CM: Reported Milan target Motta reaches ‘agreement in principle’ with Juventus

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan might well miss out on one of the names they had on their list of potential successors to Stefano Pioli as Thiago Motta reportedly has an agreement in principle with Juventus.

It could well end up being a historic season for Bologna given that they are in the top four and are thus in line for a Champions League spot at the moment, and Motta has rightly taken a fair bit of the credit for that. reported that Motta’s exploits have been noticed around Europe but it is especially in Italy that the big teams are seriously thinking about him for next season. Milan and above all Juventus were in the front row, as per the source.

Now, the same source have published an update. They state that Juve must try to defend third place in the standings then in June there will be a revolution, starting with the head coach position.

It seems as though Max Allegri will depart once the season is done and sporting director Cristiano Giuntoli wants to open the new cycle with a coach who is impressing with his tactical ideas and development of young people like Motta.

There have been contacts between the parties, and Motta now has an ‘agreement in principle’ with the Bianconeri.


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  1. No need for us to sign him, yes we would play much better football under him but there’s no reason for us to part ways with Pioli at least until 2025 when his contract ends. He is finally finding his rhythm with every signing apart from Terracciano shining under him.

    1. “We soukd play much better football under him but…” LOL. We could do better, but let’s not. I get it though, it would certainly be a bold move to fire Pioli after this season, and one thing our ownership is not known for is boldness. Anyway, everyone will now have to watch out for Juventus. I wouldn’t be surprised if Zirkzee follows Motta there, as Vlahovic expires in 2026 and this is summer is the inflection point for extending or selling him. They will be a title contenders straight away. Then let’s see what’s available in 2025, since it seems this summer is the summer many up and coming coaches will be making the step up to bigger teams.

      1. Here are some of my assumptions:-
        1. I think the management are satisfied with Pioli and as he is not an outspoken manager like Conte would, he would be perfect for their overall vision (following the Dortmund model of football).
        2. There’s no public outbreaks with Pioli, all our key players have said good things about Pioli and his also liked by our ex-players as well as our ex-managers. It wouldn’t make sense to fire him despite knowing this.
        3. At 4M/SEASON he is probably the best we can have, changing the manager would mean starting from scratch and let’s be honest he deserves one more season at the very least with what we can see in regards of player growth.

        1. At least I’m hoping for more than top 4 every year. If you are OK with that, that’s your prerogative, but trying to bring down others with higher ambition is sad.

          1. yes the hope for more than top 4 is to get random hyped managers every season and praying they turn into new Xabi Alonso

            if you like gambling so much go call Tonali you’ll be best friends

        2. He is not wrong though. Have you seen how many good academy graduates they have this season? Yidiz, Soulé, Jorge, Miretti just to name a few. Also their targets next season are very good.

          1. Juve wants titles. Milan ownership wants just 4th spot to get the 50mil from UEFA. Different goalls, we are like Atalanta now.

        3. Bologna got a 0-0 against Frosinone. A mistake a lot of people make is the assumption that new coach guarantees victory. Historyhas shown otherwise. If Motta goes at Juve or elsewhere, there are likely to be missteps, especially considering midweek games, which means a lot less time to prepare each game. Either way time will tell.

  2. I think pioli will likely stay next season. Firstly, I can’t see managers out there who would have an immediate impact. Secondly he’s capable of putting the scudetto together with a decent run in champions league if we were to get 2/3 players of real quality in the squad. Thirdly, theirs a part of me that thinks we will give Klopp the year away he needs before we sign him. I really see him coming to Milan. The working mans club

    1. @Muretti. I like the Klopp idea and I can see Milan going down that road. Also, let’s not forget that Guardiola has a year left on his contract and he has never coach in Serie A. So he will become an opportunity for Milan in the future too.

      These two are more suitable for Milan than another rookie coach with one good season under his belt. It would have been better for Juventus to get Conte back and let Motta do another season in the Champions League with Bologna.

      I also find it strange that Bologna will not try to invest and convince Motta to stay because they will need to be able to perform in the Champions League for Italy to maintain their coefficient number of teams.

      1. Fraudiola literally spent over 500m trial and erroring players before he got what he wanted

        Cant do that here if you dont realise it already

        Even this year they got 2 average players for like 100m but doesnt matter to them

  3. You give Pioli better players, and he gets them to perform.

    Keep Pioli. Give him a sustainable striker(or two), a Defensive mid and another CB. He will integrate them in and get this team playing better.

