CM: 47% of goals scored – Milan’s summer additions continue to be decisive

By Oliver Fisher -

One of the easiest ways to measure the impact of new signings is through the amount of goals that they contribute to, and the data is certainly positive for AC Milan.

As report, the 2023 summer transfer window has so far brought 24 goals out of a total of 51 scored by the Rossoneri. More specifically in Serie A, the goals contributed from new signings is 19 out of 41 – therefore almost half.

If you consider the current numbers with those of the new signings from last season, the comparison is incredible. Last year there were only five goals from the summer signings: three from Tommaso Pobega (who actually returned from a loan) and two from Divock Origi.

The 2023 class of summer additions also surpassed the 2020-21 and 2021-22 years: in the first the new players scored 17 goals in total, in the second – that of the Scudetto – the goals scored were 22.

Considering exclusively Stefano Pioli’s management, only the first the year in which he took over from Giampaolo saw more goals scored by the new signings: in the 2019-20 season it 38, thanks above all to Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Ante Rebic.

A number which, however, given the current performance, could even be surpassed by Christian Pulisic and his team-mates.


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  1. Well ,the players we mostly used leao,giroud,pulisic,chukwu,jovic,reinders,loftus,adli,okafor,musah,pobega , if we do not count defence players, so 7 of 11 are summer additions and its normal that they have at least 47% participations in goals

  2. Let’s put these stats into perspective.
    A. We signed ten players, five of those in attack and three in midfield.
    B. Four of the new signings have been guaranteed starters (until Musah fell off) while the others are first options of the bench
    C. These stats are expected so I’m not satisfied with a misleading narrative attached to them after spending 114 million.
    I’m glad the new signings are contributing more but unless we win the Scudetto it wasn’t worth losing Maldini and Tonali.
    For me, the main positive so far this season is the youngsters getting a chance.

    1. Maldini and Tonali didn’t win the scudetto last season.
      Also, SELLING Tonali, not losing, was the best move ever.
      You know why? Because the illegal gambler wouldn’t have been able to play this season. If you have forgotten he has been suspended.
      Newcastle lost Tonali while Milan gained 64 mil which allowed them to buy these players that you aren’t impressed with.
      What happened with Donnarumma, Kessie, Romagnoli, Hakan was a loss, not Tonali.
      If Milan didn’t have the whole defense injured in the squad, they would have been much closer, If not ahead of Inter and Juventus, and still in the UCL where they got knocked out from the group of death on goal difference.

    2. What are you talking about not being satisfied, we didn’t even qualify for the Champions League last season, or did you forget that, they’ve done a great job and all things considered this squad is doing way better than what we did last season even with all the injuries.

    3. At any point Maldini could have sold Dollarumma, Hakan, Kessie, Romagnoli and had loads of money but he doesn’t understand modern football. It’s becoming quite clear.

  3. Laughable! We only bought one attacker last season who was used out of position. The other attacker Origi was a bust he still put in a goal and an assist I think. Other than that we bought a defender and a central mid. And that was basically it. A paltry amount of signings and no help in winter when we were in 3 competitions. It’s a philosophy thing, Maldini was a proponent of small changes, incrementally adding quality not dismantling the team. The current management is the opposite, they prefer to sell key players and invoke changes now with the expectations it brings results immediately. Whichever flavour suits you is up to you. But I’ve never seen the wholesale changes thing work with Milan in about 30+ years, ever. And based on results this season it still hasn’t. Unfortunately, the last summer we bought no Iess than 10 players, almost a whole yea I’m not surprised that they’re scoring. Most of them were attackers too.

    The better stat is to compare it to the goals lost by the players we let go vs goals scored by the new signings..that would give you the true effect, statistically. The proportion of total goals dont say much other than they’re doing what they’re supposed to.
    And last time I checked the new signings scored as much as the goals lost by players who left lol 😂. So really, where’s the improvement in performance?

