CM: Tension arises with Brescia as Milan try to alter Tonali deal again – the situation

By Oliver Fisher -

Despite it seeming as though Sandro Tonali’s permanent move to Milan was imminent, the situation has complicated over the weekend.

According to, the Rossoneri management are in talks to revise the initial conditions of the agreement with the Rondinelle which was a €10m loan plus a €15m option to buy and €10m in bonuses, with 15% on future resale in Brescia’s favour. Technical evaluations have meant that Milan want to secure a discount on the operation, which could of course be €35m.

The negotiation seemed to have reached a turning point when the following was offered: €15m for the option to buy and the percentage on the future resale with no bonuses, and playmaker Giacomo Olzer included in the operation.

The position of Milan has changed and they have further revised their proposal to keep Tonali as they want to pay just €5-7m in cash and to add Olzer’s card to hit the €15m expected. These conditions are unacceptable for Brescia and have angered Cellino, who has countered by asking for Lorenzo Colombo as well as Olzer.

Milan do not currently want to lose Colombo on a permanent basis but they could send him on a two-year loan there and adjust the cash part upwards to get closer to Brescia’s requests. The parties continue to negotiate one day before the deadline on the option, although it is not excluded that the two clubs may decide to take a few more days to reach an agreement.

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  1. Wtf is this? I would be pissed off myself on Cellino’s place. Pay the full amount that was agreed during last transfer window or leave it.

  2. hahaha … the expected scenario of a stupid club management that will eventually lose Tonalia as well. Bravo ELIOT and Gazditis idiot

  3. Oh common,
    Speaking from a pure business perspective rather than a fan, I would have been very surprised with that proposal, it would’ve been a very bad deal.

    Giacomo Olzer could grow and worth even more than €5m.

    The Tonali operation costs €35m. Actually €25m + €10m bonuses
    * Milan already paid €10m during the loan
    * Milan only need to balance €15m of the actual 25
    * All we needed to do is to negotiate a discount for the €10m bonus, maybe €5m will be enough.

    I see no need in adding a promising talent to the deal, and even offering 15% on future sale, I mean it would have been a very bad deal. If we’re in this line of thought, then, we can decide to negotiate for €5m + either add Giacomo Olzer or add the 15% on resale, adding the two will be desperate negotiation.

  4. This is truly getting absurd, I think I’ve read 5 of the most recent “rumor” articles both here and other sites and I’ve gotten 5 different ways Elliot is trying to cheap out on the roster. It’s no surprise considering how much the fans have been carrying water for them the last year.

    These same fans of course believe Milan belongs in the same tier of greatness as the Madrid’s, Manchester’s, and Munich’s of the world. Yet their team FINALLY makes it back to the money league and they find it acceptable that Chelsea’s middle aged garbage is the BIG move management is making to sure up an attack that is PATHETICALLY devoid of talent. And sure DePaul would be a wondering signing, yet it seems the only way management can do it is by selling Leao or getting Udinese to take back JPH/Pobega. Not to mention going out of there way not to buy any players out right and instead negotiate seemingly down to the penny on purchase prices for the Firpo’s, Diaz’s and Dalot’s of the world. I mean come on! This is allegedly one of the Top 10-15 teams in the world who just made the UCL and yet they’re still doing business like a low end Europa club who is worried they may never see the Champs League again.

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