CM: Origi returns to Milan – his salary and what is needed for a capital gain

By Euan Burns -

Divock Origi has returned to Milan following the conclusion of his loan spell at Nottingham Forest in the Premier League, with the English side opting not to make the move permanent. 

As reported by, Milan will now be looking to move the Belgian forward on as he is deemed not to have a future with the club.

Origi arrived in the summer of 2022 on a free transfer from Liverpool, but he failed to make any sort of impact in Italy and was sent on loan to Forest in the summer of 2023 in the hopes that the deal would become permanent.

The historical cost of Origi is €660,000 which was just the agent’s fees. This season, the former Liverpool player cost Milan €165,000, equal to the amortization fee alone, from the moment the salary was paid by Nottingham Forest.

If he were to stay for the following season, he would cost Milan €5.4m as his salary is €4m per season and that contract runs until June 2026. Origi’s worth on the net balance sheet has dropped to €330,000 which means Milan just need to sell him for more than that amount to register a capital gain.

It is not yet clear how much interest there is in Origi given he scored one goal for Forest.

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  1. This is like our recurrent nightmare , the return of the living dead sort of thing… One can think that it’s finally over, but the dreadful thing keep coming back to haunt us…

    1. let’s see, If your management gives you no budget, and you’re on the market for a free striker with no more than 4 mill of salary, sometimes you get Giroud, and sometimes you get Origi.

      Or if you are Marotta, you get Sanchez and then pay also 8 million to Bologna to get Arnautovic.

      If Maldini is sacked because of CDK, imagine Marotta spending 30+ million to buy Correa from Lazio.

      Then again, complaining from the couch is the best.

      1. I think Maldini was sacked because of Romagnoli, Çalhanoğlu and Donnarumma, not CDK! those 3 combined at that time had market value of over $100 million euro and all under the age of 27, Hakan being the oldest of the 3. Juro, below is right the philosophy of Cardinale, is buy young 20-24 and sell for a profit at 27-29!! Magic Mike is the perfect example, transfer fee and wages so far have cost total about 35 million Euro, but he will sell for $60 million plus, thus paying for all fee’s absorbed so far!! really a good bit of business if it works!

        1. Kessie too. We probably lost between 150 million to 175 million in transfer fees. It’s quite angering. We could revamped this team.

          I bet he would have lost Tonali too eventually.

        2. Good bit of business but absolutely no good for the club in terms of building a strong squad and returning to dominance in football.

        3. so it was Maldini who invent salary cap?
          also Maldini as players agent who represent them suggesting to run-out contract to pump-up agent fee?

          1. That’s exactly what it is, and when the lads on the field plays better they win some football games and value of everything goes up!!

        4. Well if Maldini was sacked for those three players the club rewarded mercenary players and agents.

          If the club wants to return to the top it needs to stand up to players and agents rather than constantly chasing ‘capital gains’.

      2. No budget ????are you sure ??? Im not defending Redbird or elliot , but before maldini sacked it is elliot who control that summer budget . Elliot give 50m euro budget to maldini , he invest in CDK 35m euro , thiaw 5m euro , activate buy option junior messias & florenzi total 8m euro , origi fee agent 660k euro , you want more than 50m euro budget ??? Then sell your player. IM ,Roma,Lazio have no budget , you can say 0 euro budget + money from sale player, thats why Roma depend on free transfer and loan player while IM sell their player

      1. These three cost the club about 80 Million Euro in transfer fee’s but can sell for over a 1/4 Billion Euros combined!!
        Like it or not Moneyball Baby!!

    2. You get most transfers end in failure?

      As in most players perform at a lower level at their new club.

      Last summer the new management replaced our midfield and we ended up with a huge hole in the middle all season.

      1. Last season ACM finish 5th and now 2nd serie A . Which season have more huge hole for midfield ? Tonali – bennacer double pivot last season are easiliy lose on battle midfield rather than this season midfield

        1. We made the semi-finals of the champions league and dominated in midfield most games.

          Look I don’t really care. Presumably if you think this season is such a success you’re opposed to Pioli being sacked?

