CM: Pioli ‘lost the same match twice’ in Monza after ‘absurd’ rotations

By Oliver Fisher -

Stefano Pioli has been criticised for somehow managing to ‘lose the same match twice’ as AC Milan were beaten 4-2 by Monza last night at the U-Power Stadium. analyse the game and state that the starting line-up Pioli chose was ‘absurd’ because evidently the lessons of last season were of no use, nor did the recent example of Simone Inzaghi give him enlightenment about starting strong and then making changes.

Instead, Pioli ‘prefers to start uphill with the reserves and then waste the rest of the starters’ as per the assessment, working twice as hard to get a draw or in this case nothing.

The mass rotation was one thing, but then the excuses after the game did not add up, for example if Rafael Leao really had calf problems then sending him onto the field in the second half was an inexplicable gamble.

Equally serious was the message that president Paolo Scaroni broadcast live on DAZN in which he stated that Milan are vying for a Champions League spot and not the Scudetto, therefore an objective almost achieved.

The real Milan, with 10 men, came back from two goals down against Monza, after ‘Milan B’ had given their hosts a head start and only shot once on goal. Malick Thiaw made mistakes yes, but the players in front of him must also be questioned.

Milan still have plenty of time to overtake Juventus and finish second. However, the Rossoneri are out of Champions League and have not qualified for the Club World Cup, they will not win the Scudetto and they might miss out on the next Supercoppa in Riyadh.

However, Gerry Cardinale and Scaroni have just reiterated their satisfaction with Pioli’s results. they are happy, but Atalanta arrive at San Siro on Sunday and losing to them for the third time this season wouldn’t be a great sign.


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  1. “Gerry Cardinale and Scaroni have just reiterated their satisfaction with Pioli’s results. they are happy.” – That should be indicator enough of clubs quality and ambition. We rea light where we belong, winning nothing and being champions of mediocrity.

    As long as we have owners like this, this club will never amount to anything. Not because they cant, but because it is not necessary.

  2. He really wants to show that we have depth when in fact we don’t. Just like he said that we have 20 something starters which was never true.

  3. This article is harsh to the point of being absurd. Oliver must be one of Conte’s many friends in the media. If he had started Pulisic, Giroud and Leao and one of them got injured, he and everyone else would be blaming Pioli for never rotating. People had been calling for Jovic to get a start and Giroud who is 37 just played the full 90 3 days ago.
    Pulisic has been playing every single game and has history of injuries and has been looking like he needed a rest.
    Leao had picked up a knock at the end of last game, and Kjaer was questionable most of the week with muscle fatigue.
    The rotations could all be justified, and the fact is Milan were in total control of this game until Thiaw lost his mind. And then Jovic put the nail in the coffin. These are professional grown men. Are the players ever to blame for anything???

      1. That’s because you are a child who worships these overpaid babies and thinks it’s ok for them to play like reckless children even tho they are getting paid millions to be professionals. It’s totally on the coach when a players slaps another player and get’s thrown out of a game, right? Or when Thiaw decides to indiscriminately start fouling anyone in sight? PLease. You’re probably the same one complaining that Jovic should start and Giroud and Pulisic need a rest. Grow up.

  4. Klopp/ Michel please.. to have world class Manager (Klopp) is same important as world class player, spend more money (salary) on it can be wise move

  5. The team definitely has depth but Pioli lacks the tactical capability to utilise it. As the article pointed out and I have stated this last year and yesterday in a reply to another post on, that you start strong and don’t rotate as he did.

    He rotated last season and lost games and we are in the same situation. As what on paper should have been a three points gained to climb the table above Juventus, turned out to be three point lost and a terrible performance.

    Even if inter is to lose three games we will still be 12 points away as Pioli can’t manage a squad properly and benefit from rotation.

  6. CHUKWUEZE.. our WORLD BEATER on the right hand side.. HAHAHAHAHA
    This guy conned his way into the Milan team. I have never been so disappointed in a player before. This guy should be sent to the trash bin.

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