CM: Why Maldini and Milan are refusing to give up on signing Sanches

By Isak Möller -

Renato Sanches remains the big goal for AC Milan to reinforce the midfield. Despite the obvious slowdown in recent weeks, the Rossoneri don’t intend to give up and will soon make a new attempt. 

The Portuguese international has been linked with a move to Milan ever since the January window and negotiations have been ongoing since. The interest of Paris Saint-Germain, however, slowed things down but the operation remains alive.

According to, Paolo Maldini refuses to give up on signing Sanches this summer as PSG are yet to make a good offer for Lille. Furthermore, at the reported price tag of €15m, Sanches is a steal and he fits Milan’s system perfectly.

Both on a technical and a financial level, therefore, the operation is a great one for Milan and that’s why a new push is expected. It will be up to the player to decide his fate but the fact remains that PSG haven’t satisfied Lille’s demands yet.

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  1. If PSG is waying on 15m then they don’t want him that much they just want to block Milan from having him, what’s 15m to them Renato should think twice before going to PSG

    1. I don’t know the whole situation myself but why do other milanisti act as if they know it all? We don’t know why Renato prefers PSG, for all we know It could be about money or it could be because his old coach is the coach there and it’s comfortable for him because he’s still in france. I certainly don’t know whether it’s one or the other but neither do you so don’t assume for nothing

      1. Just want to say again before people start Instantly assuming as always that since I’m not just saying he’s in it for the money that I think the opposite therefore you guys will start attacking me, that I don’t know whether it’s one or the other right now I’m just trusting M&M to not go for a player that cares more about money than fighting for the badge

          1. It’s not insecurity lol I’m just avoiding getting into a stupid arguement with an incompetent person because I can’t be asked and to be frank there’s a few daft people who comment here

        1. Can we stop with this childish fantasy “Fighting for the badge”. Only fans care about the badge. Being a footballer is a job. Milan is their employer. Just as in the real world, whatever company pays you the most that’s where you will go. Players don’t owe the club anything more than performing to the best of their abilities for the time they are being paid.
          I would love Renato at Milan but if PSG is offering 4.5 & Milan only 3.2 , cant’t blame him for going for the much higher offer

          1. So players like Gattuso don’t fight for the badge? Sure mate whatever you say. And players who play for a team they love definitely don’t fight for the badge

        2. There is an exception to every rule, mate.
          Players like Gattuso are few & far between. Plus don’t forget that Gattuso played in an era where Milan was one of the highest paying clubs salary wise. Serie A was the best league in the world and the highest paying. Now Serie A is a feeder league. Tier 3 maybe 4, behind EPL, Spanish and German league

          1. If there’s an exception don’t say only fans care about the badge because there’s more than just one exception there’s multiple but there are many different types of people

          2. Chunga Lunga,
            Please ignore this idiot Gigi, he’s joblessness is making him constitute a nuisance here.

            But, yeah I agree with you that it’s a job for these players, but then, they still have their favourite clubs, and when that club gets involved, they can actually fight for the badge.

            Tonali could have been doing the job at Inter milan, but he opted to fight for the badge with us.

            They can’t fight for every badge, just like we can’t kiss any other badge, while it would have taken money for Tonali to play for Inter milan, it took passion for him to come to us.

          3. @JOHN THE BAPTIST
            I agree with you that certain players have favorite clubs that they have been fans of growing up.
            But let’s be honest here. Can’t act like we have an amnesia.
            In Tonali’s case, he didn’t chose Milan over Inter because of his love for Milan. Tonali had everything agreed with Inter on personal terms, his transfer was already agreed between the managements of Inter & Brescia . The only reason he isn’t playing for Inter today is Conte. Conte wanted ready made player like Arturo Vidal instead of young prospect. He made Inter back out of the deal and let Tonali go elsewhere.
            We all love Tonali but let’s not act like he said NO to Inter

          4. @JOHN THE IRRELEVANT firstly in your comment you unintentionally backed what I said so really good job mate I applaud you for that, secondly if you had the brain power to scroll down you’d see It was a light hearted convo with Chunga. I was literally having a normal convo with him and you instantly start attacking the only nuisance here is you and you’re the jobless one here if you’re literally attacking a guy in a comment section for just having a convo and having a different opinion to you 😭 grow up bro or else go to twitter where you belong with the toxicity because we don’t like that s**t here.

