CM: Pulisic decisive again for Milan and heading for a career-best season

By Oliver Fisher -

Christian Pulisic got the only goal of the game in the 1-0 win against Empoli this afternoon, continuing his trend of being decisive for AC Milan.

As write, the rule is simple: Pulisic scores, Milan win. The equation has been repeated eight times this Serie A season after the Rossoneri’s victory against Empoli obtained thanks to the American’s instinctive finish.

Pulisic is very important for Pioli because he scores goals, he created, he works a lot for the team, he always has a proactive attitude and he is using the opportunity he has at Milan to relaunch himself after encountering difficulties in Chelsea.

Stefano Pioli made his thoughts clear after the game: “Pulisic has never played so much in the last 7-8 years. We are managing him well: he is a very intelligent player and very important for us.”

The role of the coaching staff and the trust of the management helps, as well as the attitude of the player who has immersed himself at his new club with great willingness and humility.

It is no coincidence that the current 2023-24 season is heading for his best ever in terms of numbers, with eight goals and six assists in the league, plus one goal in the Champions League and one in the Europa League.

Rafael Leão certainly has more talent, but it feels like no one in the Milan squad is as essential as Pulisic. In the meantime, the gap to Samuel Chukwueze grows as he came on and failed to make his mark.


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  1. Regardless if he scores or assists Pulisic has become one of the few players we simply need on the field. Moving without the ball, tracking back he’s asking questions and creating space. People keep harping on his lack of 1v1 impact. Has the game become such that burning speed and 1v1 is the only thing that matters for a winger? Ultimately, what matters is a player bringing value every game and one way or another Pulisic is doing that for us. Forza Milan.

    1. I concur, and folks seem to forget
      1) that Pulisic is playing on the “wrong” side without complaint.
      2) his primary strength is in combination with other players, and the rest of the Milan side beyond Giroud aren’t very good at combination passes (no help from Calabria/Florenzi or RLC in this area).
      3) Pulisic is actually quite good at creating space for a shot or pass from a standstill, but isn’t elite at running past his man on the touchline.
      4) He’s most effective closer to goal, but has been playing further back to reduce Leao’s defensive workload since the new year.

      End rant

      1. Agree 100%. He’s playing in his THIRD best position and still producing like this and everything else you said is right on. They have been trying to get him in the box but that often happens when a cross is coming in, not in build up play. This is a similar thing we did with Diaz, his best play came inside the box and he was always either pushed outside (early on) or coming into the midfield as the 10. If we can get a game or two ahead of Juve, we really need to try Chuck RW and puli at CAM, I think it would be good for both of them.

  2. I just remember how Maldoni got Fired for arguing about signing Pulisic (and RLC).

    I remember CP11 carrying Milan all preseason, and then everygame the start of the season.

    I remember Pioli Benching CP11 during the first CL game against Newcastle after carrying the team.

    1. I assume you meant Maldini was thinking of signing Puli and RLC. Yea it got lost in all the drama by the ‘new management is the best thing since slice bread’ crowd and is quite ironic when you really think about it. But as additions rather than in place of. The ones that they really signed that were “new” were Chuk and Romero. I recall also that they almost sold Leao for 100m and Pulisic from Chelsea.

        1. You clearly dont know what you are talking about asdf because milan had been trying to sign pulisic and rlc for two previous seasons but chelsea had been demanding around 40 mil for pulisic the first and the 30 the next and they didnt want to sell rlc at first and then demand 25-30 the next time. Maldini even implied in an interview after he left that those players was obvious moves.
          Chukwueze had been mentioned as a transfer object already in january february 2023 so stop making up bs.

        2. Bro you are so off pace. Maldini originally wanted RLC for the double pivot with Benny and Tonali. And then Puli to fix the wings smh 🤦‍♂️
          Maldini got fired because Gerry doesn’t like him. It’s pretty plain to see that

  3. If you are having a career year, its not your 3rd best option. Pioli deserves flack, but also credit to Pulisic’ performances.

    1. Yeah in time maybe this will become his fav/preferred position.
      Plus I’ve always found it weird how some wingers can only play down one side. Especially two footed ones like Pulisic.

      I wasn’t excited by his signing felt he would be an injury-prone rotation player. However happy to be proved wrong, he’s definitely exceeded mine and probably everyone else’s expectations.

      The thing I like about him is his attitude. He fights, even though he’s slight of frame, he tries hard. Seems weird when your job is to play a wonderful sport at a high level that more players aren’t like this. I could forgive the likes of CDK or Chukwueze even poor performances if they showed half the desire that Pulisic does.

      Plus, side point, with american owners, marketing in USA ahead of WC2026 he will likely make back most of his wages/transfer fee on commercial deals.

  4. Some doubted why we invested in Pulisic. But I Think he’s showing his worth on the field. Now I would hope the same happens soon for Chukwueze.

    Pulisic has a great professional attitude, and produces class displays for this team.

  5. You can build a very decent team with Chelsea discards.
    Serie a is full of them.
    Crazy how much money they have to just keep trying new players!

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