CM: Morata tempted by Milan despite Atletico declaration – negotiations ongoing

By Oliver Fisher -

The names linked with AC Milan seem to be going around on a carousel at the moment and Alvaro Morata is the target that is back in focus, a report claims.

According to, Morata is the ‘latest concrete idea’ for ​​Milan who want to strengthen their attack for next season with the signing of a new centre-forward to replace the departed Olivier Giroud.

The former Juventus player recently rejected a super offer from Al Qadisiyah in Qatar worth €45m over three years because he wants to stay at Atletico Madrid, but the call from the Rossoneri has instilled some doubts in the head of the Spaniard who has a special feeling with Italy.

In the contract that ties Morata to Atletico Madrid there is a release clause of €13m that Milan would gladly pay. The 31-year-old is a concrete option but not the only one explored by the management with Joshua Zirkzee still the main target.

However, signing Morata would not rule out the arrival of another striker. Thus, a negotiation is underway between Milan and Morata’s agents, so much so that the parties are in constant contact.

Geoffrey Moncada and Zlatan Ibrahimovic have asked the Spaniard for a significant cut compared to his current salary of €6m net per season and the response was one that suggested an openness to negotiate.

While Morata publicly stated a wish to remain at Atletico, it must also be noted that he recently expressed his love for Italy and not long before that he suggested frustration at the LaLiga club for looking for other strikers.

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  1. Still hopeful that Milan can sign Zirkzee, but if that doesn’t happen I would absolutely take Morata, just like last summer.
    He scores 15-20 goals a season. Not a volume scorer but his movement and link up play will allow the players around him to score more.
    He also works very hard during the game in pressing and running back.
    13 mil plus 6 mil in salary is not a bad deal at all

  2. Hilarious.

    First we should just sign Zirkzee IMO

    BUT since we are too cheap and will never spend 50M on ANY player – Zirkzee or otherwise – then you would think when a player like Morata – despite his age – is potentially available for ONLY 13M – you would think we wouldn’t mess around and HAGGLE and just pay the man his salary – BUT of course we are Redbird and we are CHEAP A$$ and we will lose ANOTHER player for a low cost operation (Thurman, Taremi, etc….) because we have horrible management. But hey at least we are Profitable!!!

    Do they give out trophies for the most profitable club??? We may give Atalanta a run for their money!!!!

    1. Morata is not bad but if we were to join he would ask for the starting spot in the lineup which will rule out another striker like Zirkzee joining completely.

    2. He’s not cheap though is he? About 7m net a season (13m gross) at Atleti. Assuming something like a 4 year contract on similar wages and ~5m of signing costs, he’d work out at about 17m per year.

      At 55m (including costs) and getting paid 7.5 gross per season as reported, Zirkzee would work out at about 18m per season for 5 years.

      So the two wouldn’t be massively different in cost.

        1. If that’s true then that seems like relatively good value for a guy who’s played consistently at the top level for a decade and always seems to have good relationships with the players around. A different player from Giroud but a similar character in some ways.

      1. Ideally yes Morata would be a back up to new starting striker. But there is ZERO chance that IF this deal were to happen that Morata would come to Milan to just be a back up player AND that Redbird would pay Morata a salary of 5-6M to just be a back up player.

        I like Morata and for 13M would be a solid signing for a couple of seasons – but it just kicks the can down the road yet again in not addressing the most important position on the pitch: striker. We need a long term solution at the striker position, a player that can grow with the team. But that requires a spend of 50M plus. Morata is another stop-gap – just like a Lukaku would be. Not surprising from Redbird tho. They have ZERO intention of spending 50M on ANY player, striker or not. So I guess this is the best we can do – then just get it done. But I’m sure we will haggle, haggle haggle, over the fee and his salary like we always do and lose another player to a team that doesn’t hesitate. Good times

      1. Ahhhh the great @Pioli! I mean @Boulden is back!

        How you doing sparky? Alas you still cannot read eh kid? I will speak with your mom and see if we can get you back in those special ed courses. We believe in you kid! Hahahahahaha.

        God bless you son. I’m sure it takes all the energy and thought you have for one day to come up with these brilliant one liners. Don’t worry son you will get there one day I promise!

  3. I’d love to see Morata. I think he’d be great for a couple of seasons and create a path to the first team for Camarda.

    But who do I believe? The man himself? Or CalcioMercato, the biggest purveyor of made up nonsense since Walt Disney?

  4. If he’s in for his experience (also considering we’re more successful with experienced strikers recently) and our depth, then we should go for him. If he’s in for our main no 9, then no.

  5. It always surprised me the way a Truly fans analyse football 🤔 currently in Europe, We need experience Striker. And We have Morata,Lukaku, Lewandoski,Kane,Schick,Immobile,Duvan Zapata, in Europe. I will go for either Lukaku or Morata,cos,all this young strikers might disappoint in BIG TEAM. Example Piatek, Hunteller,

    1. higuain, torres, manđo, kalinic, even now origi. all experienced, all flopped

      in fact of all the exp ST we brought in in the last decade olny Ibra and Giroud worked out

  6. I would absolutely sign Morata. There seems to be too much drama around Zee and the other clubs that were pursuing him seem to be getting the cold feet. So, Zee might not worth the money. Besides, Morata already expressed he’s getting tired of Spain. He’s a sure bet 20 goal per season.

  7. This merry go round has made milan the laughing stock of serie A. Moncada, Furlani and Ibra are clearly at a loss. They are confused, incompetent, ridiculous, stupid, weak, cheap and have absolutely no idea how to move forward. Inter, Juve, Napoli move on – milan stuck in a hole.

    1. Milan management is still on vacation. Please wait until August for activity. we will play waiting game, when there is no competition, the price will drop, we will get discount price.

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