CM: Terracciano vanishes amid strong competition – Milan’s plan for his future

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan’s only new addition of the January transfer window was Filippo Terracciano from Hellas Verona, and he has barely been seen since his arrival. recall that head coach Stefano Pioli was asked about the right-back role during his pre-match press conference yesterday, and he gave an answer where Terracciano was left out.

“Calabria is doing well. Florenzi’s performances are important. I’m lucky in this choice because I’m sure that whoever plays will do well, and whoever doesn’t play will be ready to come on,” he said.

Considering the level that Florenzi is playing at couple with the fact that he is battling with the club captain, it is likely to be between those two for the rest of the season.

Then, in the summer, deeper reflections will be needed because the former Roma man is no longer young and has a contract expiring in 2025.

Milan moved in advance in the winter mercato by signing Terracciano from Verona for €5m plus bonuses. The Italian was the only investment made by the Rossoneri, but he was signed as a project for the future.

After the error that led to the penalty kick awarded to Bologna, Terracciano has not since played in the league, remaining as an unused substitute against Frosinone, Napoli, Monza and Atalanta. He instead played parts of both legs against Rennes in the Europa League.

Pioli at this stage is relying on his tried and tested players with a particular eye also on the settling-in period of Terracciano. Everyone knows that it would be absolutely wrong to write him off after just one mistake.

Geoffrey Moncada and Antonio D’Ottavio’s idea is that Terracciano could be a starter in the Milan of the future because he has interesting technical and athletic characteristics. The former Verona player was signed because of his potential and versatility, which will be worked on in the coming months.

If the answers are positive then Milan will allocate the budget for the next summer mercato to other positions on the pitch. On the other hand, if the right-back role still looks like a doubt, the situation could change.


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  1. Pioli has a bad habit of punishing players disproportionately for mistakes. It destroys their confidence. Terracciano was highly rated when Milan signed him – he hasn’t become useless overnight. Play him regularly, at least as a sub!

      1. Come on guys Pioli wants all his players to perform as good as possible but results is nevertheless by far the most important thing for the club and even the players knows that as they are professionals and knows the name of the game. You make him sound like some machiavellian evil genius trying to ruin our players confidence because they have a bad game.

        1. Results are first and foremost. One of Piolis limitations is that he only thinks about now and how to keep his job (results). In turn, he stunts player development unless he outs himself into an injury pickle like he normally does. At that point he’s throwing fairly untested players into the line up and hoping it works.

          It’d be nice if he had more foresight with payer development.

          1. Im not saying Pioli doesnt have any limitations but in my over 30 years as an ac milan fan i dont think that any coach has promoted as many young players as he has done so even though i like to see young players get fielded i dont think its as black and white as you seem to percieve it. When that is said i agree that a better foresight in regard of not overplaying some players would be beneficial for the entire team.

        1. No, he hasn’t lived up to his potential yet and certainly nowhere near world class atm. But that’s not what I’m trying to say here.

          I’m just pointing out (like MC Miker did), that sometimes it just take one mistake for these young players and you lost the confidence of the coach completely.

  2. I don’t know how young players will wanna come play for this team when this coach doesn’t know how to treat young players.

    1. Milan has one of the youngest teams in italy and has given a lot of young playerts debut in the time he has been at the club so if anything his actions speaks the opposite than what you are implying.

      1. I agree. Some young players like Thiaw have done well under Pioli. Pioli is not perfect and has his own mistakes, but IMHO Terraciano is not a player for Milan. He seems to be suitable for an average/mid-table Serie A team.

        1. Well thiaw has done good some of the time but he also had some horrendous blunders but im sure he can turn into something extraordinary but that will still take some time before he is fully developed.
          I havent written off Terraciano and could come handy due to his versatility but i doubt even he was expecting to play a lot this season and if he did it would be rather naive considering the competition.
          I dont think i’ve spoken with you before and even though you support inter i will commend you for always being polite and friendly on an ac milan forum from what i’ve at least seen. Some of the ac milan commenters here should take note of you 🙂

          1. Thiaw is far from a top defender but he has room to grow and without a decent DM to shield them, Milan’s CBs can’t be properly evaluated. Remove Rodri and Ruben Dias looks a bit different. Overall I think Thiaw has done well given he was little known just 2 years ago.

            Thank your for the polite words. Although I am an Inter fan, I like to watch and discuss other teams as well. Football knows no boundaries, and it has rivals instead of enemies. The “spice” that makes the game “delicious” is rivarly after all.

          2. Absolutely and it was definitely a shrewd aquisition.

            No worries you seem to be a friendly fella so why wouldnt i be that as well to you. Nobody is perfect 😀
            On a match day defeat i might be a bit more grumpy but as long as you doesnt mock milan im fine with speaking with you here 🙂

  3. Lol speaking of that… why is he here? Isn’t he supposed to be preparing for the scudetto parade or something? 🙄 plus his avatar is blue which causes me to have a heartburn 🤣.

    Kidding Inter Fan

    1. Thats a fair question but as long as he doesnt troll or mocks ac milan then i have no issues with him frequenting the site as he seem to friendly particpate in football discussions from what i can see.

  4. haha The Scudetto race has not ended yet. The history has shown that +12 can become -1 in the last few weeks. We better stay focused. lol

  5. Today when Lazio were 1 man down, Pioli should have replaced Florenzi with him instead of Calabria, he would have had the chance to attack and improve his condition, but alas Pioli is a visionless Coach..

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