CM: ‘Season thrown away due to injuries’ – key issue unfixed as Pioli’s excuses dry up

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan recorded a comfortable 3-0 victory against Monza at San Siro, but there continues to be fall-out after the game regarding the injury situation. have published a piece headlined: ‘Pioli’s apologies, Milan’s mistakes: a season thrown away due to injuries’. While Milan got a win and a clean sheet with three goals scored, there is still a bitter feeling.

The Rossoneri could and should have easily still been in the running for the Scudetto and the Champions League round of 16 but instead both have vanished. With a fully operational squad the ambitions could have been higher.

Yesterday, two players were forced off: Tommaso Pobega after 20 minutes, Noah Okafor instead lasted 10 minutes after coming off the bench. It was said that the club would use the previous international break to get to the bottom of the injury problem: the feeling is that not much was achieved.

It’s It is clear that intervening and changing things during the current season is very complicated, but we are not talking about a new problem that has suddenly emerged. It’s an atavistic problem, since Pioli has been there, while the previous management and the new one ignored how serious this issue was.

With different strategies, more in-depth studies and greater determination on everyone’s part in wanting to solve this problem, today we might be talking about a different season.

When Pioli claims that the players play too much he is not wrong, yet other top clubs also play this many games and nobody seems to have the same amount of injury problems as the Rossoneri do.


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  1. Some dude told me i should support Pioli because he is the manager of ac Milan. He also said something about him winning a scudeto..but that is ancient history for me. Ac milan atm, and for the most of 2023 is not the ac milan i wanna watch

    1. Some dude told you you should support the manager of the football team you allegedly support?

      I’m sure the imaginary manager you have in your head would solve Milan’s injury problems tomorrow. It’s only been 10 years.

        1. What part of the last 4 years could be considered a “failure”?

          Back to back champions league qualifications after years in the wilderness?

          The Scudetto?

          The semi-finals of the champions league?

          Currently third in Serie A?

          Sack the manager of the third placed team?

          The problem with you is in your imagination you have this imaginary manager who plays this imaginary amazing football and we are in imaginary first place and champions of the world, and reality can never keep up with your fervent imagination.

          You like to think you’re ‘ambitious’ for the club but instead you’d turn the club into some Zamparini inspired nightmare – the last days of Berlusconi.

          This is why I invite people like you to support other teams. You’re toxic and an obstacle to success with your delusions of grandeur.

        2. And why should old merits count now? Sure, we won a few seasons ago but that doesn’t keep me warm at nights. And imagine if Inter wins the 20th scudetto now and we’ll be saying “but we won our 19th scudetto a few years ago”. Then look at the reaction on Inter-fans’ faces. Awesome. Let’s keep on living in the past.

          1. “and your imaginary world class managers arent gonna come here and win all 38 league games in a season you dolt”

            OK. Where did I actually said so? FFS, you are pathetic. But we all knew that before so nothing’s changed.

    2. Well why wouldn’t you support the team? Team includes the coach. Let’s not act like any other coach would do better given injuries etc. We’re still 3rd right? If Mou was here for instance would we really be better off? Sarri? Palladino himself? Its because we wouldn’t know it’s why people think we’d automatically be better off. Of course this argument also works in the opposite direction so let’s just support whoever is there right now. I don’t like Pobega for instance but once he’s on the field I’m supporting dude 1000%

      1. Team does not include the coach. Lets pretend there is another coach and there are no injuries and we’re second (y)
        And the second he is of the field you’ll chew his a$$ of for not playing to your satisfaction… Poor Pobega, he deserves better

  2. Once in season, the players physical training should be solely focused on recovery and injury prevention. Strength and conditioning drills should be done in the off season only. In season they should only play football and recover from playing football. Period. I

    1. No offense but did you ever play football in a club or attend training ? that is not how its done at any club and not even at amateur level.

      1. These are all overuse injuries. These injuries aren’t happening because the players aren’t training enough, they are over training. If you have to take part in a game Sunday, Wednesday and Saturday in a week, when would you actually suggest doing a weight room workout for optimal recover and performance?

        1. Any sessions in the gym would/should be focused on recovery and injury prevention. This doesn’t mean not doing any training, but doing training with that end in mind. The goal isn’t to progressively overload yourself to gain strength and muscle in season.

          1. Well that makes more sense but it all depends on the player because you want your your younger players to increase muscle mass whereas established players probably not so much as they are fully developed.

