Milan would consider €50m+ bids for midfielder – Arsenal and Saudi clubs keen

By Oliver Fisher -

Ismael Bennacer’s future has been the subject of some speculation in recent weeks, and a number of sides are interested in signing him in view of the summer.

As reports, there will also be some talk about sales too. In the recent period most of the talk has been about Mike Maignan and Theo Hernández, but the spotlight is on Bennacer too.

Today the Algerian is considered an important player, but an offer of €50m would certainly be taken into consideration. The former Empoli star, who has a contract worth €4m net per season until 30 June 2027, continues to be scouted by several clubs around Europe.

Despite the troubled season, due to the injury, Bennacer is liked in the Premier League, especially by his former club Arsenal. The most sizeable offer for the Algerian both for the player and for Milan may, however, come from Saudi Arabia.

Today it is difficult to imagine a future far from the Rossoneri for Yacine Adli, Tiijani Reijnders and Yunus Musah, who can still grow a lot. Tommaso Pobega, on the other hand, is also considered important for the UEFA squad list, so Bennacer could be the man who goes.

As a reminder, Daniele Longo told us in a recent interview that a Bennacer-level ‘sacrifice’ is more likely for Milan this summer than the sale of a big star.

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    1. Is Benny going to be the next “he’s to go” for the fans? All of a sudden guys quickly agreed that Benny is not good enough or simply must be sold. While at it though stronger teams are busy scouting the player.

      1. The issue is injuries and can he grow. I would love to keep him. But from a sporting mind who would you rather see go? Bennacer, leao, Theo, maignan,or Tamori. Pretty safe to say those are the names that have to be considered.

      1. There is no bidding war with a release clause. Say if Liverpool offer 70 mln for Bennacer but he wants to go to Arsenal, Arsenal can pay the release clause of 50 mln and get him. Other clubs just need to persuade Bennacer, they do not need to pay Milan more than the release clause.

      2. Why would anyone do that?
        Triggering the release clause lets you talk to the player directly, therefore bidding more is pointless

      3. LOL. What a bizarre comment. It doesn’t make sense. The club HAS TO ACCEPT any offer that meets the release clause, hence why it exists. What would bidding over the release clause do?

  1. So we buy an entire new midfield this season except Bennacer, they finally get some chemistry so let’s split them up and start again….madness 🙄

    No football thinking

    1. yeah sell an underperforming overly injured Bennacer, what horror, surely how will Milan ever replace him?

      Redbird surely just going to line up their pockets and sell every player this summer for sure

        1. Not necessarily.
          For example Arda Guler’s release clause was 17.5 mil but Real Madrid paid over that amount to beat the competition from Barca and Milan, and the player wanted to go to RM.

        2. There’s plenty of cases where clubs paid over the release clause, look at Enzo’s transfer at Chelsea as well

          Google is your friend, stop looking at everything as so black and white

          1. They paid a little more in exchange for paying the release clause over 3 installments, i.e. 3 transfer windows. It was not due to a bidding war.

          2. Inter fan is correct. A release clause can have several terms, beyond the simple price threshold. For example, it could stipulate that the clause has to be paid in one installment. The bidding club might not be able to meet that stipulation, thereby it won’t be able to trigger the clause, i.e. the selling club can refuse. But they could offer to basically pay the value of the clause plus a little more to spread the payments over time. This also doesn’t trigger the clause, and the selling club could refuse, but since the bidder is essentially met the clause the seller ultimately accepted it. Study contracts a bit more. Google is also your friend in this regard.

      1. Your history of predictions is pretty p!ss poor cupcake…literally every post of yours is laughable.

        Your literary diarrhoea is tiring….now run along and let the grown ups talk

        1. your prediction that Milan will be down the sh*tter after Maldini got sacked is going well is it?

          I’m still waiting for that relegation finish because Maldini=Milan, no way club can exist without this one person

          1. Don’t think anyone actually said that did they? They raised concerns that selling Tonali was a backwards step and it was. We have dropped off from the scudetto season, that’s evident. You happily criticise Maldini and Massara but have nothing to say in Redbird raining to secure Thuram last season.

            Regardless of Tonali’s bans, he is a better player that what we have replaced him with and with him we would be better that we are now. You were the one claiming that this years starting midfield with your best mate Krunic (how’s that going by the way) was better than the scudetto midfield of Tonali, Kessie and Bennacer….when Krunic was a back up not starter.

      2. So by your pathetic logic should we have sold Van Basten after his first season? He wasn’t performing well and was injured. Utterly pointless comment. There’s a list as long as your arm of players who have spells of poor form and injuries. The two often go hand in hand

        1. Well you’re but tbh he hasn’t looked very convincing since he came back imo, so maybe we should reassess his condition at the end of the season and make a decision regarding his future

  2. Shouldn’t sell him. With a proper coach he would be able to play the dm in a 433. And once he’s 100% he’s our best midfielder by a couple km. Always was

      1. In that now finally this ‘new midfield’ is playing minutes together.

        Why now take out another starter to introduce a new one…midfields win trophies, it’s the most important area of the team. You can’t mix it up season after season

    1. I have to respectfully disagree.

      Benny has a lot of great qualities buy his biggest limiting factor is the locations he tries to dribble his way out of or the areas of his dangerous passes.

