CM: Strange climate surrounds Milan ahead of derby – Pioli a lonely figure

By Oliver Fisher -

The approach to the derby tonight between AC Milan and Inter has been ‘surreal’, a report claims, with very contrasting moods between the two clubs. report how excitement among Inter fans has reached fever pitch because they would win the Scudetto with a victory tonight, whereas for Milan a season that started with great expectations and which will end in complete anonymity.

One figure in particular, that of Stefano Pioli, is the only one metaphorically called to carry the cross as he is preparing to experience his last derby with the Rossoneri wrapped in an atmosphere never so dark and full of tension.

Even if no one has yet officially pronounced the farewell of Pioli, the management have come to the conclusion that the epilogue of the journey undertaken together in October 2019 will not continue into next season.

Nonetheless, the coach of the 2021-22 Scudeto win and last season’s Champions League semi-final – achieved after 16 years of waiting – perhaps did not imagine living his last weeks with the Rossoneri, and specifically the hours that precede the match against Inter, as a man abandoned to his fate.

Pioli has been in football for too long not to know how certain mechanisms work: as long as the results arrive it is easier to let any type of criticism slide, but when things start to turn it can become a very lonely place.

The lack of presence of the AC Milan management at Milanello in the last few days and even yesterday – 24 hours before a derby where the main mission is to fight for pride – is a melancholy portrait of the climate that surrounds the club.

Pioli was first betrayed by his players in the two matches against Roma which could have given a different meaning to the end of this season and is now called to face the public pillory of San Siro, knowing there is very little to gain but even more to lose.

The coach was asked about his future in the press conference yesterday and he was asked about his future. It was the last presser he will do before a derby that the entire Milan world are awaiting with frustration and resignation.

Tonight’s derby will be a strange one, where on the one hand we will see the arrival point of an era in full swing and on the other we will come to a sad conclusion. With unknowns, if possible even more worrying, about what comes next.

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  1. If Inter wins today and clinch the scudetto, do Pioli join them in the celebration?
    I mean, inter has never had so much success in games vs. Milan as they have had during Pioli’s time at Milan.
    During the banter era Milan played and got better results vs Inter than under Padre Peeoli.
    And it’s not like these Inter teams over the last 5 years were some great teams.
    If Milan losses tonight, he should be fired immediately and let Bonera coach the rest of the season, which will be a warm up for him for u23 team next season.

    1. We were terrible against inter in the banter era. I remember alot of terrible losses against dem. Though pioli doesn’t have a good record against inter.

    2. “I got into Serie A by watching and supporting Inter. It’s always been an ambition of mine, a dream. Now it’s come true. I was close to signing for Inter too as a player.”

      “Bologna-Inter was my first game as a kid, my family were all Inter fans and I grew up with songs dedicated to Beccalossi and Pasinato.”

      Pioli, Stefano (2017).

      1. Did he say that so Inter di Merda will sign him as a coach replacing Simone Inzaghi 😀 Please Inter sign Mr PioLOL so he can fulfill his ambition to be coach of his idol club 😀

    3. nah, people are so radical. Pioli losing tonight does not negate the progress made since he took over, nor does it negate the scudetto. Just like winning wont negate our dreadful european campaign or our stagnation for the past 2 seasons.
      He reached his ceiling; that’s it. Let him finish his cycle and let’s prepare for next season. Let’s finish the year gracefully; no point in firing him now to experiment with something.

      1. Milan under peeoli losing 5 games in a row vs Inter is a record., about to be 6.
        Did Milan lose 5 derbies in a row during the banter era, memory man?

  2. Not good from the menagment. Unprofessional at best. Before such a game the team, players need all the support they can get. Even baldy needs the support these last few games, despite the disagreements and failures ( baldy gotta go btw). Galliani, maldini have always been there in the training, especially before a big game, to inspire. Bad management regarding its conduct.

    1. The thing is we’re so used to have figures like Maldini. Making it normal to see a director so involved in the team. Someone who’s not just a pay check to pay check kind of director. Surely attending all the training sessions is not his main job desc to begin with. Director has less to none business when it comes to technical aspect of the team.

      It’s also understandable tho. Being watched by the likes of Maldini who’s a champion and the club living legend surely motivates the players in certain ways. But being watched by the likes of Furlani who maybe never plays any real football is just, well, weird. That’s where Ibra fills the hole. But as for now, it looks like he also needs to adapt with this new role more than anyone.

      1. Agree to that sentiment. That’s why ibra got hired at first place, a former player, a fighting spirit. However, ibra IS a paycheck to paycheck kind of a guy. His career speaks for itself, bouncing from club to club, with 0 loyalty. However, any presence from menagment is better than no presence at all. Players, coach might feel alone in these somewhat difficult times, and lots of criticism. Hell, bunga bunga guy used to go to training fields before a big match.

  3. Betrayed by the players?
    Ya’ll need to stop talking about football as if we still live in the 1950s. Grit is not everything. He’s been insisting on using the same tactic against all low-block defense teams, and over the last 5 seasons we paid a heavy price for it.
    There is no point in playing a classic number 9 against those teams, but he insists in Giroud.
    There is no point in playing a holding midfielder, but he insisted on playing players like Frank Kessie and Tijani Reijnders.
    The guy has a diverse set of skills at his disposal, but he’s tactically stiff. He overstayed his welcome.
    “Betrayed by the players”.. psshht

    1. “He’s been insisting on using the same tactic against all low-block defense teams”

      What tactic? “Pass the ball to Leao and pray” cannot be considered as a tactic.

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