CM: Milan’s wage budget compared to Inter, Juventus and other rivals

By Ben Dixon -

Following the conclusion of the January transfer window, a report has been released about the salaries of each Serie A team and where AC Milan ranks in terms of expenditure against their competition. have released a list of Serie A teams’ salaries, and from this, we can look at the under or overperformance of teams.

Starting with Milan, the Rossoneri, expectedly, boast the fourth largest wage budget in the league, totalling €86.50million per year, which will likely rise to around €90m if Mike Maignan agrees to a new deal at the club.

Ahead of them are AS Roma (€107.1m), Inter (€119.5m) and Juventus, who have the highest wage budget in the division (€125.8m). The €40m gap between Juventus and Milan has not caused a  difference in the league, as might be expected given the difference in the figures.

Below, you can find each team’s yearly wage expenditure position and how it compares to their current league position.

  1. Juventus – €125.8m (2nd in Serie A, -1 place)
  2. Inter – €119.5m (1st in Serie A, +1 place)
  3. AS Roma – €107.1m (6th in Serie A, -3 places)
  4. AC Milan – €86.5m (3rd in Serie A, +1 place)
  5. Napoli – €86.2m (9th in Serie A, -4 places)
  6. Lazio – €73.6m (7th in Serie A, -1 place)
  7. Fiorentina – €57.2m (8th in Serie A, -1 place)
  8. Atalanta – €47.7m (4th in Serie A, +3 places)
  9. Torino – €38.8m (10th in Serie A, -1 place)
  10. Sassuolo – €34.8m (16th in Serie A, -6 places)
  11. Cagliari – €31.7m (19th in Serie A, -8 places)
  12. Monza – €28.9m (11th in Serie A, +1 place)
  13. Genoa – €28.4m (12th in Serie A, +1 place)
  14. Salernitana – €28m (20th in Serie A, -6 places)
  15. Empoli – €27.7m (15th in Serie A, = placed)
  16. Bologna – €27.6m (5th in Serie A, +11 places)
  17. Udinese – €26.8m (18th in Serie A, -1 place)
  18. Frosinone – €20.9m (14th in Serie A, +4 places)
  19. Verona – €20.9m (17th in Serie A, +2 places)
  20. Lecce – €15.3m (13th in Serie A, +7 places)
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  1. Just looking at the business side, what a masterpiece.
    Some here believe we have a better team than Inter – certainly younger players on longer contracts and overall equal or higher valuation as a squad.
    No where near close to our old magico Milan but at least we are guaranteed CL and money on transfers for a bit.

    1. Milan owner raise club value a lot.

      Milan lost in terms of wining competition against Inter and results. But Milan won in terms of club finance handling and raising players value.

      If Inter 1 season stay without big result – the club is in big financial deficit, and Milan with 4th position can finance these players in roster.

      Kalulu,Thiaw, Musah, Reijnders, Pobega, Adli, Okafor and Chukwueze are all still young players, who can be sold for more money if it is needed, then Acerbi, Darmian, De Vrij, Mikhtaryan, Cuadrado, Sanchez who doesn’t have big value on market.

      1. Inter presented massive losses even after selling Onana and making the CL final! They are screwed. Congrats to them on their 20th stella, they are absolutely @#$% otherwise. I welcome their upcoming banter era.

        1. We were always ahead of Inter both in Serie A and Europe. But now we are about to be behind them due to our business model. For a business, it is excellent. For a fan, for a glory, and for bragging it is a nightmare. I don’t stop wishing for them to slip, so they won’t get 2nd star. Not before Milan.

  2. This just goes to show the sound business and financial sense behind management. Roma’s wage bill is outrageous in contrast to the results on the field.

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