      Please, lets see these stats you are talking about. Where are all the goals lost? Origi? Saelemakers?
      And when you say “And last time I checked the new signings scored as much as the goals lost by players who left”, you do realize that the season is only half over right??? So what you are saying is that in half a season the new signings have already scored as much as the all players we lost scored the entire last season… Thanks for making my point for me.

      1. No, if you can read properly I’m saying the current crop ain’t that much better than last year’s. I only mentioned Origi because he was a transfer, as well as CDK. Pretty much the only two attacking transfers while this summer we had 8. You guys seems to be forget the others we’ve lost that contributed. Oh and it includes Messias too haha 😂

        1. You didn’t read what I said. The new signings in attack (which is 4) have out scored all the attackers added over the prior two seasons (CDK, Messias, Origi) by goals per minute. I and every other Milanista on this blog read what you wrote now and in the past, which is why I know you keep changing the goal posts. First it’s the new signing are trash, now it’s how could they not perform. You are now try to deflect and clearly are grasping at straws. Face it you spend the whole year rooting against Milan and now have to eat your words. Yep 8 productive signings that made Milan better. All the attackers out preformed any of Maldini’s attacking signings over the years except Giroud and that’s only when counting PKs. Maldini signed nothing but garbage last year while this year worst signing is putting up better stats than salad head or Messias. And before you say Maldini had no money (like you dopes always do) he got €75M worth of signings the last summer and could have had more if he just knew how to deal. I’ve pointed out to you so many times he could have sold any one of Romagnoli, Kessie or Hakan and made a decent chunk of change. Look Milan traded an overrated Tonali for 8 players who have pushed much of the trash off the squad, bye Krunic, salad, messias. I’m sick of hearing it, you come on to a Milan blog and do nothing but sh!t talk Milan. Well now I’m going to sh!t talk you. If you hate the club so much go find another team

          1. You’re replying to the wrong guy. I didn’t see you reply to me about 4 attackers and such. I don’t conflate your other replies to other people with what me and you are discussing.
            You said this of me “You’re trying to convince us you prefer salad, Messias and Origi. ” . I never said this, and in my reply I didn’t swing one way or the other . See I can compartmentalize the two things objectively. We have more goals? Yes. That’s a measure of “better off”. Are we in any competition? Maybe 1 ar a stretch. The rest, no. So what’s the point of more goals if we’re not performing better in competition? What’s the point of saying we’re that much better at scoring and we got dumped out of a competition because of goal difference and another due to not enough goals? 🤷‍♂️. Now add in the cost of all this…..

  4. It’s so funny to listen to all these haters getting upset that the new signings are working out well and helping the team. They were so hoping for all of them to fail so they can attack the new ownership and management that let Maldini go and sold Tonali. They just can’t get over it. They are more Maldini fans than they are Milan fans. Keep rooting against them.