    Players like him and stand by him. Management will stand by him given results.

    But I will say again, Pioli has an eventual ceiling that Milan won’t surpass with him in charge. And at that point we will need an Elite tactician.

    1. Mottas and De Zerbis arent elite tacticians they are literally on the same level as Pioli or lower

      Pioli atleast has been managing at the top now for couple or years they havent

    2. He is the one who choose those players, you are satisfied with him good for you, but once we get slapped by Intermilan & Juventus in addition of poor run in champions league kicked out on the group stage, then don’t come crying and insulting Pioli & Co A TRUE LACK OF AMBITIONS

    3. But he already got the players that he wanted this year. He chose them. Still nothing. Just another mediocre season during a time when all the other top teams are in the mid of some rebuild with the exception of Inter. And he is miles behind Inter. Dropped of the CL early, droped out of the Cup early, and i honestly don’t see him beating any of the top teams in EL either.

      1. “he already got the players that he wanted this year”
        Erm, no. Pioli asks for players with certain specs, scouting gives him certain options based on budget available and he chooses from those. That doesn’t mean that the choices presented are great or even good, or that we won’t get overbid by a PL team.

        Don’t tell me that someone told him we can buy a striker and instead of picking dunno Harry Kane, he chose Jovic.

        1. Well that’s the same for everyone. Not even City can have every player that they want or let alone Inter. You look for players who fit your tactics most of the time and who from them is avaliable. So who thought that he needs 3 box to box mids without any real DM ? Pioli did. So thats on him. He had big budget and yet he chose that. If he really needed a top new striker he could have chosen that.

      2. No my friend he didn’t get all the players he needed as Frank Kessie replacement was the missing piece of AC Milan team jigsaw. Just imagine the team never lose Kessie for free or was replaced adequately:
        1, this team will fight Inter Milan to the very end for the Scudetto this season.
        2, would have probably made life more difficult for Napoli last season.
        3, we would probably made to the final of the Champions League last year.

        So as for me I have made a U-turn on Pioli out league as there has been considerable improvement in team play and individual players which has always been the all mark of ingenuity from the gaffer and it seems Pioli is becoming more flexible and there is this palpable feeling that sense of positive competition is rising in the squad.
        So I for one don’t see any reason why Mr. Pioli should not remain next season with a six million euros four years contract renewal at most.

        1. I somehow agree about how vital was Kessie for our team friend. However Pioli not asking for a new DM and thinking that Krunic can replace Kessie is on him. He got 3 new mids out of which no one is a pure DM. He chose that. Remember they said in the summer that every transfer was made together with Pioli. Basicly he was chosing if someone will fit in his tactics or not. They didnt just brought new players for him.

  4. Tbh, I like the idea of de zerbi anyway, and he’s said he wants to coach in Italy. Theres also the long shot that Jurgen klopp is leaving Liverpool as well, and I’d take him over Motta in a heartbeat

  5. Most Milan fans are only daydreaming for expecting Pioli to be sacked and top tactician to be employed. Firstly, Milan can’t spend like the top clubs in Europe because of the income presently. Maybe a couple of season in the champions league and after building our stadium, then our income will improve remarkably. Then we can start spending like Juventus.

    The likes of Guardiola and Klopp need top quality players to compete and they are way expensive. Do you know the number of players Manchester City and Liverpool had signed that did not perform ? You should confirm that. It took Guadiola almost a decade after winning champions league with Barcelona before he won another at Manchester city.

    It is only Ancelloti that has proven time and time again that he can make do with what he has at his disposal and still compete for major silverware.

    Based on result and budget, Pioli is doing fine. He deserves another season.

    1. You mean 100mil budget and still Inter wins the title. And Juve will prob win the cup. So we were the biggest spenders in the league and won nothing in other words. How is that fine according to you ?

      1. Don’t forget some players needed more time to integrate and AC Milan don’t have any proper DM which allows a wide gap in the defensive third of the team.

  6. Welp there’s that for those who were expecting the title with Motta I suppose lol
    Figured as much as Juve needs a coach and perhaps Napoli.
    What I don’t understand is the certainty with which people think he’s going to succeed

  7. This club will NEVER learn!
    Yes, keep Pioli and remain in mediocrity, while Inter and Juve dominate the next 10 years

    You simply DON’T let one of top coaching prospects slip so easily to your direct opposition, if you have any ambition

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