        2. Im not saying that there shouldn’t be any recovery but you do realize that clubs doesn’t schedule the same type of training day in and day out and also gives players a rest a day or two now and then and also has individual training schedules for each player involved with the team. Im not sure whether its how you wrote your comment but from what it seems it pretty much seems like you suggested pretty much no training in between matches and even amateur players do physical and weight training throughout the season even cooper-tests as well as they should.

  3. Well isn’t this all the more reason to stop faffing around on the transfer market?

    There is only so much time in the day. That is why we learn to prioritise. If your main problem is injuries then every waking minute needs to be spent on that not changing half the squad for no apparent reason.

    Injuries have been a problem for Milan for 10 years. The number of players who:

    – rarely suffered injuries before Milan;
    – joined Milan and suffered injuries;
    – left Milan and stopped getting injured,

    is extremely concerning.

    El Shaaraway and Bonaventura, are just some examples of players who followed this pattern.

    Then there are the players we broke like Conti and Caldara.

    If it happens once or twice it’s the player. If it happens to multiple players it’s the club.

    A person here pointed to the problems that started with Pato a decade ago. It’s been going on for that long.

    We cannot hope to compete at the top level with this many injuries. It has to be the number one priority over adding players 32, 33 and 34 to the squad in January.

    1. Even though I agree that our injury woes pretty much has been going on for at least ten year they have gone haywire in recent years and in the over 30 years I’ve been an AC Milan fan I simply cant remember a season with as many injuries as this season.
      The increase of matches and intensity does play a huge part in it though as i see it.
      Conti and Caldaras injuries happened while either playing for us in a match or if i remember correctly in caldaras case in an international match and its pretty difficult to guard yourself against that happening as its out of our hands,

      Our injury issues started even before Jean-Pierre Meersseman stopped at the club but got considerably worse nevertheless.

      AC Milans squad is 28 players from what i can recollect and amongst them theres a few players that shouldnt expect to play so its actually lower than that so its not like we have a much bigger squad compared to other clubs but we have fielded several players that actually isn’t first team players like Camarda, Bartesaghi. Simic and a recently promoted traore, bought romero both players that shouldnt expect many minutes either so id argue that the first team squad pretty much consists of 23-25 players that fairly regularly can be expected to be called up..

      1. Yes, Martin is right as our Milan official website counted 28 first team players and that include Lapo Nava and Chaka Traore.

        Given our spate of injuries especially in defence, we should at least recall back Gabbia. In fact, it is our Mister himself who is asking for defensive reinforcement in January. So to answer Maldini’s Heir, our hope to compete in 3 competition for the rest of the season, is to at least have a serviceable squad. And how can we do that? By limiting more injuries (which does not look the case anytime soon), using our Primavera players (like what Juventus and Roma did, but our Mister seems passive about this) or going back to the transfer market. Otherwise, the thought of Tomori, Kjaer and Thiaw (when he comes back in February) lasting the remaining season as our only CBs sends shivers.

        As to why we have so many injuries, I looked at one interesting instance. We played Newcastle on 14th Dec in England and 3 days later, we were back in Italy to play Monza. On the other hand, Inter played Real Sociedad on 12th Dec in Italy and played Lazio 5 days later. This has happened to Milan not just once I think. And it is due to some broadcasting schedule I believe. Thus, such details could also be reasons why we have more injuries than others.

  4. I know it’s often pleasing to hear that players turn up to train on a day off, which does show great commitment to the cause.
    However, rest and recuperation is what let’s the body heal.
    They need to adapt to the current scheduling, that means rotation and rest!
    It also means planning ahead, for example in a week when you have Juve, PSG, Napoli. Make a plan. You wont win them all
    In such a week you are better playing some reserves in the 1st match, play your best 11 in the 2nd and then gage who is in best shape for the 3rd

  5. It isn’t the Milan lab that suddenly failed, it is the Milan wallet. We been buying surplus to requirement players and bargains for 15 years. Talented 0layers who can stay healthy and perform cost three times more than the club can pay.

    1. I have said this in my last post. This is the real problem. We have been buying average players and stretching them beyond their limit to perform and shoulder the enormous task of playing for Milan.

  6. Same reason why our team is so mentally fragile. And that’s one of the reasons Ibrahinmovic has been called upon. Truth is that only few of our current players are worth of Milan standard unless they improve by heaps and bounds.

  7. Maybe they shouldn’t be playing in winter! being cold makes it much harder to keep flexible and warmed up.

    lool at real madrid, tons of injuries too and also newcastle. everyone has them. means the squad is not deep enough

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