CM: Tomori’s agent wants Bayern Munich move but Milan have clear stance

By Isak Möller -

Fikayo Tomori has attracted the interest of a few top clubs after a positive season with AC Milan so far, despite the recent injury. According to a report, his agent would like a call from Bayern Munich. 

Tomori has been a key player for Milan since his arrival in January 2021, signed permanently that summer for around €30m. His contract with the Rossoneri will expire in 2027 and, in other words, there is no rush for a renewal

According to, the recent words of Tomori’s agent Viktor Kolar have raised some concerns, flirting with above all Bayern Munich. While the Englishman is on the latter’s wish list, he’s not among the top names.

Milan’s priority is to get Tomori back into top condition, only recently recovering from a hamstring injury which kept him out for 13 games. Then, come the summer, the Rossoneri want to build around the 26-year-old and only a hefty offer could stop them from doing that.

Despite the agent’s words, as the report concludes, there is great harmony between Milan and Tomori who have nothing but respect for each other. It remains to be seen if Bayern Munich will take the agent’s bait and submit an offer, but it would have to be a hefty one.

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    1. And why wouldn’t they?

      We can find better players than Tomori with 40-60m. And use the rest for other position.

      And it will be significant capital gain as he was bought for around 30m at June 2021, so after 3 years if any club will buy him for 100m it will be more than 80m gain.

      1. No way for a club to pay more than €50m for Tomori. But even with such price, I would sell him and invest them for Buongiorno or Scalvini, especially the latter although the price will be expected to be a bit higher than €50m.

        1. I would take a straight swap for Zirkzee plus 10M. Bayern exercises their 40m option and flips him to us and the cash for Tomori. We’ll be getting ~30M from the sales of CDK, Saelemaekers and Colombo, so that’s 40M for a proper replacement CB. Then we should have another ~30M from the “regular” transfer budget to get a DM (bargain idea: why not make Amrabat a reclamation project for 20M?). And that’s us set for 2024-25. If we need further depth at CB we can target one of these EPL guys that have been mentioned on expiring contracts. If we’re frugal when getting that replacment CB and the DM, we might even have enough left over to get a proper backup for Theo, if not keep going with the kids.

    2. nah will go the Maldini route, keep him for 3 years then lose him for free, no other option allowed

      Selling players is a war crime

      1. @Boulden. Maldini did a piss poor job at renewing players yet most fans act like he was the god of football management.

        Calhanoglu, Dollarumma, Kessie and Romagnoli all left for free. Not to mention the idiotic decision to sign Brahim Diaz on a 2 year dry loan with no option or obligation to buy.

          1. Wrong, 19m we could pay easy, real had buy back option of 25m so instead of destroying our great relationship with real over 5 million we let him go back and in return real let us have alex jimenez

          2. Wrong? What?

            “real had buy back option of 25m”

            Buy back option? First you’re saying I was wrong and there was not option to buy yet in the very same sentence you’re talking about a buy back option. If there wasn’t an option to buy there were no buy back option either.

        1. Og you gonna make statements like that at least get the facts right. Everything you wrote is wrong. Maldini offered the players everything the club ownership allowed him to, maldini did all he could and nobody but the owners could have done something.

          We had option to buy Diaz but real had buy back option. So instead of buying him and then have real buy him back we let him go.

    3. You said it like it’s a bad thing.
      For a 100 million they better just say yes, not just start negotiations. No defender has ever been sold for that kind of money, nor any defender is worth that kind of money.
      Plus it’s the players agent that is pushing for the transfer.

    4. 100Mil? For a player whose agent will persuade him to leave anyway? Take the money and run!!!

      Milan cannot keep a player who cannot stand up to his agent whether he wants to stay or not. If the agent calls the shots, it’s bye-bye.

  1. Agents flirting with other teams is a nice little ploy to get either improved deals with their current teams or are seriously maneuvering things for a big payday somewhere else. And if Tomori is not in on this why would he keep quiet if the agent is making unsanctioned statements. This is just mindgames being played, especially with Milan’s salary cap limit their biggest Achilles heel…

  2. His agent has been trying to drum up a renewal/raise for Tomori, but picked sh**ty timing, since Fik is just now starting to make a comeback…

    maybe should have waited a bit longer until he’s actually balling out in defense first?

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