CM: A renewal and more responsibility – RedBird place full trust in Moncada

By Oliver Fisher -

As part of AC Milan’s managerial shake-up, Geoffrey Moncada is expected to sign a contract extension and get more responsibility, a report claims. write how Moncada’s career and his time at Milan has been based around studying, planning and obtaining results, and now an important turning point is expected to come for the chief scout.

In the next few days – before June 30 – the Frenchman is expected to sign a two-year contract with the club, given that the ownership RedBird Capital highly esteem him and place a lot of trust in his work.

It will be Moncada and the CEO Giorgio Furlani who are responsible for building next season’s squad, backed by a contract renewal which symbolises the trust of Gerry Cardinale and his team of collaborators.

Moncada has been at Milan since the summer of 2018 and has been credited with identifying players such as Ismael Bennacer, Pierre Kalulu, Malick Thiaw, Rafael Leao and others as being ideal candidates for the future core.

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    1. I don’t really care about “who did what”. The main thing is that Milan needs better players for next season.

      I don’t care who gets them either but I do care that the new players are players Pioli wants to have on the team and will let them play – and they make the team better unlike 90% of last summer’s purchases.

      The next 3 months might already tell whether Cardinale made a huge mistake or not.

      1. How is 90% come from? Aside of Thiaw:

        Origi? Pioli played him as intended, a backup for Giroud.

        CdK? He played a lot before World Cup but fade as Pioli fail to understand his best position.

        Adli? He is not last summer signing.

        Dest was emergency loan due to Florenzi’s injury. Normal that we see him rarely after Florenzi’s return.

        Vranckx was last ditch loan as it was thought that Bakayoko will leave (too bad he stay).

        Do we count Messias and Florenzi as last summer purchase? Messias is heavily used.

        1. Many people are too biased to think. Let’s do a probability. Suppose CdK didn’t flop, would there have been all this hollabaloo about the mercato being bad?

          Cardinale’s money only brought CdK & Thiaw. Should Florenzi & Messias have not been redeemed? How much was left to purchase Ziyech for RW?

          Also, almost everyone arrived late because the funds was inadequate. Dest & Vrancx were even on loan – along with Diaz who had been around two years earlier.

          You can’t just clear out half the team. How did that play out when the Chinese bought several players?

          But let’s wait and see the magic that Cardinale wants to perform. To me, he’s just a business man who doesn’t give a ratass about Milan. He will sell the players for profit.

        2. “How is 90% come from?”

          Wow. You clearly missed the point here. Thiaw was the only one even remotely fitting the expectations. None of other players who arrived last summer managed to help out the team. At all.

          “Origi? Pioli played him as intended, a backup for Giroud.”

          LOL. So 2 goals from the 2nd striker is “well invested”? You can count on a f*ng primavera striker to score more goals with the same playing time as Origi had. And with a fraction of the price (salary).

          1. 90% is 9 out of 10. We don’t even sign 10 players. How do you ended up with that number? You have not explained what I asked.

          2. “How do you ended up with that number? You”

            Out of the hat. Thought people weren’t so anal about the exact number and would understand the point but I guess I was just being way too naive. 😀 😀 😀

            It REEEEEEEEEEEEAAAALLY doesn’t change the point whether the actual percentage was 80 or 90.

            Sure, we didn’t sign 10 players but we did get more than 5 new players. CDK, Thiaw, Vranckx, Vasquez, Origi & Dest and you can count Pobega & Adli too as they returned from loan and were given for Pioli’s disposal.

    2. He probably will 2. Despite his poor first season any fool can see he is a talented player with a lot of room for growth.

      1. I strongly believe in the potentials of cdk and possibilities of delivery if more time and playing times can be given him.

  1. 90% its from Theo to bayern to replace his big brother, maignan to chelsea who already have big money from kante and maybe tomori to United. This is american day dream bro with more cheese burger and free refill soda. Hehehe

  2. Theo and Maignan won’t leave. At least not this summer. Tomori? Still raw, if United come and pay more than £50m I think I’ll sell him.

    And Kante leave Chelsea on free transfer (out of contracts), and they still need to sell players.

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