          1. It is you who opposed pioli being sacked. You defend him with all your might. Last season already out of target management finish outside top 4 and not getting CL spot. Pioli supposed sacked last season due to out of target . Nobody say this season success, i only write this season ACM have better midfield than last season also better depth and right winger . Semifinal CL ??? Dominated in midfield most games??? You mean inter dominated our midfield and beat us 2 times in semifinal ?? In serie A last season ACM midfield performance just like mediocre , dont forget right winger also dead ( junior + salad) , the tactic last season just pass the ball to theo or leao and let them carry the team atack from left side and if they absence their vice are mediocre like rebic compare with okafor this season or origi compare to jovic . I dont know want to watch ACM play anymore if rebic,origi,saladmaker starting together as LW,CF,RW.It is just like watching the atacker from banter era playing together

        2. @Reccaman
          Bro we conceded way more goals per game this season than last season, so yes there’s a hole in midfield. We lost Tonali, Benny was injured and we chased out Krunic then we were left with no defensively capable midfielder after that. Not saying Tonali was a genius defensive mid but he certainly was better at it than the current crop

  2. He will go to MLS.
    He was close to going there in January, but Nottingham Forest had injuries and decided to block his exit.

  3. Sincerely hope you’re right, Z.

    Cause the million-dollar question is: at this point, who will be willing to sign this zombie? I think it will be easier for us to sign Haaland, Mbappé or Julian Alvarez than to find someone stupid enough to inherit this turd…

  4. Besides that, I really think there is no need to stay here forever evaluating Maldini / Massara legacy. Obviously they were responsible for some fantastic signings, and also for many other blatant flops, in short, that is the life of a football manager. Let’s discuss the PRESENT / FUTURE.

  5. Milan can also pay half wages to send him play in smaller clubs..

    There is no need to panic about Origi, because year by year roster is cleaning by management

  6. Some want to say cheap owner lmao but no. We could have signed Pinamonti or someone on the cheap. But no… we end up with this useless bum. Thank you, Maldini! Where’s the heir?

  7. when Maldini asking for proper budget as BIG CLUB (it’s jery said) or players asking salary rise just like other big club players, the true fans (self-claimed) said it’s greed, betrayer, egoistic.
    when owner being cheap or didn’t keep their promise, the true fans call it’s being humble & generous.

    there will never be Milan vs Maldini,
    but if there is Maldini vs jery + his minions + his a5s lickers, i’m w/ Maldini 1000% cz i’m a normal Milanista just like him

    1. You’re out of your mind. This new management actually reinvested back into this team smartly. Maldini lost us 150 million euros with players who left on the free. I loved Maldini as a player but as an administrator… no thank you!

      1. They blew a hole in midfield and sacked the manager.

        If you like money games so much play monopoly.

  8. But… the salary cap…

    Oh come. Maldini didn’t make an effort to sell players. He knew that was a reality. We lost 150 million in lost transfer fees because of it.

    1. He takes orders. If the consensus is try to negotiate until the end of the deal to resign them, he did as he was told.

      You can see the mentality of our management with this summer’s moves. They let Thuram walk and did offer him a better contract when they knew Inter made a better proposal . They expected him to agree to our deal. The same person calling that shot was overseeing Maldini and throwing sticks in his wheels. The same person who offered Taremi 1.8 million for 3 years at the breaking hours of the transfer window and didn’t know which agent to negotiate with to get an official deal signed.

      This upper management is out of their depth.

  9. they did not offer Thuram* This management has no problem loosing out on players to stick to strict parameters no matter how bad the potential outcome may be.

  10. If a player wants to run down their contract then they’ll run down their contract and there’s nothing a club can do about it. It has nothing to do with a salary cap. Did a salary cap prevent Mbappe, Gundogan and Rudiger leaving for nothing? No, it didn’t. Get a clue and stop parroting nonsense that exposes you. The only blame on the previous regime is not cashing in on the players with expiring contracts sooner. The new regime didn’t make that mistake with Tonali and will hopefully cash in on Theo and Mike if they don’t resign.

    1. Why should a club like Milan be pandering to greedy players and agents and ‘cashing in’ on players?

      Maldini stood up to players and agents, and delivered a Scudetto.

      The current mob completely unnecessarily sold our midfield talisman and future captain, and replaced him with three box to box midfielders (from mid table clubs in other leagues) and we ended up playing Adli…

      We also ended up in a worse position financially.

      Again if you like money games so much play Monopoly.

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