CM: How Thiaw and Lacroix’s destinies could be entwined this summer

By Euan Burns -

The respective futures of AC Milan defender Malick Thiaw and Wolfsburg defender Maxence Lacroix could be entwined this summer thanks to sharing an agent. 

As reported by, Milan are in a position where they have easy access to Lacroix’s agent should they choose him to be the replacement for Simon Kjaer.

Simultaneously, Thiaw has the same agent as Lacroix and he is one of the Milan players with the most potential suitors coming into the summer transfer window, with the likes of Real Madrid and Bayern Munich having shown interest in him in the recent past.

It is believed that he could fetch a fee of €30m, which would represent a major capital gain on the total €8.8m that Milan have spent on him.

Were Milan to sell Thiaw after what has been a disappointing season for the German, albeit with a serious injury, it would boost the transfer pot and some of that could be used to bring Lacroix in from Wolfsburg.

Milan recently met with the agent in question, Gordon Stipic, to discuss both Thiaw and Lacroix. Lacroix is attracting interest from all over Europe so it would not be that straight forward to sign him, but a good relationship with Stipic would help.

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  1. If you have player that real or bayern would want, you don’t sell him! You develop him and make him your pillar…
    But what do i know

    1. I tend to agree with you. Just because Pioli abused our defence with high line/pressing and other stupidities doesn’t mean he’s a bad defender. I would deffo keep him and use him next season

      1. Thiaw is good. He has potential. I think what he really needs is another mentor. Like Bastoni has Acerbi. With Kjaer leaving we need an exp cb, a mentor

        1. What they all need is a defensive system that works and a midfield that helps in transition instead of being lost at sea… Thiaw is a good player.

  2. When Milan won the league they played with a high line and high pressure with Tomori and Kalulu in central defence. It was one of the best defenses, if not the best, in serie A that season

    1. High line and high pressure work wonders when the players are confident and the team is winning.. but you also need players who are comfortable in one on ones when the situation arises.

      Milan in the last two years have not been comfortable and because cbs are forced to play high they end up looking poor. And ofc that further impacts their performance.

  3. Who that crazy or stupid club want to buy thiaw 30m euro . His performance after injury dropped far below average, even gabbia now better than him. But if that runour are true , just take the money and invest on italian defender like bungiorno or scalvini

  4. If we can get 30m for Thiaw, I’m in favour of selling. Kjaer, Kalulu, Thiaw, and Simic(if he doesn’t renew) should all be sold this summer ( Kjaer leaves for free) bring in Calafiori, Buongiorno, and promote Coubis to be the fifth choice

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