CM: Monza want to keep Daniel Maldini – the promise with Milan and his valuation

By Oliver Fisher -

Adriano Galliani was the one who most strongly wanted Daniel Maldini at Monza, and he reportedly wants to make sure he keeps him beyond the current season. writes how Daniel Maldinihas found everything he needs to perform at his best since joining Monza. Galliani’s presence helps, as does the trust of coach Raffaele Palladino and a squad made up of many familiar names like Lorenzo Colombo.

It’s not so much a question of getting playing time as a starter but more about rediscovering that feeling of being important for the team, something that he missed while he was with Empoli in the first half of the season.

On the other hand, the son of Paolo directly brought six points to Monza with the two winning goals scored against Salernitana and Genoa, helping them maintain a mid-table spot.

In the January transfer window, Monza – thanks to the good relationships between the two managing directors Galliani and Giorgio Furlani – closed the Maldini operation with Milan on a dry loan.

There was a ‘promise’ attached to it: to talk about the future of the forward with more calm at the end of the season. Now the goal of the Brianza club is to try to sign Daniel permanently.

He is tied to Milan by a contract until 2025 and can leave permanently for around €4-5m, or at least that is the feeling. The meeting is set for the end of the season, with the remaining games of course playing a part.

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  1. For nostalgy reasons it would be nice to keep him. But the fact is he’s not good enough to lift the level of this Milan team.

  2. He is one of our most technical gifted players but also need to play more often and then he might be able to fork out a place with us at a later point so i for one would keep a buyback clause as he could develope further with monza in the meantime,

    1. Agree with this, buyback option would be nice as he is currently far from Milan quality.

      Maybe if we sell him for 5m, buyback of 10-15m.

      1. Yeah a lot can happen in a year or two so if we sell at 4 mil and includes a buyback set at 10 mil ir would make sense as it would also give them an incentive to field him often.

      1. Well maybe to you but even some players in the team has mentioned him as one of our most gifted players he just need to play some more and its not like he has played many minutes for us as he has only played 400 some minutes combined and was also often subbed in as a left winger even though he is more suited for the cam role as i see it.

        1. i dont care what players say.. they’re dumb. as for maldini the reason he cant get game time are his sporadic injuries. still dont think he has what it takes tho. maybe the next generation of maldinis will fare better

  3. The Maldini name is synonymous with the most successful teams in Milan’s history, so yes, I would rather we retained control and let him develop his trade at Monza (like Diaz did here) – he’ll likely be a late bloomer..

  4. Maldini at this stage isn’t quality enough for this Milan and unfortunately we aren’t developing youth players with the senior team too much. Pressure to win. So unfortunately for the youngster he needs to keep going out on loans and improve to the point of relevance for Milan.

  5. not good enough for Milan atm, even at Monza he’s not a starter, try him in u23/ MilanB next season to get regular play time

  6. There are 2 crown jewels of the Milan youth academy: the third generation of the biggest name the club has, and son of probably the club’s most consequential player, this guy, Daniel Maldini, and then there is Camarda a young striker who has swept all before him.

    I still believe Camarda leaving would be a mistake because it will really only be for money – that speaks for itself. Taking the money now should be nowhere near the list of priorities for a young player who projects to be a world class player. Young players get seduced, or coerced, into making the error of placing money over opportunity all of the time. Anyone remember any of these guys? I remember the most recent, Tommaso Mancini. He took the money and in the year he is 19/20 he has played a grand total of 243 minutes with 10 games left in the season. He has been on the bench, all season. Some of that may be his fault, maybe even all of it, but it doesn’t change the basic reality that money was prioritised over opportunity and development. It has to have been money because he agreed terms with us over Juve until he was offered more money. It’s not like he didn’t know Juve had an U23 side, that is was a secret.

    There is one potentially overriding factor in favour of Camarda leaving Milan and it is the treatment of his only equal, which most graphically demonstrates how dumb Milan is and how little idea it has of progressing talent into the first team.

    Camarda is as good as Camarda is but look at Maldini. A world class youth talent with his name, and its importance to Milan, and it takes a former Milan great (CEO) at a minnow club to see his talent, which has now been squandered and stifled for 4 seasons.

    I find the idea that young talent not given an opportunity is ‘not good enough’ to be laughable, a sick joke entrenched by a culture of expectation the peninsula doesn’t have the money to justify, and which has crushed the development of generations of kids, the consequence being that Italy has missed consecutive world cups, FFS.

    If Maldini was some kid from Argentina or France, a squad player at Milan, fans would be going wild about the impact he has had off the bench for Monza. ‘Milan worthy’ wouldn’t be an issue.

    On this topic, is Chukwueze good enough for a 20m price tag, let alone good enough for Milan? What about Salemakers and the 1b spent on players that Maldini’s Heir is always citing? Squad management is basically a headless chicken running on a wheel, occasions settling on the right option as the music stops and Milan gets stuck with whatever squad circumstance delivers. What makes Marco Pellegrino a better player than Gabbia who only returns to fulfill the potential he has because of an injury crisis? What Pellegrino better than Simic who will no doubt be sold? Where would the season be if Traore was trusted with a bench role on the wing, Chukuwueze wasn’t signed and that money, combined with the money spent on Pellegrino was spent on a young CB who has the potential to be ‘Milan worthy’.

    How is it that Barcelona continually rebuilds dynasties out of its youth academy? The current one may be the best yet. I am a support of players going out on loan for game time but does Barca even bother? What is ‘Barcelona worthy’? It is inferior to being ‘Milan worthy’.

    You know what ‘Milan worthy’ is for Maldini and, to a less extent Simic and Bartesaghi? It’s about 3,000 minutes of competitive soccer. Milan will spend hundreds of millions euros on average players before it will work out how to get players that 3,000 minutes. These people are idiots or they are corrupt (corrupt because they prioritise commissions which are probably illegal from player sales over their job which is to bring success to Milan). I see no room for a third option. It certainly isn’t the supposed standards of a club that missed the UCL for 10 years in a row.

  7. Put the “Maldini” name aside, I would say he is worthy to perform well in a Milan jersey. Sadly, I doubt he will get opportunities under this current management and ownership model.

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