CM: Milan, PSG and Arsenal left stunned as Aston Villa tempt Asensio

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan are one of the clubs interested in signing Marco Asensio on a free transfer but a huge offer has arrived from England, it is claimed.

According to, Asensio has decided to reject the latest contract offer from Real Madrid and is now almost certain to leave them on a free transfer and start a new adventure elsewhere after nine years with Los Blancos.

There is no shortage of offers as Milan, Paris Saint-Germain, Arsenal, Juventus and Newcastle all have him in their sights, but it seems a surprise candidate could win the race in the end.

After securing qualification for the UEFA Conference League, Unai Emery put the wheels in motion to try and bring Asensio to Aston Villa. Not only that, but the offer put on the table is such a large one that the Spain international has asked for time.

Asensio wants to reflect on his options, but it seems Villa have been so convincing that he is currently inclined to say yes, while the Italian clubs who are interested just cannot match the same terms.

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    1. To be fair, Villa has European pedigree albeit very distant past but same thing happened with Chelsea (not the European part)

  1. Dejan10 and others….do you care about your jobs over money ?
    If I were to offer you twice as much money to do the same job would you turn it down ….I doubt it…
    Get real folks….

      1. CR7 and Messi got their “last big paycheck” well into their 30s. It’s nothing new, players used to go to the MLS or China for a last paycheck. Asensio on the other hand, still has quite a few years left. So yea, $$$

        1. What’s crazier is that 20 years ago, players in their mid 30s, even top players, would begin to wind down their careers at lower table clubs on smaller salaries. Now it seems salaries just continue to grow until the last day, be it in a European league, China, USA or whatever.

    1. Football is not an ordinary job but has a uniqueness, footballing ambition exist and it is evident in many players

      Cam you see Kane singing for Arsenal if the offered double his wages or Bruno Fernandes for Man City for double pay

  2. Aston Villa is a great club who are on the verge of exciting times, with fantastic very wealthy owners and an amazing coach, why not be part of it?

    1. They will never break top 6, having watched the premiership since it’s inception and they always flatter to deceive.

      Have their position because of Liverpool, Chelsea and Spurs failure.

      Asensio will be more interested in his salary and coast games without really trying especially against the lover teams.

      No offense but the truth

  3. Don’t need him, has no ambition just wants pay day

    SMS, Fermino, Artunovic and Openda IN
    IBRA, Rebic, Messiest. OUT

    Aour, Naby Kieta and Kamada. IN
    Pobega, Adli, Wrankx. OUT

    Sell Tomori, sign Scalvini, Singo and Fratassi
    Promote Coubios, Simic and Chaka T
    Left Back cover: Parisi or promote Bozolan
    Buy and loan back Baldanzi

    The above should be our transfer policy in my humble opinion having supported AC Milan since Rijkaard scored the winner verses Benfica in the 1990 CL final

    1. I see that you come to every articles with the same comment as you go to work with the same underwear every other day

  4. A player who knows he is nearing the end of his career and lost all his magic has chosen money over fame? Who would’ve thought THAT LOL It is sad to see the flame go out to soon. he was a beast at his peak tho.

  5. players are lucky to make money for 4 to 8 years of their careers, when the big cheque is on on the table, you take it. These fans never said no to 100 bucks yet think these athletes need to do that with money that will ensure generational wealth in their families. Milan offer less, and guess what, will still make profits to pay their owners and shareholders over their players, so if he get 2 times more, run to the koney and never look back. These fans here and these owners sure as hell wont pull an extra 4 million out their pockets to make up for the difference in offers.

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