CM: Milan begin to think about renewals for duo who feel strong bond with the club

By Oliver Fisher -

As we head towards the end of the season, the AC Milan management are also beginning to think about renewals, and there are two players that applies to who feel a strong connection to the club.

As report, red and black blood ‘flows in Yacine Adli’s veins’. His love for the club and the fans is matched by exponential growth on the pitch as Stefano Pioli continues to show him trust.

The French midfielder is increasingly at the centre of the Milan project, both for the present and for the future. This is why a meeting is already being planned with his agent Sissoko to try to strike up a negotiation for the renewal of the current contract expiring in 2026.

The idea is to reward the former Bordeaux man with a significant pay rise compared to the current salary he earns which is €800k net per season, as was the amount set when he signed back in 2021.

Another situation that will soon be examined by the management is that of captain Davide Calabria. Giorgio Furlani and Goeffrey Moncada will soon begin to talk with the agency that looks after the interests of the Rossoneri right-back, whose current contract expires in 2025.

It almost goes without saying that Calabria is very attached to Milan and wants to renew soon, also with a financial improvement compared to the €2m salary he currently gets.

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  1. Since they are about $1-$2M ea/ yr if I was management I would renew them for another year or 2. Would offload Pobega for sure and likely give Florenzi another yr. It’s nice that we are now at the stage that very few of our players suck.

      1. Of course there are better players but money is finite. With Giroud leaving we’ll need 1 or 2 strikers, and with the shaky CB/ DM situation, I don’t see RB prioritized since it hasn’t been our weakest link this season. I could be very wrong of course, but don’t see an RB coming in unless one of Theo or the likes are sold.

    1. Ive always liked florenzi throughout his career but i doubt that he will be renewed as he earns something like 3-3.5 mil a year and by 2025 he will be 34 years old. If he were to be interested to reduce his salary significantly then i would love to see him stay with us and who knows maybe the management would be as well.

      1. Exactly, Florenzi is most likely gone unless he lowers the salary quite a lot.
        I’m also not sure we should renew him considering his physical woes which will probably only get worse in the coming years.

        1. I actually said that i would like to keep him not that im not sure about renewing him as i consider him a good player and a leader.

      2. Why do you care how much we pay Florenzi or any footballer?

        Are you a fan or an accountant?

        Fans should focus on supporting the players and let the club mismanage the finances.

        It’s not like that [insert ridiculous amount of money] is going to be spent wisely or will somehow bring us closer to a club that is funded by climate change and terrorism.

        They say it takes between 3-6 months to replace an employee (jn a boring office job).

        Basically you lose the outgoing employee for the 1-3 months of their notice period and the new employee then takes 1-3 months to settle in.

        Apply that to elite football where a split second decision can win or loose you the game….well.

        And then there’s the issue that we have other priorities and can’t waste time looking for RBs (unless we actually use Terraciano).

        Florenzi is worth whatever he’s worth but more importantly he provides experience that’s hard to match.

        1. As a fan, I’d feel pretty bad if we hired Mbappe and went bankrupt the next year. The wellbeing of the club and its long-term sustainability is also important, at least to me.

          1. But fans who bang on about money aren’t interested in long-term sustainability, they tend to be the ones demanding constant transfers and management changes.

            The issue is that money is seen as part of the sport of football, so people get off by playing Fantasy Football or Football Manager or whatever in their heads.

            They like to imagine what they would do if they had this or that money.

            They also give far too much credit to the people running football clubs and the various money men, who are mostly fleecing the clubs or using them to clean up some brutal regime.

          2. Maldinis Heir you better not put me in that category of commenters because you very well knows that it is not correct in regard of me,

        2. I do support our players but its also simple logic not to overpay players that will play less than starters, Whether you you agree with that or not doesnt mean i support our players less than you. I in fact also said ive always liked the player so we are talking about since he was in his late teens at roma. If that isnt a clear sign of support of the player i dont know what is. Neither am i suggesting to sell him which probably also would be a dificult thing due to his salary but even if we could id keep him til his contract runs out or he renews under a lesser paid contract.
          Sometimes Maldinis Heir you are simply just grasping for straws.

          1. Sorry it’s not about supporting players or not, and I wouldn’t accuse you of not supporting players.

            This is just money talk, and like most money talk (outside of your own money or course) it’s all made up. Like when people convince themselves (or are convinced) X is a lot of money for a health service (but usually not a lot for military).

