CM: ‘Scaroni leads pro-Pioli party’ – what filters on his future and the possible replacements

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan president Paolo Scaroni once again vocalised his support for the idea of Stefano Pioli remaining at the club beyond the end of the season, but his future as head coach has not been decided.

There are still plenty of important games left between now and the end of the season, but a lot of the stories surrounding Milan relate to the future beyond the current campaign.

Scaroni gave some updates on the investigation into the club by the authorities before the game against Fiorentina, and he also spoke once again about the future of Pioli.

“I have always said that Pioli is staying, because I like coaches who win and, since we are doing well, I like Pioli. Apart from the fact that he is a fantastic person, we are all fond of him and he is fond of us.”

As recall, that interview came before an impressive win against Fiorentina which certainly will not have done any harm to Pioli’s chances of remaining at the club.

With 13 wins in the last 18 rounds in Serie A, plus the quarter-finals in the Europa League secured without struggling too much, Milan have solidified second place and there is a good feeling around the group.

The relationships Pioli has with Geoffrey Moncada, Antonio D’Ottavio and Zlatan Ibrahimovic have always been excellent from both a professional and human point of view with no signs of cracks.

Is his stay certain? Not yet. Pioli knows that the management are evaluating everything 360 degrees and will continue to do so, just as he is aware that there have been talks with other coaches.

The issue today is much more open than in the Christmas break when his position was really in the balance. Antonio Conte and Thiago. Motta are two profoundly different profiles but they are liked, in the event of a change it is likely that one of the two will be chosen.

The final word will be Gerry Cardinale’s at the end of the season. The RedBird number one will listen to the entire management team, he wants to see clearly about the injury problem and then he will make a decision as happened ten months ago with Massara and Maldini.


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  1. One big advantage of Pioli staying is that surely those people coming on here moaning about him all the time won’t be able to take any more and will go and become spectators of another team, sport or other non-compulsory activity…..

    1. Not really, imo the divide between us fans will be even bigger and this blog will become even more toxic.

      I personally would like for Pioli to stay. It’s been a rollercoaster year with new management taking drastic measures and revamping the squad. And in between all the sh!tstorm with overhaul and injuries he’s doing quite well result-wise. Not to mention the most important aspect – giving this team some stability. Another big change could well bring in more chaos.


      1. Well I question how much some of them are fans.

        Inter fans possibly.

        Otherwise just random spectators who hate the manager, hate former players, and are constantly calling for existing players to be sold, just so they can play fantasy football.

        So toxic alright.

  2. Scaroni sounds like Galliani. Instead of quickly fixing an issue they’d be dragging on it for as long as it’s acceptable. But Milan should be looking for more. The growth process under Pioli is too inconsistent and therefore slow for our trust.

  3. Upgrade in our coaching department is needed at this point. Pioli has those bad bad patches during seasons that we even have hard time winning against bottom clubs. Lots of injuries as well. Like spalletti said, you don’t know which side of milan you will get. That falls on pioli. However, conte is not an upgrade. If a better coach is not found than he stays in my opinon.

  4. I’ll say it again.

    Without a clear available upgrade to Pioli, continuity will be very important at Milan this summer especially in the light of all new arrivals last summer that are starting to play well together.

    I wouldn’t gamble on the names of coaches mentioned in fear of disruption of what has been achieved so far.

    i hope management feels the same.

  5. i think ruben amorim is good choice for milan because he is very young and good prospect with milan finance condition

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