CM: New talks expected soon as Reijnders skips another AZ Alkmaar friendly

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan remain in talks with AZ Alkmaar over Tijjani Reijnders while evaluating the right strategy to take, according to a report. notes the absence of Reijnders in AZ Alkmaar’s friendly win against Standard Liège today, with the midfielder not taking part in any of the three thirty-minute thirds.

Milos Kerkez played despite the rumours he is leaving, but Reijnders was entirely left out again just as he was against Shakhtar Donetsk recently, a detail that fuels the Rossoneri’s hopes of unlocking the deal.

The Dutch club rejected the first offer of €16m plus €3m bonuses and insist on their valuation of €25m. Giorgio Furlani and Geoffrey Moncada are studying the new proposal to present to finally get past the resistance.

The objective is to sign Reijnders before leaving for the tour in the United States on July 21. One of the ideas is to raise the fixed part to €20m, while simultaneously lowering the bonuses.

Reijnders, for his part, already has an agreement with the Diavolo over a five-year contract worth €1.7m net per season. News is awaits, and contacts with the intermediaries of the operation are also expected in the next few hours.

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    1. I’ve only seen him play against Lazio though I was paying more attention to Kerkez, and he was very good, but not counting a few youtube compilations, that is all i’ve seen, so take that with a grain of salt.

    1. If a club is considering selling then they tend to leave the player out of friendlies. They don’t want him picking up an injury that would cost them €20-25m

    1. RLC is 16m+ bonus and we offered 20m + bonus for Reijnders. Your math is off, Pulisic is easily covered as well with some money remaining, probably enough to finance a big part, if not all, of Dominguez.

      1. RLC is 21mil in totall. But that’s not the point. RLC, Rein and Pulisic will cost around 60 something mill all in all. So basicly, more or less you did spend the money from Tonali which was 70mil. However is your team really better now ? You have 2 very injury prone players with high sallaries and one still unproven mid. All of them older then Tonali by the way, who is still a youngster and already one of the best in his postition. Not to mention a Milanista who always gave everything for the team. They could have get Rejndiers for 20 something mil, kept Tonali and signed Kamada for free. Much better team for far cheeper and without destroying the backbone of the club.

        1. 1) We could still get Kamada, if we don‘t go for him that is not because of RLC alone. He is not a priority for the management.
          2) Pulisic alone is a 70m player in form, it‘s not like there isn‘t potential for growth and 24yo with tons of CL expirience isn‘t old either.
          3) We lost Bakayoko, Vranckx, Diaz without any money – apart from freed wage budget- gained and that wasn‘t even good coverage. We do need some quality depth in attack and midfield.
          4) I am not saying that selling Tonali was a must but it was good business. Maybe selling CDK and and a row of lower value deadwood sales would have been enough to generate enough money for most of the necessary transfers, but in practice that is quite unlikely, especially since we cannot do most transfers last minute.

      2. your math is off my guy. tonali 70m, profit is what we paid for him+what brescia gets on the resale. so we profited paid brescia 20m to get him and they have a 15% clause i believe, some say 10 some 20 but i think it’s 15 so that’s roughly 11m. so take 31m away from 70 and you have 49m. reiinjders 20-25, and loftus close to 20. plus loftus makes more salary than tonali did which you aren’t accounting for. either way the math is pretty close and we’re left with those 2 players and a few mil left over.

        1. Tonali was pretty far written off and his wage was not really much lower gross as he has no benefit of the growth decree. Wage bill is probably secondary to liquidity and plusvalenza though.

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