      Watch closely on where he gives the ball up amd how often. I’ve been shocked by some of his decision making.

        1. It’s been over three months since his injury to me it seems like he’s lost some of his qualities, and not just match fitness

  3. Skill-wise Bennacer has shown that he’s solid, but he’s far from irreplaceable. Plus this year he’s missed 25+ games. If we get a 50mill offer from arab clubs, I’d sell him him immediately assuming that the money is spent wisely (e g. Buongiono + Walace or other DM)
    I doubt PL clubs would offer 40+million for him

      1. Walace is a tall brazilian DM that is captain of Udinese. Not the most shiny DM but does a decent job and probably would be available for about 10 mil. We’ve been linked with him recently. He’ll be 29 this year so not sure if the news linking us have any merit (current management looks mostly at young players)

  4. Wouldn’t surprise me. Afterall this club is run by people who don’t know how many CL cups Milan won, think there were many French champions in this club and that Papin is one of all time greats of Milan.

  5. The only way Bennacer sake makes sense is if there is a clearly upgrade to him available for purchase. Makes zero sense to sell for the sake of selling.

    1. I think that’s part of the equation. The logic is most likely that Bennacer is the most valuable piece that can be sold that isn’t a “star” (Mike, Leao, Theo) to bring in cash for other operations AND also be adequately replaced. Hojberg and Amrabat are two players, for example, who could be brought in for half of the Bennacer money, leaving the other half something else. Classic 2-1 operation. That is, of course, if the club makes the right choice in his replacement😬

          1. See this are the comments I’m talking about..

            Dude is a basically a village player yet you’re here claiming, fúcking claiming with unbelievable certainty, that he is better than Bennacer. V faking lajfu model

            He’s on krunic lvl at best

  6. Bennacer is a very good midfielder and it is no wonder that there is interest from other clubs. If a well-organized team like Arsenal is interested in his services, we don’t need to waste any more words on his quality. unfortunately, the only problem is his frequent injuries, and there is certainly room for discussion whether we need a player with a different type of game who would be less susceptible to injuries. Honestly, I don’t believe that next summer someone will pay a compensation of 50 million for him, but for that money you can find a worthy replacement.

  7. This is unfortunately a given – Benny will be sold. I said Saudi Arabia was the likely destination a while back as they will pay the most for him. Mike is gone too. That is the Redbird plan. Mike + Benny + CDK and Salesmakers impending sales – there is the transfer budget. Hopefully they add there yearly standard whopping 35M to that as well lol. We will see if we are better – but taking a piece of the original core group each year and selling them off makes it difficult to build chemistry and a consistent winner IMO. We shall see. Hope I’m wrong.

    1. you were always wrong you predicted Milan will be trash this season and everyone will be sold so Redbird can ‘launder’ money, do you even know what laundering means????

      league points are already better than last year lmao

      1. LOLOLOLO. There he is! @Boulden or @Pioli lol. Can’t keep track. Guess you didn’t like my comment agreeing with @InterFan and pretty much everyone else on this forum that you are an A$$🤡

        For the record I did not say we would be trash and we are not better off than last season. From a semi final UCL team to not even making it to the knock out stages isn’t progress. Bounced out of Coppa and 14 points behind Inter and you think this season has been a success? LOL. You are a fool for real and obviously have low standards- which isn’t that surprising based on the way you conduct yourself in general on this chat.

        Our model is grooming players and selling them when they become stars for profit. What I said was that is a great model to be profitable (similar to Atalanta) not so much to win titles CONSISTENTLY. Learn how to read you donkey.

        Good luck w that Ace kid your gonna need it

  8. Everyone comment here : sell him 50m euro . Which club want to pay 50m euro for injury prone that have salary 4m euro nett ? Even if 30m euro just consider ACM lucky get club that want to pay 30m euro. Stop dreaming guys. It is better keep him next season for midfield competition , Benna still better than pobega ,yunus & adili in my personal opinion ( if benna stay healthy)

  9. Can’t wait for the management to sell Mike, Tomori, Thiaw, Kalulu, Theo, Reijnders, Leao, and Pulisic then replaced them with mediocre players too.

  10. The Italian press are an embarassment, they’re still living in the 2000s. A bid of €25 million for the injury prone Bennacer will be enough to get him. He’s been poor since his comeback and has lacks athletically. In order to be in the hunt for silverware in Europe, we need a more powerful DM. Whether that’s Musah or, long-term, Eletu.

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