CM: Venezia in a hurry to close deal for Milan outcast – the situation

By Nikita Fesyukov -

Mattia Caldara returned from an 18-month loan at Atalanta last month but is seemingly just passing by, as the Rossoneri are looking to offload the centre-back in the next few days.

As we reported earlier today, citing Radio Rossonera, the management of Venezia was at Casa Milan in the afternoon to discuss the 27-year-old with Maldini and Massara.

And according to Daniele Longo from, the meeting was quite fruitful and the Venice-based club has officially asked to sign Caldara on loan.

This solution is also reportedly appreciated by the player himself, as he is looking to join a team that can guarantee him a starting position.

However, it must be noted that the centre-back earns 2 million euros net per season, a figure beyond the reach of the newly-promoted club. Thus, a contribution from Milan will likely be necessary for the deal to materialize.

In the meantime, the track leading to Fiorentina is less likely and the club could reportedly make an attempt only in the case that one between Milenkovic and Pezzella leaves the club.

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  1. Wait wait… we want Caldara to leave that bad that we’re willing to loan him and help pay a little bit of that because we can’t foot his 2m salary??? Hahahahaha wow we really do hate italians. Just keep the guy as a sub, we’re gonna need it in this long season. Wow milan… just wow

    1. Ik you have a strange obsession for Italians but you gotta agree that Italians are often overhyped. Caldara is bang average whereas Milenkovic Nikola is way way better but since he is Italian you prefer him. Get over it bro. We ain’t what we were before and football isn’t what it was before. Italians are often overpriced and overhyped.

      1. Who said I prefer him to Milenkovich? Lol. It’s just dumb to send him on loan to another team just to get rid of his 2m wage bill.. and then you want to go and buy Milenkovich..?? How is this financially smart at all. You have a small mind and don’t look objectively at things it would seem. Also, go support inter, they would suit you more.

      2. Also, you’d like to loan Caldara and get Milenkovich meaning youd be saving 2m by loaning caldara and paying over 20m for Milenkovich to be a backup. So…. you think we need a 20m backup or that Milenkovich is 20m better than Caldara?? Yeah… no. If Caldara can regain some of his prior form he’ll be excellent and if he can’t then sell, bit for this year imo it’s much smarter technically and financially to just keep him as a backup.

        Also, yes i want some Italians here. I’d love to see around 4-5 in the starting lineup, oh no!!!! What an awful guy I am for wanting that…

        1. not awfull, just awfully stupid. there are no italians that we can afford atm worthy of Milan. Berardi would b the best shot, but sassuolo wants 40 mill, locatelli, pessina, out of our reach. so just keep the mediocre italians? no thanks, better bring kids with future.

          1. Why do you like Milan if you don’t care about it being at least somewhat Italian? Why not inter, why not man u? Do you just love red and black? Seriously, why Milan and not some other team?

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