  5. Look at this dum6@$$. You’re like a little Chihuahua always barking at my leg to try to get attention but never do so they keep barking louder 😂😂😂. Ok here, I’ll throw u a bone sheesh 🙄
    First of all, why would I be upset the new signings doing well? I don’t have a problem with the signings per se if you can read properly, they play for Milan don’t they? I’ve given my praises to Puli and Jovic (but you’re kind is the type to ignore these things and build a biased view on ppl because they say one thing but that’s beside the point). I do have an issue with the narrative that somehow we’re SOO MUCH better than last year and that’s down to poor and naive management overhauling the team and changing tactics (note, we’re back to the 4231 for instance, aren’t we?). And simply the fact that we’re out of the UCL, out of Copa and effectively out of the league at this point compared to last year shows that we’re simply not that much better off or in fact may have regressed if anything. So no, I don’t buy these articles with stats like these. If you buy 10 players and most of them are attackers, one should expect them to produce goals,no? (compared to 2 attackers bought last year, one of which was played out of position and putting up the same numbers at Atalanta as Leao this season). You take out Tonali, Diaz and Messias and replace them with Puli, RLC and Deers ofc the hope is that they’re going to take up the slack. Duh! And they did, duh! And they did with one having to have his best season ever to do so lol. Next year I guarantee you articles will talk about slump in form compared to this year but really he’ll be back to his usual numbers.
    Looking at transfers to transfers is going to skew your results because it depends on quantity and need. Looking at the +/- net arrivals is way better because you can logically check what you’ve lost vs what you’ve gained. Then all you gotta do is see how much you paid for said gain lol 😂. You really think I just pulled stats out my @$$?! Please Chihuahua! I already adjusted for the figure to accommodate for this point in the season (21/38 or 55%) and used based on rough total estimates. I said last time I checked which was a few rounds ago they were neck and neck about 17 goals year on year. Right now and based on rough numbers, goal-wise this season is ahead overall by about 6 (24 vs 18 , though in the league the gap is narrower). Assist-wise, last season is ahead by 1-2 assists, thereby making a +/- of about +3 or +4 on the low end and I’ll be generous and say +6 on the high end. “Please, lets see these stats you are talking about”. Well there they are. Lemme know if you want detailed calculations, I’ll amuse myself for the fun of it.
    I’m expecting our current crop to overtake them (matter of fact overall, based on current trajectory they should end up with about 10-15 more goals than last season – the dismal year lol or about on par with 20/21, a normal year). Anything less imo would be failure and as I have said before I’ll see how the season shakes out. But 130m spent just to be +5 goals??? and out of two competitions completely?? Come on bro. Even YOU know that ain’t it. Otherwise, go write your usual drivel somewhere else.

  6. Hah, Look how much effort you are putting in to try and convince people that this years signings aren’t contributing and doing better than the players we lost. You might want to ask yourself why you are trying so hard to diminish the new players… Could it be because Maldini didn’t sign them? So pathetic. Even hating on Pulisic, already predicting that he will have a bad season next season… What a joke. Really showing your true colors. You can cherry pick your stats and projections, but the fact is that the new signings have come through big and have won many games for this team already. And like you pointed out, have already scored as many goals through half a season as all of the players that left us did all of last season. Your stats don’t help your case at all. But keep reaching.

    1. What a loser. This is why I don’t reply to you. You don’t bother to read. Worse than Giancarlo. It’s like I have to hand hold you to walk across the street.

      “why you are trying so hard to diminish the new players… Could it be because Maldini didn’t sign them? ….” And I said “Origi was a bust”, ……Maldini signed him didn’t he? Does this not make me anti-Maldini lol 😂. Who said anything about the players? It’s the strategy
      I also said “I’m expecting our current crop to overtake them (matter of fact overall, based on current trajectory they should end up with about 10-15 more goals than last season)”. How does that diminish the new signings? It’s literally saying they should be better given the trajectory but still only as good as 20/21. I swear u don’t read.

      “Even hating on Pulisic” and I said “I’ve given my praises to Puli and Jovic (but you’re kind is the type to ignore these things and build a biased view on ppl” and (Puli) having to have his best season ever”…. Literally called it!

      “You can cherry pick your stats and projections” why the change of tone? Because I presented actual facts WHICH YOU ASKED FOR btw and can back it up, now that I’ve shown you I’m “cherry picking “? Lol you asked for them, not me 😂😂😂. Or is it that you didn’t understand the methodology. At least maybe criticize that. You gobbled up the cherry picked stat in the article didn’t you? We replaced 60% of our starting midfield and attack with new transfers, hmmm I wonder why they’re responsible for 40% of the goals 🤔. Head scratcher that. Lol you guys are hilarious.

      “. And like you pointed out, have already scored as many goals through half a season as all of the players that left us did all of last season. Your stats don’t help your case at all.”
      Nope, not true at all. Your reading comprehension is very poor so you didn’t understand basic logic and what was written… due again to your poor understanding of grammar. If it’s above your abilities please let me know. I already adjusted/lowered last year’s figures by the proportion of games we’ve already played this season, NOT that this season’s signings have scored as much as the whole of last year’s total by last season’s players who departed. That’s a fundamental difference. (sorry are the words too big for you again? There’s “proportion” in there as well as “adjusted” and “departed”. Lemme know ☺️). So the +5/6 already is adjusted. ..and yes we paid 130m for that….I noticed you haven’t said anything about that.

