CM: Milan ‘scrambling’ for defensive midfield cover – the names

By Ben Dixon -

There are no doubts about the implications of injuries on AC Milan’s season. To further this, the fact that the injuries plagued one area further hurt the side, and this is something the Rossoneri are looking to fix in the summer mercato. 

As a report suggested today, Milan have not allowed Inter to create a further gap between themselves and the Diavolo in 2024, given the impressive start to the new year that Stefano Pioli’s side have had. However, the damage has already been done this season due to the persistent injuries the Rossoneri had to face.

Therefore, in the summer mercato, Geoffrey Moncada is reportedly ‘scrambling’ for cover to solve the issues that the squad has faced this season, according to The report states that against Fiorentina, the attack – as is a commodity – worked like clockwork. Nevertheless, the midfield and defence were susceptible to attacks, and even after Mike Maignan’s great performance, they still conceded.

As a result, the Rossoneri have realised the need for additional midfield coverage to help strengthen the side, and there are currently two names in contention. Firstly, they are looking at Youssouf Fofana, who has been on the club’s radar for several years. Additionally, there is interest in Ibrahima Sissoko, who, again, the Diavolo have been scouting for a few years.

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  1. Fofana’s contract expires in a year (June 2025), so no doubt we will be able to get him for a reasonable fee. He also has a bit more experience.

    Fofana is rated more highly than Sissoko.

  2. CM news. Sigh. Still Fofana is a meh, Sissoko is super meh. Moncada needs to get his head out of his a$$ and do some proper scouting not just guys from france at the end of their contract.

    1. Until now, our French players have mostly been home runs from Moncada. Maignan, Hernandez and Giroud are key players at Milan, also for France which is currently one the strongest teams in the world (I’m French but I’m objective here, subjectively I would say it’s the best team haha). Kalulu has been a major steal before his trend of injuries and Adli seems to have good potential, and he’s still young. Noah Raveyre is also a key player for our Primavera. Anyway France is a pipeline of very talented football players for at least two decades now, so if we can benefit of Moncada’s connections there, I’d say let’s go.

      I would be glad to have Fofana, considering our need in the midfield department. He seems to be an intelligent player since Deschamps relies a lot on him and he’s a key player for Monaco, currently sitting at 2nd place behind PSG of course. I would dream of getting both him and Amrabat next summer. I guess Monaco hopes for Fofana to have a solid Euro to sell him high.

      1. Nobody said france doesnt have talent brewing. Anyway by the time Fofana gets on track in Italy Musah and Adli will be way ahead in the pecking order. He is no upgrade over those 2, Tijjani and Ismael are totally out of his league.

        I already said it. We either get a clear upgrade in the mid department or just leave it. Same goes for the def aka CB.

        Also monaco is 3rd and they wont be able to sell high, last year of contract and all that..

        Dream would be to get Hojbjerg, switch to 433 and a nice little striker

  3. The best option is in my opinion, Mats Wieffer from PSV, but obviously more expensive than Fofana. Wieffer is what we need for next level. With Wieffer in the core of our midfield I think we would be the favorite team to win the scudetto next season. Plus Buongiorno in defense and a quality centre-forward in place of Giroud.

      1. Of course he would, last season itself he was rated at 25M by Feyenoord and recently he has been very consistent for them.

  4. We needed help with a proper DM coverage after Kessie left. Long before the Fiorentina game…

    What are we even talking about here?

  5. As always gabbia did his error job against fiorentina. Fortunately Magic Mike doing his fantastic job. Too many midfielder at the same position, so milan so confuse who will support the CB when we got some pressure from opponent.

  6. Fofana and Sissoko are not DMs. They’re more box to box type midfielders.

    We need a player who will just sit there.

    And I’d prefer if we went for a Kjaer/Ibra/Giroud type player in there. Someone who has won everything already.

    Let’s go big or go home.


    Make Kimmich our only signing this summer.

    Plan B: Toni Kroos

    They’re Ibra level signings.

    If they’re not available we go for a Kjaer type signing – an experienced player who has been around the block and has one last opportunity to ‘make it’.

    Plan C: Axel Witsel

    Plan D: Ander Herrera

    And if all else fails my irrational, sentimental options:

    Plan E: Bring back Tonali,

    Plan F: Bring back Locatelli,

    Plan G: Bring back Cristante,

    and please never put us in the stupid position again where we’ve desperately looking to fill a spot that we filled multiple times over through the years but just couldn’t sit still.

    1. the director who dare to sign players like You mention is no longer here. he fight everyone (boards) cz nobody agree when he ask to sign Z, Kjaer, Giroud, Flo & other oldies

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