CM: Midfielder rejected offers from Fulham and West Ham to join Milan

By Isak Möller -

Yunus Musah will arrive in Milan next week to complete his move to AC Milan as an agreement has been reached for the transfer. In the process, the midfielder rejected two Premier League clubs. 

The negotiations between Milan and Valencia were long and tiring but eventually an agreement was struck at around €18m plus an additional €3m in bonuses. Musah’s willingness to join the Rossoneri was decisive, as has been revealed.

In fact, as reported by, the American midfielder rejected offers from Fulham and West Ham as he only wanted Milan. The two Premier League would have been able to pay Valencia more but the player got his way in the end.

As said, he’s scheduled to arrive in Milan next week and he will then undergo the medical tests before signing the contract. He will be Milan’s eighth signing of the summer and is expected to play in the No.6 role.

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  1. “and is expected to play in the No.6 role.”
    He never played there, though, not sure why anyone would expect that.
    He’s exactly the type of mezzala Pioli wants: fast, strong, good with the ball.
    Don’t get me wrong, I want Krunic gone form the first 11 as much as anyone, but it won’t be Musah who replaces him.
    Even Reijnders said Krunic will be our regista.

    1. Musah played the primary defensive mid (the 6) in a double pivot for the first time in his career while with the USMNT in June in two Nations League matches.
      The usual defensive mid for the USMNT, Tyler Adams, was injured. The other double pivot mid was Weston McKennie, who is just not very good at defense, and so Musah did the bulk of the defensive mid duties.
      He was a dominant force, you should look up the Youtube video “Yunus Musah vs Mexico Nations League”.
      Musah has always demonstrated this physical ability to take balls away from opponents, the only difference playing the 6 instead of the 8 was that he was clearly instructed to not carry the ball forward as a box to box mid would normally, and instead to stay back on defense and just pass the ball. He is a very accurate passer.
      So, he is both a natural 8 and a 6. He just hasn’t played the 6 very much

      1. I was refering to a regista in a 4-3-3. He never played there for Valencia even if they often played 4-3-3. He was always a mezzala in the 4-3-3, not regista. That position usually requires other qualities like vision, passing, composure, anticipation. Things that a 20 year old might be lacking.
        Patrick Vieira once said that a good defensive midfielder is at least 26 years old 😀.
        Let’s hope I’m wrong and Pioli can mould him into that position. We’ll see.

  2. Since milan is under the American ownership, all the sudden American soccer players are very good.
    This is BS.
    Name me one that has success in a big club:None
    Watch what’s coming

    1. The only thing that makes musah American is that his mom was on vacation in New York while she was pregnant with him.
      He is Ghanaian who spent half of his life in Italy, the other half in England and the last 3 years in Spain.
      So his football “education” was happening in the 3 best football nations in Europe.
      He never lived or trained in the US
      Also just because a nation doesn’t have a great footballer who was a success at a big club before doesn’t mean that they never will.
      How many players from Liberia do you know?
      The only 1 I know was the best player in the world at his time.
      People need to stop looking at players nationality.
      The only thing that matters if he is a good player or not.

      1. He plays for the USNT, that’s the international marketing Cardinale wants.

        That’s just to reply to your comment by the way, but ain’t taking away the fact that he’s a good player.

  3. I’m no musah fan as we don’t need yet another cm. However if he is transitioned successfully to only a dm is might be good. Who knows

  4. @Zoro Caloro

    Same here, I’m really hoping he adapts well to no.6 role, I keep forgetting he’s only 20 so has plenty of room for growth.

    However if he turns into a good box2box mf that works long term but short term leaves us in a conundrum, as we’d still lack a decent no.6 (until Bennacer comes back from injury, and even he likes to roam forward)

    Just feels like we only needed one of RLC or Musah, not both.

  5. Heir Lice, Ted the screeching 12 year old, and Yelnats will tell you this player is really awful and not worth anything.

    People will say he can’t play as a DM, even though with his national team he has.

  6. I believe Musah played in the double pivot for the US national team at the WC – and he played very well. Our future 4-3-3 mid is: Reinjders Musah RLC. I’m surprised that Pulisic will be off the bench but that’s what it is looking like if we stay with 3 mids and upfront Leao Giroud Chukwueze. If we play the double pivot then it’s Leao Giroud Chukwueze with Pulsic behind at ACM and Musah and Reijnders/Krunic in double pivot. Will be interesting. Personally would love to have seen the Messias + cash for Singo swap – as we could use an upgrade at RB due to constant injuries and offensive limitations of both Florenzi and Calabria – but looks like Lord Pioli said no and is instead looking to play Salesmakers there?? Yikes. A Singo/Chukwueze right side to compliment a Theo/Leao left side would have been devastating for opposing defenses to cover against. That kind of speed would have created huge problems on both sides of the pitch and would have ensured The/Leao wouldn’t be constantly double teamed. Shame.

    Get rid of Columbo (loan) and Lavitec and add the Argentinian Vielz. Get rid of Balo Toure and add backup LB. Benny will be sold (honestly think if he wasn’t injured they would have already sold him) to SA as soon as he comes back – summer for sure maybe even this January – so I could see us adding another mid. I hope we don’t sell Kajer as that would be a huge mistake. Need a veteran leader in the dressing room as as a backup CB can’t ask for a solid option. Need some experience as Simic is green and Kalulu still needs work based on what we have seen last season.

  7. We shouldn’t say he rejected Fulham & Westham to join Milan. We aren’t on the same level. A player that wants to have a great future wouldn’t turn down a team like Milan or any other big team with good player relations to go join a team that’d pay millions more except if there’s a personal reasons… Pls, we shouldn’t be compared to small teams. It’s nothing to be proud of. It’s Milan or nothing ❤️🖤

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