            The fact is that nobody has a clue what the budget is, or what a player’s value is, or what is sustainable.

            What we do know is what happens on the pitch and that should be our only concern.

            Otherwise we end being convinced to pay less for a health service than a military.

          2. Ok fair enough then and my bad as i thought you was implying i didnt support the players which i clearly always do.

            Well not sure what health service and and military expenditures has to do with us paying a fairly high salary for what is basically a backup player.

            I recognize florenzi as a good player and a a professional and a leader but do you really expect milan to renew him in 2025 at the age of 35 at the same salary as now earning more than our captain and while we also brought in terraciano ? i doubt it but i hope we can nevertheless find a solution at a lower cost in 2025 as i would like that he stayed for another year after his contract expires. I simply doesnt see the ownership doing that on the current terms though.

          3. I think the key point is what do we want?

            Do we want Florenzi (or a health service) or not?

            If we want Florenzi then we demand Florenzi.

            We don’t care how it happens just make it happen.

            Bear in mind that if Florenzi is sold we’ll probably throw money away signing another temporary replacement and then throw more money away on another temporary replacement after that (and then Darmian ends up playing for Inter when he could’ve solved our RB problem 15 years ago!).

            The myth is that this amount of money will otherwise be well spent. It won’t.

            The normal rules of economics don’t apply to football.

          4. Tell me which club would pay his salary at 34 or even in 2025 when his contract expires ? 3.5 mil is a fairly hefty salay at least if he were to stay in italy.

            What you doesnt recognize is that when we had darmian it was a custom that players could be owned by two clubs at the same time in italy and then at a certain date each club had to make a hidden offer and the one that overbid the other would attain the player so its not so simple as you make it sound.

            Regardless football clubs are nevertheless also businesses that has to be run sound financially speaking. Anyways as i said i have no issues if we keep him beyond 2025 where his contract will expire.

  2. Calabria, I don’t know what to say… I like him but I don’t think he’s worth more than 3 mill per year (though probably Marotta would overbid us by 0.5 mill to mess with us, plus Darmian salary ends in 2025 and they need a replacement).

    Adli most likely will be renewed after the next season starts. I personally am not sure how good he can become, whether a starter level or just a backup player. Curious to see how it turns out for him

      1. Agree, and I think 3mill is a fair amount…that said it goes both ways. if Calabria cares, he shouldn’t try to hustle his club. I might be wrong but if I was in his shoes, I wouldn’t wait until the last year to extend my contract. That’s not a captain thing. That gives an excuse to other players to say “if our captain didn’t sign a new contract until the last year, why should I do so “

          1. Man I agree with everything you said on this page. If Madrid or Bayern or any other top club is ready to pay 100M or more for Théo, there is a reason. This type of player doesn’t grow on trees. Seems like the pride these days is making a “capital gain” rather than having top players in the team. Fans are bankers, or addicted gamblers, anyway it’s the same. A few weeks ago the “CASH IN” were flying in the comments when Théo or Mike or Leao were in poor form. Get money from a sure thing to spend it on speculation. And people make fun of Tonali for his gambling addiction haha

            Regarding il capitano, I trust him. His recent interview looks like a pledge to this team. He knows how lucky he is to play here and to wear the armband. Grande Davide.

  3. i like Flo but he’s getting old & fragile, while Calabria is slow in progress but his leadership is near at Flo level, so i pick Bellanova as replacement of Flo, he’s young fast home-grown & Italian NT quality

      1. What free transfer ?! He was on loan to inter and they didnt activate his buying option ! So he was sold to torino from calgiari .. btw he is 10 times better than calabria

        1. He was at Milan youth sector, left on a free to join Bordeaux. He might be better than Calabria (time will tell) but he’s a snake.

  4. Calabria for me is just not starting material 8/10 times.
    I know he is captain, but we need an upgrade until Jimenez/Terraciano are ready.

    1. For Serie A, Calabria is fine. Also he’s still young and has improved more under Pioli… and hopefully will improve more.
      From our current fullbacks, he’s the best one defensively at least when compared to Florenzi and Theo, and definitely better than Jimenez and Terraciano.

      Before we look for upgrade to Calabria, there are plenty of other positions that require more immediate attention.
      Let’s not forget that a solid team doesn’t need only prima donna-s, Juve had Zidane but also Torricelli and Birindelli.

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