CM: Milan regret waiting for Renato Sanches as €10m alternative nets 3 in 3 for Benfica

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan had the chance to sign Enzo Fernandez but passed it up, and now they must watch on with a tinge of regret as he continues to shine for Benfica. writes how Fernandez already has three goals for Benfica in three games across the Portuguese league and the third round of the Champions League qualification stage, so it would be fair to say that he has hit the ground running after his move across from River Plate.

Paolo Maldini and Ricky Massara evaluated the Argentine midfielder as the main alternative to Renato Sanches but they decided to wait for an answer from the Portugal international, allowing Benfica to sign the 21-year-old for only €10m up front plus €8m in potential bonuses.

The flexibility and technical quality that Fernandez possesses would certainly have been useful for any midfield, especially Milan who are looking to replace a player in Franck Kessie who could play either in the double pivot or further forward.

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  1. Waiting on Sanches?
    Oh common, you guys gotta be kidding me, we simply slacked off, would have been a very big upgrade to our midfield.

    Enzo Fernandez is way better than Sanches.

    1. He is and benfica didn’t spend big on him . He only gave 10M to River Plate and 8M on bonuses. If Milan dropped sanches way earlier they could sign him again like benfica 10 M and 5M on bonuses so they could hijack the deal cause they would present CL and more competitive league than Liga NOS So they have big regret not to sign him tbh

      1. Yeah man, I mean, like after watching both of them play, how can in all seriousness we are waiting in Sanches and let Enzo Fernandez slip away.

        Enzo is way better and should have been our first choice.

  2. He is doing well in Benfica, but his playing-style does not fit particularly well with our tactical set-up.

    But a delightful player he is.

  3. Maybe they should stop “leaking” who they are going after and just seal the deal quietly without going through too many back-and-forth negotiations.

    Too many names are linked and unless they are willing to match whatever anyone else is spending, they need to be surgical with who they are targeting and just lock up deals quietly. Rumors abound allows other teams to jump in and steal their progress.

    It’s easy to dance with the prom queen when everyone is too scared to ask her to dance!

  4. Called it. Wanted this guy well over Sanches. Better player, more grit, and better cost too. We missed the boat big and now we’re looking at more meites for a last minute signing. This is not the way a “top club” conducts itself. I feel milan is doomed in the long run with elliotbird at the helm… only thing that has saved us is the ridiculous scouting of Maldini, Massara, and Moncada.

    1. Maybe they should hire you instead, since apparently they missed Enzo and you “called it”. Didn’t you want Vlasic too?

        1. Yes I do. I like Italians at Milan and don’t care as much on the financial side, I’m not their financial planner and could care less about the fortunes of billionaires like you guys do. Weird really when you think about it…

    2. Enzo is better than Sanches because he scored 3 goals in 3 games in the Portuguese league?? LOL. Come on bro. Get real. Sanches is much better. I do agree with part of your other statement about M&M&M – without them – We would be doomed indeed

      1. Sanches might be better overall, but he is flawed defensively. And that is if you don’t discount Sanches for his absence from injuries.

  5. Well, I guess this is not ‘doom & gloom’… Enzo Fernandez really would have been a good signing, I think in this respect indeed our board may have made an error in judgment. But anyway, okay, let’s move on.

  6. This player had legitimate experience playing as DM, unlike Sanches who lack defensively.

    But the suggestion that Milan lose him because waiting for other player seems misleading. Wasn’t Moncada spoke to him just one day before the transfer is announced? His transfer to Benfica is not even full transfer.

    It is more likely that Moncada had not finished the scouting and by the time he spoke to him, it was already too late as the trabsfer had been agreed.

    1. Weren’t all the news about us wanting Sanches fake @Yelnats24??? Isn’t that what you and that donkey @bb were claiming?? LOL. Now you know what Moncada said to Enzo?? Hahahahahaha. What a donkey. Stick to counting the homegrown players and leave the conspiracy theories alone.

      1. Hey Kossy/JK/Juro/DonkeyLover69… Never said that. But you already know that and just want to spread your lies everywhere.

        Donkey this, donkey that. Yes, we get it. You are obsessed with donkeys. Tell you mum to up your dozes again, the meds are failing.

  7. Only drama queens And dummies who know nothing about football will open their mouth and utter such trash that Enzo is better than Sanchez…….from where to where? 3 goals? You all think like kids.

    When Sanchez played for benefica, He was A GOD, I know some of you do not know that history about Sanchez, your job is to come here and comment and disappear, Sanchez literally owned the league even at that young stage and even was in the national team……

    Enzo scored changed nothing: kulusevki is also scoring, bentacur is now manning totenham midfeild…players most of you would have cursed if Milan had targeted them, same way Sanchez is getting the boot…Milan never waited on Sanchez, infact Sanchez waited for Milan, Milan were busy looking for cheap but Sanchez is not cheap and good players ain’t cheap, even if Milan had the chance to sign Enzo, they will still not sign him, theg would have offered either a loan or a 5m transfer fee, Milan can not even sign 7m onyedika talkmore of 10m Enzo…..

    Sanchez is very good player and was a miss for Milan, take it or leave it, a Sanchez type for 15m is a huge good deal but we were to strict against our own sanity…..on Saturday against udinese, we are going to play krunic in our midfeild, that operates like robot, come on this second, go off the next second, and you all here yapping about Enzo and Sanchez……go and watch Sanchez at Benefica so you can shut your traps!!!!!!!

    1. Sanches played for Benfica 6 years ago. There is no relevance to what a player did in the past when speaking about his potential impact today. Did you miss what happened after the greedy little twerp left and the fame went to his head? He sucked at Bayern, Ancelotti, the best coach in the World, thought he was garbage. He was awful at Swansea. He’s been average, and nothing more than average, in Ligue 1, and, as usual, the useless cripple cannot stay fit. Sanches isn’t a very good player, he’s mediocre, and the only ones who will call for Sanches on Saturday are clueless fans who also never saw him play last season.

  8. 1. No, they don’t because they were never interested in Sanches.
    2. It should be obvious by now that the budget was limited to around €35 million and CDK was the primary target.

  9. Benfica sign him on 23 June. He came later because they agree on letting him still play until River gets out of Copa Libertadores so this title doesn’t feel that accurate.

  10. and what do you know about soccer, did you play by yourselfe? have you ever sat in a class and learned tactics on the blackboard? The only what you know about soccer is ProEvo or Fifa.
    Enzo is 3 years younger then renato, enzo still have to fight and run for the big contract which renato has since munich. Enzo was a super great chance we missed and its very hard to see for what reason. PSG clamour guy renato, another lets say not that good sign for M&M

  11. From the start i dont like that renato attitude make AC Milan just plan B if mbappe fc fail to buy him. It is not too late i think to sign seko fofana/sangare/onana as kessie replacement

    1. Unfortunately We don’t have the $$ to sign Fofana or Onana or Sangare – which is a shame for the defending champions of Italy.

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