CM: Bayern’s threat and big demands – what filters on Maignan’s Milan future

By Oliver Fisher -

Bayern Munich present a real threat to AC Milan’s attempts to renew the contract of goalkeeper Mike Maignan, according to a report. have provided an update on Maignan’s situation, who they call one of the best goalkeepers in world football at the moment if not the best, something which has put him on the radar of top clubs.

Last summer Chelsea had concrete interest in Maignan, receiving a clear response from Milan which was that they did not want to sell and an offer of €100m or more would be needed in order to even come to the negotiating table.

A few months later the situation has not changed: the Blues remain vigilant and the Rossoneri value their goalkeeper at no less than €100m. In the meantime, however, the management are starting to talk with the Frenchman’s agents to try to find an agreement over a contract extension.

The current one is still quite long, running until 2026, and thus there is not absolute urgency but the intention of Milan is to reward Maignan with a substantial adjustment to the current salary of €2.8m net per season he receives.

In the process, they hope to ward off Bayern Munich who represent ‘the real, great threat’ for the future because the Bavarian club have placed Maignan at the top of the top list for next summer.

The negotiation over the extension is very complex in several respects. Maignan and his entourage are awaiting a proposal which is close to double figures (€10m net per year) and reflects his status as an elite player in his position.

Milan are aware of this and is evaluating everything in detail to try to get closer while remaining within certain parameters. An important starting point lies in the player himself who has repeatedly reiterated that he feels good at Milan and that he wants to stay.

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  1. 1. We can’t pay Maignan 10m per season if we’re only paying Leao 7.5m. No serious professional club has a GK as their highest paid player; 2. We can’t pay Maignan 10m per season if we refused to pay Donnarumma 10m per season; 3. We can’t pay Maignan 10m per season simply because we’ll begin to blow up our overall wage budget; Conclusion: It’s highly likely he will be sold if he doesn’t renew at some level the club can afford. If so, he should be sold ON TIME so that at least we can recover max value and use it to find his replacement plus upgrades elsewhere. That’s the minimum requirement here. No more of this negotiating until six months are left in the contract followed by a free transfer.

    1. Point 2 is probably a reason to pay him 10m. Mike is arguably and without any doubt a better keeper, if we paid Donna 7-8m) 6-7 years ago when he was a teenager, it’s completely fair to expect for at least 10m. On the other hand, it was different management strategy at than
      For the rest I fully agree. It really feels like Mike will be the next big sale (it seems we have to get used to this).

      1. Hmm. Consider that Donnarumma was represented by an absolute pirate in Raiola. But yeah, upon further inspection, Ederson earns ~6m euros, Courtois ~8.5m euros, Alisson ~9m, Oblak ~10m, and Neuer ~11m, so around 9-10m for Mike might be fair. Still, I don’t think we’ll pay it. I think we’ll max out at 6-7m. I think they’ll figure that paying a GK 8-10m per year is not worth it. They may be right. Perhaps they won’t find a GK as good as Mike, but even if he’s 75% of Mike at 25% of the potential cost it would be a great deal for the club without too much of a drop off in quality, and I think they can manage it. Again, not advocating for this sale, but just looking at the numbers.

    2. give him more than 7.5, Bennacer, Theo, Leao, Pullisic, Tomori, etc, their agents will say, hey renew us too, or else we will find a team who will treat our client fairly. The other teams will come in and pounce like sharks.

      Donna was voted the best goalie in Europe the year we let him go so his demands were not pirate demands, he established himself at a young age to be as good as many with way more experience, so the price to renew for him will always be his current level, plus potential to improve over the course of the deal . If not, his agents deserve to be fired. It is standard practice in sports, not only football to evaluate the market vs the player, his age as well. Every athlete is one injury from losing their future life earnings. Their representatives are obliged to find a deal that maximizes their earning potential. I never blamed him for leaving for nothing. He was willing to stay if we offered something reasonable, even lower than his true potential salary. Elliott refused to go to an amount his agents can justify to keep him here. He didn’t ask for 10. He asked for 7. The club said no, only 4.5 to our top earners. They did that with Kessie too. Our bankers here are responsible for trying to force Maldini to negotiate to the end hoping to get a cheap deal and rob our own players. They wanted to stay. Go see Furliani offering Taremi 1.8 million euros for 3 years. Or them not adding a bit more to meet Thurams agents demands which was 1 million a year more. They thought his camp would bend because they didn’t hear of anyone else offering them something, that is when inter capitalized and intervened when they notcied no announcement on the signing despit lengthy negotiations. We keep shooting ourselves in the fert by trusting morons who evaluate vs their computer numbers instead of realistic figures.

      That is why no one is putting up money because the club isn’t showing plans where they will spend amounts that coincide with the sporting objectives being proposed. Anyone with the slightest knowledge can tell our management are over their heads and incapable of making proper assements, evaluations and timely decisions.

      Mike is gone if it isn’t this summer, it will be next one. If he stays at the reported numbers, the rest of the squad will be due raises or their agents will push them out the door.

      1. I don’t understand your question. Who is dragging Leao? I’m simply stating that Maignan at 10m would bust through the ceiling we’ve established with Leao, who is clearly meant to be our “star” and that it would be odd that the highest paid player on the team is a goalkeeper. I’m not speaking to whether 7.5m is ultimately appropriate for Leao or whether 10m is ultimately appropriate for Mike. As it turns out, I’m incorrect, and Leao’s net salary is 5m, not 7.5m, so actually more to my point about the club not going to pay Maignan 10m.

  2. No way Mike gets 10/year. Not at Milan. Renew at 6-7mil per season then sell. That’s basically the formula here. Just like Leao will not be renewed again at higher wages – next window he’s sold. Same with Mike.

  3. Good keeper.

    But for a guy with his reputation, he has been terribly inconsistent for 1.5 of the 2.5 seasons he has been with Milan.

    If he is seriously in the discussion as the highest paid player at Milan that says much more about the rest of the squad than it does about the quality of his performances.

    He is clearly good enough to be Milan’s keeper. But for the money, and given what could be realised as part of a sale, I’d just as soon sell him.

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