CM: Milan hold talks with agency as Ligue 1 boss emerges as possible Pioli successor

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan are evaluating various names who could replace Stefano Pioli in view of the 2024-25 season, and one of them is currently working at a club they know very well.

According to what is being reported by, Monday’s derby against Inter will be the last one with Pioli in charge because, barring any sensational twists and turned, he will be sacked at the end of the season by Gerry Cardinale.

It seems most likely that the management will go for a foreign options to replace him because Thiago Motta has an agreement in principle with Cristiano Giuntoli to take over at Juventus. Contacts with Julen Lopetegui have been confirmed, but it can’t be considered a concrete option at present.

Among the many profiles evaluated by the Rossoneri leadership in recent weeks is Paulo Fonseca. The Portuguese coach is out of contract with Lille in July and he is very much in demand, especially in Ligue 1.

Milan consider the former Roma boss as an interesting option given what they showed at Lille in terms of style of play and results. He uses a 4-3-3 or a 4-2-3-1 which is well suited to the players present in the current Rossoneri squad and he knows Italian football well.

According to what has emerged, informal contacts have already taken place both with the agent Marco Abreu and with an agency that could act as an intermediary for the possible operation.

Lille are currently in fourth place in Ligue 1 with 49 points from 28 games, three points behind Monaco who currently occupy the last spot for automatic Champions League qualification.

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  1. So Juventus hijacked Motta as predicted and now they don’t know who to hire. This is the worst management that Milan have ever had. No suprice if they get some nobody to replace Pioli and regret it later on like most of their decisions.

      1. O they did, Milan was on the fence with Pioli since last year. And Motta was seen as the successor, he was even interviewed about it. Any way, i said back then if Milan really want Motta they will need to tie him up early and not wait till the end of the season. Cause Juve will 100% try to get him early even if not officially. That’s how Juve and Inter work. They are smart, they don’t wait till the last moment. I think the first contacts between Juve and Motta were made somewhere at the end of February. Well its not over but Milan are def behind Juve now in this race.

        1. Hijacked would be if Milan was in talks with Motta and Juve came in with a better offer. That’s hijacked. Milan had no talks with Motta!

          Being seen as something and having talks about it are two very different things.

          I think Milan was never interested in Motta. It was all media speculation.

          1. If you are scouting someone for so long and you wait for the end of the season to officially start talks with him and then someone beats you to it than its still a hijack. Juve don’t have official talks with Motta either. But that’s the point, they work smart. Milan was definitely and still is interested in Motta.

        2. All those Motta talks were just media speculation.

          In reality we never hold talk with the coach or his entourage – so it’s not a hijack. We never hold talk, maybe interest yes, but it never materialize in any way.

    1. Are you new fans?

      If you aren’t then you should definitely know this is not the worst management we ever heard. Ever heard of Banter era? Or Yonghong Li?

      Don’t exaggerate thing for the sake of exaggeration – and its true our new players are largely decent.

    2. How tf do you know they hijacked him? And that Milan dont know what to do know? My guy you need to wake up from fantasy land if you think Motta will give you that scudetto or CHL you are craving for!

      1. Profit ? From selling what player ? Tonali ?? They invest in 3 player using tonali money. Ofc every club want to make profit ,who want make huge loss for their club ? Motta to juve ? Then juve need to pay bologna 10-20m euro to release motta , so far i never read in di marzio or romano that juve want to replace with motta ,i only read in romano that pioli will get sacked and ACM hunting head coach for next season. Atalanta comparison ? Atalanta dont sacked gasperini even if they out from top 5 because their target just remain in serie A while selling player,if ACM want to follow atalanta path , why not keep pioli ? Why changing coach ? Thats because ACM want to win something not just finish top 4 serie A

        1. You think they just made money from Tonali ? That was a plus they made a lot more from CL only. Why would Atlanta fire Gasperini ? They are doing great and they are where they are thanks to him. He is fighting for Europe every year. Milan is not Atalanta and you have a lot more pressure from fan base who is not satisfied with top 4 or European spot only. You have to give the fans some hope. You think this guy Fonesca is something better than Pioli ? Its just change for the sake of change if they get someone like that to keep the fans happy. Some fans don’t fall for it tho and thats why they are reacting.

        2. “Motta to juve ? Then juve need to pay bologna 10-20m euro to release motta”

          Nope. Motta’s contract runs out this summer.

  2. Cardinale: I love to win

    Also Cardinale: buy low, sell high

    Cardinale as well: targeting the likes of Fonseca, Lopetegui, Galtier, Gallardo

    1. Haha well said…if we aren’t going to get a better coach than Pioli….keep Pioli.

      It HAS to be an upgrade

      I do believe Cardinale wants to win, but he’s determined to do it with his horses Sh!t moneyball bollo@ks

      No offence to to Roma who I have a lot of respect for, But if a coach isn’t good enough for Roma, he sure as hell isn’t good enough for us.

      1. Roma hired Jose after Fonseca. And they won one thing. But ppg fonseca was better.

        We definitely shouldn’t keep pioli. In almost any case. Dude gotta go

        1. There’s only one move for me and it has to be Klopp! Yes it’s probably unlikely on many levels, largely because Cardinale isn’t interested in paying for Klopp. Even without any new signings and with this current squad I think Klopp wins Serie A

  3. So you guys believe everything you read online, guess you haven’t learnt from past experience not to believe everything you read about Milan until it happens 100%

  4. For the love of god, lets just get a good coach. Even if it means pay more. Good coach will develop players, performance, style and maybe tittles. I really don’t like baldy, especially last 2 seasons. However, there are worse coaches out there. Please, lets get an upgrade not a downgrade.

  5. Acmilan should sign Julen lopetegui immediately and sacked Pioli by tomorrow it’s very possible Acmilan are a big club with big history we can’t afford backwards imagine Bayern Munich sacked tuchel and bring in zinadine zindane so Acmilan should do the same

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