CM: What filters on a potential renewal for Pioli and the Conte links

By Euan Burns -

Stefano Pioli’s chances of coaching AC Milan next season are only growing and a move for Antonio Conte to replace him looks less and less likely. 

As reported by, Pioli has revived Milan’s season with a wonderful start to 2024 that has seen the Rossoneri win 14 of 19 games across Serie A, the Europa League and the Coppa Italia.

Two months ago, it looked increasingly likely that Pioli would depart at the end of the season with various coaches being linked with his job amid underwhelming form.

The fact that the slight upturn early in the year has now become the norm for the Rossoneri means that he is in a position of strength.

There are no talks underway to extend his contract, which runs out in 2025, but he certainly does not seem set for a dismissal at the end of this season.

An analysis is expected to be made involving Gerry Cardinale, Giorgio Furlani, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Geoffrey Moncada and Antonio D’Ottavio at the end of the season to decide what the next steps are for the coach.

In the meantime, Conte’s chances of getting a job offer are falling given he would likely not show any interest in the project planning.

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    1. If Milan get a positive result in the derby and go far in the Europa League then it’s likely that Pioli will stay and that would be the right decision.

      Milan will need to address the gaps in the squad come this summer as well as the injury concerns.

      If we do that well then we have a good chance of closing the gap with Inter.

      Motta is a gamble and there is no guarantee that he will have the same success at a big club where winning is the requirement.

      If Milan need to upgrade on Pioli then it’s best to wait until next summer when Pep Guardiola or Klopp becomes available since Guardiola contract will expire next season and Klopp will take a year off.

      We cannot take risks with hiring a coach to replace Pioli who hasn’t won anything. I trust this management team with Ibra to make the best decision to move Milan forward. Let’s be patient and see how it plays out.

        1. I don’t put much weight into the idea that pep can come in, but Klopp is a possibility. He has a propensity for not thinking about getting a huge budget to win titles. He is also more capable of using all the players currently at Milan than Pep. I think there is a good chance to get Klopp. But it all depends on the budget and how well this team and management can do in winning titles until the day a new coach is scouted.

      1. Mate, there was no guarantee for Pep that he would succeed at Barca in 2008 either…

        You don’t hire coached by guarantees, and the ones who went for guarantees (look at Mourinho recent jobs) paid the price

        You simply look at the football the coach players, if he overachieves, and that potential at a bigger stages

        It is simply CRIMINAL to miss out on Motta for Pioli

        1. Criminal huh? Because you are somehow convinced he’d do a better job at a bigger club with brighter lights?

          Dramatic much?

          You don’t know Motta’s tactical ceiling. He’s a gamble, no matter how big of a hard-on you have for him.

          1. He is a gamble with the highest return possibility of the targets available

            and given what we have as alternative (pioli to continue) he is a gamble with not even high risk.
            Keeping pioli will prove far more costly

        2. We can add Sacchi and Capello to the “what has he won?” before they came to us category. Carlo too, for the most part. Zaccheroni’s greatest achievement was 3rd place with Udinese before coming to us and winning a title. Allegri was at Cagliari and never even qualified for Europe. People will ignore all of this if the name isn’t Guardiola, Klopp or Conte.

        3. I can’t reply to your most recent post…

          Your take on keeping Pioli proving costly is speculation based on…. nothing mostly. While I would counter that the progress made this season is a good reason to keep him with a lack of vetter options available.

          Of course EL progress will shed more light on faith in Pioli, but so far, battling the injuries and integrating new signings, with the players STILL behind him, he has done a fantastic job.

          Based on his interviews, Motta is likely staying at Bologna, but if he does move, he would be a massive gamble for Milan.

    2. yeah Juve getting Motta with 2 years of Serie A experience means they are now winning treble next season, how will anyone stop them?

        1. So you’re suggesting if pioli was coaching all those clubs instead of Conte he’d won the same amount of titles?

      1. Different squads available. And also, Conte’s Spurs was 2x the team Pioli’s Milan was yet Milan progressed without losing either of the two matches a year ago.

        1. people keep talking about those 2 matches.. Like that is the only thing that matters and is 100% merit of the two coaches.. Like, we won by 1 goal. it was nothing to write home about.

          Pioli didnt outplay Conte, Pioli didnt outsmart Conte, we won simply because we managed to score one goal.

    1. I agree with you on that front. If our options is Pioli or Motta or Conte than rathwr stick with Pioli. Altough Pioli is not the right person going forward he is the best we can do for now.

  1. PPL in this site keep living in delusional with pep & klopp coming to ACM . Look at their salary in EPL club now . It is 4 times bigger than pioli salary , you cannot just offer pep & klopp with 4-5m euro nett / season . Even if pioli out , his replacement will be coach under 7m euro nett salary like motta,sarri,de zerbi, lopetegui,vicenzo italiano . Conte ? Coach that only stay for short term 1-2 years in one club ,thats not what management want . Conte record in CL often knocked out in group stage , the best in his career only get to round 16 CL , it is hard for Conte to get job as coach now too due to his high demand

  2. I think as of now, that this conversation is moot. 90% likely Pioli is on the bench for AT LEAST his last contract year. We’re going to finish second and we will probably make at least the semis of the EL. Might as well shelve the topic until the summer, when the discussion will be whether to extend Pioli or wait until January, and then if it’s the latter it will depend on the first half of season 2024-25.

  3. Motta Pioli Conte in that order. Not favoring Pioli to Conte because of the current good run, don’t care much about these little improvements after knowing enough of the guy already, have never really fancied Contes brutal ways and won’t enjoy his trophies, I will Motta’s. Pioli will try but won’t win. Tho he’s currently doing well

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