      This is why I don’t respond to you. Literally everything you wrote, I already addressed. You cherry pick everything to put out some nonsense about me every time. It’s literally why I don’t have time for you. I dunno maybe you’re mad YOUR golden summer signings haven’t worked out they way you think they’re working out and people have stats to prove it….I noticed you haven’t said anything about not being in any competition seeing as we’re comparing year over year. Keep barking

  7. Not quite pal. Don’t need you to adjust/lower or forecast any numbers, you are just doing that to suit your narrative. The fact is that the new signings Reijnders, Pulisic, RLC, Chuku, Jovic and Okafor have scored 24 goals already in just over half a season.
    The players we lost: Tonali, Brahim, Messias, Saleamakers, Rebic, Origi, Zlatan and Ballo-Toure had a total of 26 goals for the entire season. These are the facts. Not to mention the team is 7 points better than they were at the same time last season despite an unprecedented injury crisis and being without Bennacer for pretty much the entire season so far. We undeniably have a stronger squad than last season. Sorry if that upsets you.

    1. Goal contributions bro. Sigh. Lemme go check where I had those stats to give you my real figures instead of rule of thumbs.
      The current crop will surpass last year’s as I mentioned but they lagged slightly behind in assists, alsomas I’ve mentioned. Btw, it’s only now they’re talking about comparing to last year because they know we we’re disastrous in January last year. Plus why compare to a bad year? Why not a “normal year”. That was my point. Anything will look better than what we did last year…and even then we were still legit in competitions

      1. This is what I have. It might be older according to transfermarkt for 2022/23

        Tonali: 2g, 10a goal contributions
        Diaz: 7 g, 7a
        Messias 6g, 2a
        Saele 4g, 3a
        CDK 1a
        Rebic 3g, 2a
        Origi 2g 1 a
        O est 1g, 1a
        Ibra 1g
        Vranckx 1 asst
        Fode 1 goal

        Total: 29 goals, 27a

        so this is why my rule of thumb was around 30goals, 30a. So about ,60. Multiply that by 0.55 (21/38 current point in the season) yields around 33. The current guys, I’ll take your numbers, have 24+14a=38. So this is why I said they’re ahead by about 5-6 goal contributions. In fact at this rate 24/0.55 or 44 goals, they’d do better than the totals lost last year by about the 10-15 goals.. which also I’ve mentioned above. And that’s how I ball parked the numbers. Basically they’re on par currently with the assists (but I expect this to be better at season end) but higher in terms of goals. Literally what I’ve said above in the rough estimate off the top smh 🤦‍♂️
        But taking ones head out of the details for a bit, it means we bought 130m of players to be 10-15 goals ahead (??). Make of that what you will. 🤷‍♂️

        1. Are you daft 10-15 goals more a season is huge! Who in their right mind says a 10 improvement is marginal. Get out of here with that nonsense. Maldini paid more than €30M before tax to sign Origi, that’s an example of not getting a return on investment. But your diluted a$$ doesn’t count that as comparable 🤣🤣

          1. Where did I say 10-15 goals is marginal?! Point to it. I said up to this point we’re about 5 goal contributions ahead, and out of 2 and effectively all our competitions… haven’t seen yet either of you address that
            I said Origi is a bust too Still brings up Origi. Well then if he’s a busy, then surely you’d have to say Chuk at this point is a bust too, right?! But he’s not only 30m in investment but add 20m and bonuses. Wouldn’t you agree? Lol 😂

        2. You are so desperate to push this narrative that you can’t even get your basic math right. Or maybe you are intentionally fudging the numbers.
          First of all you have Dest with a goal and an assist? He had neither of those. Zero. And even if you go by your incorrect numbers, it still isn’t 29, it would be 27. The actual number like I said before was 26 goals.
          So yeah, again these new signings will far surpass goals and assists of the players we lost. Thanks again for making that clear to everyone. Appreciate the effort.

