. This one will come back to bite us. Origi is out of the project; CDK off to Atalanta; and Columbo is nothing but a 3rd or 4th choice striker at best. Giroud is 37. One injury and we are starting Columbo???? And we want to compete in UCL let alone the league?? LOLOLOLO. We NEEDED a striker.

        Now to make up for it go and get Wahi. Pls and TY

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