CM: Silence of ‘acceptance’ from Milan management as Pioli is left alone

By Isak Möller -

AC Milan registered their fourth league defeat of the season on Saturday evening, conceding three goals against Atalanta. The Rossoneri now find themselves nine points behind Inter, and yet the management has remained silent. 

Including the Champions League, Milan have lost six games already this season and the performances have simply not been good enough. The Rossoneri fans have grown tired especially of Stefano Pioli, who has delivered some tone-deaf quotes in recent weeks.

The problem, as highlights, is that the manager is the only one who has spoken about the crisis. Apart from perhaps Paolo Scaroni, the Milan management has remained silent, confirming the manager’s position indirectly via whispers to the media.

After over €120m spent in the summer, with a mercato financed mainly by the sale of Sandro Tonali, the management has been awfully silent about the future of this project and the current struggles. A silence, as the report continues, that smacks of acceptance.

Inter are nine points ahead in the standings and the Champions League adventure could end on Wednesday. In mid-December, this simply cannot be the case for a club like Milan, which in recent years was carried publicly by the face of Paolo Maldini.

Compared to Maldini, this management prefers silence, relying on the methods in place without making too much of a fuss. The question is if this can continue, with Pioli’s statements becoming more and more questionable.

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  1. Silence?

    They and YOU were making quite a lot of noise over the summer…

    Maldini was the silent one.

    But there’s still lots of noise. Lots of new signings being linked with us in January. Maybe 3-4 to add to the 10 this summer.

    Nothing to see here. Totally normal.

    1. “Silence?

      They and YOU were making quite a lot of noise over the summer…

      Maldini was the silent one.”

      Remeber all the bashings of Maldini from the media and Milan fanwebsites in the summer?

      Well, the naked truth is coming out……

  2. What’s wrong? Our season’s goal is to finish at least at 4th, the management said that. We’re still good.

    Most fans must understand that this management doesn’t care about trophies. To sum up, investment funds = business. Jerry is here until he can finally build his dreamed stadium, then sell the club for profits and then it becomes the problem of someone else. The club will continue selling top players so it remains sustainable, so Jerry has leverage when he sells. Moncada will continue to look for teenagers and minor leagues “gems” because it’s cheap.

  3. Pioli is over. Management probably see position in Serie A, and will not sack him now, due to will of qualifiying for champions league next year, and many injuries.

    This team next year needs coach who can win more matches in champions league, and who can keep consinstant form in Serie A.

    1. Sacking him thursday is more reasonable IMO.
      He has reached his limits and even the players don’t trust him anymore. Management says they want a fourth place ? But with him now, it might not be feasable.
      Also, as a coach, how would you continue your job knowing very well that you’ll lose your position next summer ?
      Might as well try a new coach as soon as possible. If he doesn’t do well, we can replace him in the summer, and if he happens to succeed, then good, we know what positions to work on during the summer.

      1. OK. You sack him Thursday and replace him with…. what? Hope and dreams? Santa Claus?

        CL exit is (sadly) what we need to make sure we are in it next year.

        1. And do you think it’s still feasable with Pioli ? It feels like we’re getting worse every month.
          There are some coaches who are currently available, are they the best alternative is another question

  4. Management is a joke !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These americans are clueless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wish they would sell to a better ownership. Pioli sucks assssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss. Whole thing is bad from top to bottom. Keep playing money ball and use Analytics that shit does not work!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. “After over €120m spent in the summer” I see were warming up to a number closer to the actual amount. Need to factor in those bonuses and it’s closer to 130m than 113m

  6. Self Explanatory here… SINK or SWIM, Stefano. He asked for players for a 4-3-3. They gave him players he asked for. Now Pioli can’t even pick a starting formation with the players he asked…

    Not sure what Furlani needs to come and say? “We have faith in Pioli”? That would be a lie, because his exit in the summer is likely sealed.

    “We pray and have our fingers crossed that AT LEAST we finish in the Top4”? That would be a defeatist PR nightmare for management.


  7. Pioli will be the scape goat this summer for a failed transfer campaign. He is an easy target and didn’t do himself any favors so a dismissal is warranted. BUT that shouldn’t let MANAGEMENT off the hook. They are the ones who bought the players; fired Maldini who had sway in the locker room and failed to replace him; and they entrusted Pioli with all the power despite his obvious limitations – something Furlani should have foresaw if he was actually a real football executive and not a banker.

    I have said over and over – we peaked with Pioli amd it’s time to move on to a coach that can take us to the next level tactically. The problem is who will that be? Usually such coaches are held in high esteem and will demand a lot of $$ for transfers to get the players they want. So thoughts of De Zerbi and Conte are fantasy. Maybe Motta or Tudor, Italiano, etc…those guys will only make 2-3M year so right in line with our money ball budget. Abate would be a mistake IMO and we would ruin what looks to be a promising start to his coaching career by putting unrealistic expectations for a rookie coach. He shouldn’t be be rushed because we are cheap. Let him develop as a coach in peace and let’s not ruin another potential future coach

  8. We will probably finish second. That’s good enough considering we actually generate a profit. I suspect we will get pretty far in the Europa league, if not win it.

    1. Go far in the Europa league? With pioli? Or without? Either way, I don’t think so. We are not playing good football to warrant going the distance.
      Just to stay within top 4 is the target I think. That is becoming increasingly problematic for pioli to achieve

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