          1. Bro thats not picking.
            Dest? No. That’s a misnomer. It was an Out/In estimate or O Est (didn’t have another name to call it). The way it was on my sheet didn’t translate over well. That’s for the half-season people so I multiplied by 0.5. My original sheet has both Gabbia and Tata out which was one goal and asst apiece but Gabbia is back so I put his as 0.5 goals but cancels out with Krunic who had 1 and 1. Apparently Tata had an assist which I didn’t include. But overall the figures are about right. I’ll concede the error but it doesn’t change the story. The total should be 27 with adjustment. But also I under reported the assists. That figure should be 28. But again, the story is the same.
            Also I did say the current crop should surpass last year’s tally 😂😂 😂.Sometimes you guys argue things when I’m literally saying the same thing. U forgot my original issue already. That the better stat was a +/- net arrivals is better to assess the performance rather than simple a %goal scored 😂😂😂 and yet here we are

  8. You are getting more and more desperate. Better to stop digging that hole now. It’s just going to keep getting worse for you as the season goes on. You might want to start being happy that the new signings are doing well. Maybe instead of spending so much time and effort trying to diminish them you might actually try rooting for them. But then you couldn’t tell everybody “I told you so”, which is the most important thing for you.

    1. I’m fine with some of the new signings, Puli doing well and Deers, RLC somewhat doing well. You’re the one that’s pushing narratives onto people as if I’ve said these things. I’ve never said that all new signings weren’t doing well. That’s you making stuff up. I’ve said before here and in other articles, we finally have a proper RW, haven’t I? And that Puli is doing well, haven’t I? You just chose to ignore that. There’s a difference between them doing well now in isolation and comparing to last season. On the one hand you got more goals, on the other you’re out of two competitions. One isn’t necessarily better than the other, but I don’t think one aspect is waay better season over season. I think that’s where you’ve misunderstood. Add to that what exactly is the value of all this. Still radio silence on that.
      You’re just consumed with hate for me, twist my words and it’s why I don’t like responding to you. You label ppl into things when a more nuanced approach to discuss topics on this site is better placed . You can support Maldini and not like a signing of his and similarly you can support Moncada and also not support a signing of his. Those two things aren’t mutually exclusive.
      This is the umpteenth time I’ve seen you wrote this “I’ve told you so” pre emptive nonsense. Why do you do that? Are you afraid I’m correct all along or something?? It’s like if someone keep saying there’s a trainwreck coming but you and others here saying “hey there’s no trainwreck but when it does happen don’t let anyone know that you told us it was going to happen because then we’d look silly” lol , bro what?? All my predictions or foresight is on this site available for critique but mostly I’ve been correct so it doesn’t come. Been correct on being knocked out of UCL group stage, out of Copa, that Juve and Inter were going to battle for Serie A this year, right on Okafor, Thiaw, Kessie, and so on. I’ve also been wrong too and that you’ll never post about yourself here. I was wrong on Romero for instance. I thought he’d be the break out star player this year but it wasn’t to be. …yea a Moncada signing too… would you believe it /s. That doesn’t fit your narrative does it?. But I’ve seen enough football in my life to have a decent foresight on things. Maybe listen to an elder from time to time. It’s like it bothers you that I’ve been right and I will be right in the future. I can GUARANTEE you that if I was off in any major way you’d be the first to jump on it so spare me the bs. Youre just trying to protect yourself from future criticism because you’re weak minded. All this confidence you have in the team yet cant tell us how well you think they’ll do? Maybe they’ll score around 75 goals wink wink, maybe more than last season, maybe less….oh wait can’t say that because it goes against the narrative that this season’s signings are better, right? It’s all a blanket narrative associated with a username. Can’t be in the middle. I put my stuff out there, all u guys do is throw jabs. But come time to put your money where your mouth’s radio silence. Keep hating dude.

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