CM: Roma defender denounces a month of salary to push through €5.5m Milan move

By Oliver Fisher -

Alessandro Florenzi is on the verge of being officially announced as an AC Milan player as an agreement with Roma has been struck, a report claims.

According to, Florenzi and Milan are getting closer to uniting as a deal with Roma has virtually been closed for a few days already. A stalemate had been reached due to a difference in valuation of around €500k, but the will of the player has helped to push the deal through.

Florenzi has in fact renounced a month of salary in order to join Milan immediately and make himself available immediately. The Rossoneri have agreed a deal with Roma on a paid loan (€1m) with an option to buy set at €4.5m.

The last obstacle seems to have been overcome, so now we are simply waiting for the player to make the journey north to undergo his medical before it is made official.

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  1. Respect for Florenzi but next year AC Milan will be again on sale on, they told us we would have been “protagonisti” but it was just a lie.
    They will embarrasse us all over Italy, I don’t even wanna watch the Champions.

  2. You guys are ridiculous- we ended up second last season, the best season in 8 years! Show some respect!

    Or follow Hakan to Inter

    1. Yeah true talk….we can see what’s happening to Barça and Inter every one wants to cut down costs in any way these days….Athletico no have world class but won laliga over Barça and real Madrid…we spent least among the top five and finish runners up so are you guys skeptical this time around. We are currently doing good and the hope is for us to keep the pace even we can’t guarantee a trophy but good finish with less spending will us good FOR NOW…..

  3. I really wish some of you fans should ask yourself this question. “How much do I contribute to this club financially, to help them fund these signings”.

    If it’s $0, please don’t demand the club to spend $500k or $millions to make YOU happy.

    It’s like living in someones nice house for free, yet demand them to spend extra $$$ on upgrades to make you happy.

    I think you’re forgetting where we finished last year compared to the previous years. Do you want our club to be like Parma, and get relegated to Seria B or C because we’re bankrupt?.. potentially what could happen if we spend more money than we should while we’re in debt? just to satisfy a bunch of “fans” who seem happy to spend money on players, and not worry about where the money comes from?

    What I think is happening though, if you don’t show a desire to play for Milan, we’re not interested. Giroud, Tonali, Diaz, Tamori, had desires to join the club, hence these deals went through as they were also affordable. Jorge just wanted to move overseas and couldn’t care less who he joined since he flipped flopped over to Juve.. we don’t want another Hakan, or a Donna

    1. I agree with everything you say but the problem is that people either live in fantasy land or cant comprehend or just doesnt give a damn about the clubs financial stability as they just want instant gratification regardless of the costs or repercussions for the club. Like small kids demanding their parrents to give them a new toy and if they doesnt get it they’ll throw a tantrum.

  4. I am as frustrated as any but you all must understand that as long as we are owned by a hedge fund, the goal will be to remain profitable or at least break even. Elliot has no desire to add large signings that push us into the red, even if long term it will pay off. They only think of the short term, where they have an obligation to their investors to flip our beloved club for a profit. So, it is Elliot that is to blame, here.

    1. And on the other hand… Who could blame them (except the fans obviously)? They’re here to make money and that’s it. The best thing would be to find a passionate new owner but where to find one?

  5. We made him pay 500k on behalf of the club???? What a fkn embarrassment. How many good players will want to come to Milan when we haggle over 500k and make the player pay it on behalf of the club?? WTF is going on. Wow.

  6. Thank you Milansti! Finally coming over to the Dark Side lol. These Elliot clowns are here to plunder under the legendary name of Milan, not to build upon it. This is actually the same model Singer has used throughout his career with every company he has ever invested in. It’s truly disgusting but all we can do at this point is hope one of the Sheiks had a positive Milan experience as a child and wants to purchase is up sooner rather than later.

    1. You do realize that if ac milan is sold to an oil sheik or an oligark it doesnt mean that they can spend as you or they please as they need to comply with the same ffp rules as elliot management has to do. This current leadership has atleast gotten us a 2nd place and that with the youngest top 5 team in 2020 so stop spreading misinformation whether its purposely done or not.

  7. Florenzi show great desire for move and play in Milan with this. Before this he refuse all offer from the other club. In fact Milan spent 61 milion to buy Maignan, Tomori, Tonali, Toure, Giroud and Florenzi, this smart strategy to avoid mistake from Barcelona and Inter

  8. do you guys think before u comment….talking about big signing can someone tell me what happened to inter after big spending won scudetto and sell their best player for fund can u tell me why Juve never won champions league after CR7 multi million project….Atalanta has been consistent with top 4 perfomance without big name player..stop complaining guys if Pioli can utilize what he have very well Milan will qualify for champions league next season and win scudetto…

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