CM: Roma’s statement confirms FFP is still alive – what it could mean for Milan, Juve and Inter

By Oliver Fisher -

Financial Fair Play is not dead and UEFA could very soon begin to impose sanctions on some of the Italian clubs whose accounts continue to suffer. report that a meeting today will confirm Roma have received a capital injection of €460m from their owner Friedkin after a record loss of €185m in the most recent accounts. There was a footnote attached to the statement the Giallorossi put out regarding Financial Fair Play which could interest Milan, Juventus and Inter.

In the press release, Roma announced that: “On the basis of the final figures as at 30 June 2021, a deviation from the UEFA break-even requirements for the reporting period of 4 years has been recorded. Therefore, the Club may be subject to the sending of more economic-financial information and, subsequently, the Club Financial Control Body (CFCB), in charge of the control, may request any contradictory clarifications for the appropriate assessments.”

Essentially their statement confirms that – despite the transfer of ownership and the possibility of a Settlement Agreement – Roma are aware that sanctions could soon arrive for their poor accounts.

The Covid justification will soon expire given fans are now back in the stadium which brings revenue from the box office, sponsorships and so on. Juventus could be under the magnifying glass of UEFA after huge €200m losses, for example.

Milan negotiated their exclusion from European competition for a season in the Settlement Agreement they signed two years ago and may soon have to report to UEFA, but they have the excellent work of Elliott Management to back them up.

The hope is that UEFA will look at the way the American fund have helped to cut the losses from nearly €200m to less than half over the past year and show recognition, but the issue of raising revenues to allow greater expenditure on the transfer market remains.

Inter, on the other hand, have a bleak financial situation but have been able to generate funds through player sales.

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  1. Inter might have sold a couple of players expenssively but to my knowledge they still need to settle depts of around 350 mil euros in the next two and a half years so regardless of their 2021 summer income their financial situation is beyond bad and propbaly will have to sell more of their best players in the next many transfer windows.
    Milan on the other hand is the only winner here, we are doing great on the field as our players keeps performing while at fairly low salaries but with an increase in value of the players whereas a club like juventus keeps underperforming while having huge salaries but with players plummeting in value.. Good times to be a milan fan.

  2. UEFA is so corrupt. I wish ESL had happened. How exactly Does PSG follow FFP? Or Man City for that matter..this FFP thing is simply out to stop Italian clubs only. I have not heard UEFA do FFP sanctions on any other countries..we need to band together as Italian clubs and take UEFA to court

    1. Because they’re in the final 4 of the champions league every year dumbass. Plus the EPL tv deal is 3 billion compared to the ~900m for Serie A. Then because of those high profile competitions those clubs get huge sponsorship deals. How much do you think Emirates has been paying us for the last 8 years we’ve been finishing mid-table? Then there are the ticket and concession sales from new modern stadiums. And then there is all the merchandise from having 11 world class players. 40 year old Ibrahimovic can’t sell all those shirts, shoes, coffee mugs, bags, etc., by himself.

      1. Chill man, no need to name call. Man City and PSG are at the top but there is no way they got there without violating FFP. I remember when Man City was more pathetic than Everton then all the sudden they have the money to finance huge moves year after year without any sales. For PSG League 1’s tv deal is a huge failure there’s no way the CL revenue makes up for that. FFP means the rich get richer while UEFA gobbles the scraps and fucks the rest of Europe. UEFA need to get out of club football.

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