      2. Imo, the media act like they know it all. They just put player names and claim Maldini want him just because there was past interest or because Maldini meet his agent who also happen to represent Milan players or his agent come to offer his players to Maldini even if Maldini do not necessarily want him or simply just because the player come to Milano even if he just want to pay a visit to ex-teammates.

        1. Just look at Botman, sure there was past interest, Maldini admitted it, but he also said he no longer looking to sign CB after Kalulu rise up. Yet, the media do not gave up and keep claiming Maldini want him even though there was zero movement for him this window.

  2. Pretty reliable sources tell us that Psg will get Sanches on loan with obligation to buy for 10 mill euros next summer. M/M should turn their focus on someone else. CC, please?

  3. Milan should do everything they can to sign Renato Sanches. Yes he has had some bad luck with injuries in the past, but healthy, this guy will be the best midfielder in Serie A. That combination of strength, speed, technique will dominate serie a.
    All this nonsense that we have Tonali, Bennacer, Pobega, Krunic, Adli & we dont need another midfielder is a joke.
    Tonali is the only guarantee.
    Bennacer has been up & down, in & out for the majority of his 3 years at Milan.
    Adli cannot play in the double pivot because he isn’t strong enough. He is a creative midfielder.
    Krunic only looked Ok when he played as the 3rd DM, at the 10 spot, along Kessie & Tonali. In double pivot he was always bad.
    Pobega is very similar to Krunic , he didn’t look comfortable playing as a DM with Torino and that’s why Juric pushed him up later in the season.
    Another midfielder is a bigger need than a RW at this point because Adli & CDK can play at RW. If Renato is signed he can also play RW as he did in the 2nd part of last season for Lille

      1. Adli can play anywhere in the 3 roles behind the striker. He is a versatile and skilled player who can use both feet. The same goes for CDK.
        If Bennacer can play in double pivot in Italy so can Renato Sanches. Go and watch Milan vs Lille in Europa league from 2 years ago. Renato was bullying both prime Kessie and Tonali in that game. Dominated the whole Milan midfield by himself offensively & defensively

        1. Even if Adli can be forced into RW, that is wasting his talent, he is far better at midfield (CM/AM). Adli and CDK have different characteristic, based on the heat map, Adli spent a lot of time anywhere across the pitch while CDK usually spent his time in the flanks. Adli also lack quickness to play as winger, Messias would be better than Adli at RW.

          Even Tonali need time adapting to double pivot, Pobega will need it too, and obviously, Sanches who never even play as DM will need it too, he has stamina and work rate, but his defensive attribute is still lacking (whole season stat, not just a game).

          1. Yep and even De Ketelaere at RW I’m sure he’ll drift into the centre from time to time because I’m sure Pioli will try and incorporate him as much as possible

  4. Probably Pioli will use his favourite player as a RW… Saelemaekers… I just wonder what it should happen for Pioli to bench him. As for Sanches… Despite all the stories and arguments I still don’t understand our insisting on a player that doesn’t want to play for us. It’s nonsense… who would prefer to play for a team that has never won any European trophy

  5. Our midfield is the weakest link after loosing kessie…he was the beast there. Its normal to have highs and lows adli can play there but some one that clarified better above as he hasn’t got that body structure…..seria a is physically demanding if we look at last year when we dominated the midfield we tended to grab all three points….pobega adli krunic isma won’t be that reliable it’s my Personnel opinion….with messias and sala we make it on rw along with cdk who can perform there if not better but ball playing mf is must….renato is exactly like that he loves to carry ball forward while tonali can play his natural game….that Aston villa fellow is exactly renato type player but boy we will miss kessie….now ppl will say what about isma yes he is very much like that but last 3 years proved he can’t be totally relied upon….

  6. Relax guys. The source are trash. I dont believe M&M chasing player that already have his heart on other club like psg. The real target still unknown

  7. @Gigi,
    I’m sorry for the misunderstanding, I wasn’t reading properly.
    My intention was not to engage in an argument with you.

    I have tried to decipher where the problem comes from, now I know I’m at fault for arguing with you.

    Bro, you have tumour in your brain, please accept my sympathy.

      1. Correction my friend

        It is 🔴⚫ 👉 “Red and Black”
        and not ⚫🔴 👉 “Black and Red”

        Know this and Know peace.
        Please accept my sympathy.

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