CM: Milan verbally agree €10m deal for Chukwueze alternative – the situation

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan are being forced to evaluate other options because their pursuit of Samuel Chukwueze has stalled, according to a report. confirm that Chukwueze is the name at the top of the wish list for the right wing role but at the moment the €35m asking price set by Villarreal is deemed too high by Milan for a player whose contract is expiring in June 2024.

Milan are pursuing alternative paths as a result and one of these leads to Gustav Isaksen, who scored twice against Lazio in the Europa League last season and netted 22 goals (plus nine assists) across all competitions.

The Dane is under contract until June 2025 with Midtjylland but the Rossoneri have reached a verbal agreement with them on the basis of a transfer fee at around €10m.

However, the negotiation has not yet closed, purely because of the fact that Milan still want to wait and see if they can make a breakthrough in the Chukwueze talks.

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  1. Still worried that both this guy and raindeer don’t have any caps for their national teams. And we’re talking about Holland and Denmark, not France, or some country with plenty of options.
    If they are so good, surely the national team coaches must have seen it. They even play in their own countries, not somewhere far away.
    Even Pobega plays for the national team…

    1. Yeah, I agree. That is what I was saying about Reijnders especially. Milan is the only club interested, 0 national team appearances, “Barcelona interest” to raise price. That should be maximum 15M. This guy is at least 10M, worth the risk.

    2. no he does not. Pobega has 54 minutes of game time in 2022 for italy, thats it.
      And Holly has some very good players in midfield like de jong and koopmeiners, xavi simons in AM

      1. Dude, you literally wrote he did play. That means playing for the national team. 3 appearances and is called up all the time, he is in the national team. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

        1. you do know the difference between ‘is playing/plays’ and ‘did play’, right?
          or middleschool didnt cover that yet? next semester maybe?

          1. You’re being too cute. Whether a player is actively getting called up or not any appearance for a national team, whether it’s a full 90 or 1 minute is considered a cap. Pobega has been capped by Italy, Reijnders has not been capped by Netherlands. Thus the former has been considered at the full national team level, the latter has not.

          2. Exactly, there is a big difference in being called up, training with the national team all the time means something. You are part of the team, the coach counts on you even if you are a backup or backup of a backup. On top of that Pobega has actual 3 games for the 1st national team.

        2. He is in the national team on the bench every time. He is part of the team. Reijnders never was.

          Wow, the insult is so intelligent, your brain has developed perfectly. Good thing there is a grown up like you here. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 You need extra 30-40 IQ to even attempt to insult me. Have a good day!

          Recap for you so you don’t get lost. One is in the national team all the time and played for Italy, other never was in the national team.

          1. Is this guy for real?
            Pobega was called up twice in 2022. Thats it. He has not been on the bench at all.
            All the time…. And trying to make me look like a fool, doenst even have the facts. M0r0n

          2. Not trying to make you look like one, you are a fool. You want to attack someone because you don’t understand what something means? Sure, but we will explain why you’re a fool. No problem, fool.

      1. I can understand that when we’re talking about France. They have at least 5 good players for every position.
        Same for Leao, there’s a lot of competition there.

        1. You forget that Leao was a striker at that point and that was a way weaker position than winger for Portugese NT.

      1. Right, cause Portugal has the same depth as Denmark.
        Diogo Jota, Joao Felix, Ricardo Horta are just 3 of the players that play in his position.
        Now you give me 3 danish players that keep Isaksen out of the team without looking on the internet. I’ll wait…

    3. Pretty sure those countries have more WC appearances than Italy in the last ten years…

      Pobega doesn’t play for the national team he’s to slow to even catch the bus (I.e. Mancini needed a body to fill the open seat on his bench).

    4. What’s your point? Tonali played a grand total of 87 minutes for the national team this year and you’re crying about him. He even lost his spot to Frattesi and then proceeded to crash out of the U/21 Euros.

    5. I wouldn’t be too worried about that. NT selection cannot be compared to a club investment. Both players only really blossomed last year and both nations have more “deserving”/experienced players for these roles. Pobega was tried in the NT after their failure to qualify for the 2022 WC. He got 54 mins in the group stages of Nations League (which is just a cash-grab series of friendlies marketed like some sort of “CL for countries”), but has not been in the squad for the following friendlies, the EC qualifiers or the finals of Nations League.

    6. Dont worry , they will called to NT and get caps if they play good with AC Milan . Isaksen only 10m euro ,low risk but high gain if he play good while samuel chukwu are big gamble if ACM pay villarreal 30-35m euro . Reijnders are best player for AZ last season , moncada believe he is better than other target like frattessi

  2. Didn’t we learn our lesson last summer while waiting for Renato Sanchez and thus losing out on Enzio Fernandez. Forget Chukeweze and sign this young promising player for only 10 million euros!

  3. Get this guy for 10mil and try for Chukwueze back in January (he will have only 6months left on his contract then). Who knows if Isaksen performs good until then you may not even need Chukwueze. Worth the risk.
    Ps. Or get this guy and get Kamada so you have Pulisic and Isaksen as RWs.

  4. I haven’t looked at Reijnders’ statistics from past seasons, maybe that doesn’t say much, but it can be a realistic guideline. He will soon turn 25 and has not yet been called up to the national team. We’ll see.. there is always a risk of unsuccessful investment. Isaksen is a young player who really shows a lot of promise! Maybe the league he comes from is not at the level of Serie A, but for 10 million he is worth the risk.

    1. He was pretty decent, 7 goals and 12 assists across all competitions and made the Conference League Semi Finals played really well against West Ham and scored a cracking goal.

  5. What a owner we have here, you can’t spend 20, 25, 30 and nor 35, hmm and this guy can help the team that much, but all the best whatever happen up AC Milan ❤️

  6. If we don’t get Chukwueze I think our Mercato goes to bang average….I think he could be our new Leao on the right and make a real impact…

    Pulisic is decent but doesn’t excite me, RLC makes me want to cry…Reinjders looks good but could be a gamble.

    As much as I hate the idea, I’d settle for Morata to land Chukwueze and Reijnders. Weirdly Pulisic becomes a more attractive signing if we get Chukwueze

    1. At first I felt the same about RLC, but the more I think about it, it seems like a decent buy. His physical characteristics matches what it seems like we tried to find in Vranckx, but at 27 and being a 2x PL winner, he has much more maturity and experience. Additionally, I think he might be able to be an on-field role-model for Pobega, since there are noticeable similarities between the two.

        1. You’re right about that, but they also won the Europa League in 18/19, where he contributed 4 goals and 3 assists in 11 games. I was trying to point out that he has developed in a top-level culture. He has played with champions and knows what it takes. I don’t expect a difference-maker, I expect more physique in the “engine-room” of the midfield. If the reported price of €16m is true, it seems like a reasonable transfer imo. At least compared to my first reaction, was my original point.

  7. We can’t pay 35 for a player who would definitely upgrade our attack. But we can pay 25 for a Chelsea reject that played 188 minutes last season and scored 1 goal.

  8. what’s the argument about reijnders, this guy is from Tanzania must he plays for orange national team, because he plays in eredivese? Common let’s grow up

  9. There is a reason this guy costs 10m and Chukwueze costs 35…
    There is a saying in my country “you get whatever you pay for…”

  10. C’mon people…be a little optimistic here. Im agree with Rose above. Many players has call up by NT after playing for Milan. Lets hope that for Reijndeers too… Hope and pray…thats all we can do… Support our team…

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