CMO Tania Moreno sheds light on Milan’s key markets, cultural trends and using technology

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan were present at the South by Southwest (SXSW) festival, which took place in Austin, Texas over the weekend, and Chief Marketing Officer Tania Moreno shared some insight.

Moreno took part in the ‘From Goals to Touchdowns: Cultivating Brands Across Continents’ panel alongside the Chief Marketing Officer of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and hosted by Sportico journalist Asli Pelit.

As a press release writes, Milan’s participation at SXSW 2024 reflects the club’s strategic positioning as ‘a sports entertainment icon, capable of transcending the playing field, captivating the passions, especially of younger generations, living at the intersection of different worlds such as music, fashion, and lifestyle’.

This journey is accelerating under the ownership of RedBird Capital Partners, who acquired the club in 2022 from Elliott Management. They have been able to utilise their expertise in sports business, media, the ability to develop global brands, and create virtuous synergies.

Some of the key topics addressed by Moreno during Milan’s participation at SXSW have been relayed below, as she gave some insight into the various things that the Rossoneri are trying to build on.

On maintaining brand consistency and leveraging Milan’s platform to spread positive messages…

“Maintaining consistency in brand representation while adapting to various platforms is paramount. With over 500 million fans globally and nearing our 125th Anniversary, AC Milan holds a fortunate position in the football world.

“We ensure brand guidelines are upheld across all platforms, yet tailor strategies to each. Cultural nuances are key when connecting with our international fanbase. As a brand with a significant platform, it’s important to us to leverage it beyond engagement and revenue.

“We have a responsibility to convey the right messages and actively contribute to positive change. Whether it’s advocating against racism in football or promoting social causes, we recognise the power of our platform in effecting meaningful change and shaping a better future for the global community.”

On Milan’s key markets…

“Outside of Italy, some of our key markets are the US, and the Middle East, each offering unique opportunities. In the US, we are super proud to have a player like Christian Pulisic to expand the reach of what we do, but he is not our strategy.

“Our main strategy involves targeting a significantly younger audience compared to other markets. We leverage existing brand equity from brands and categories that are important to this demographic, allowing us to cultivate authentic relationships and authentically engage them.

“In the Middle East, we opened an office at the end of last year and we also have some fantastic partners like Emirates that allow us to expand our reach.”

On leveraging cultural trends…

“Cultural trends play into our expansion strategy. From entertainment to fashion, our approach extends beyond football to be able to catch the attention of a new audience, who might not necessarily follow the sport.

“Our most recent Fourth kit launch was a perfect example of that, with over 60% of the audience engaging with our Instagram posts comprised non-followers, which demonstrated our ability to attract new demos beyond the realm of AC Milan fans.”

On Milan and technology…

“We leverage technology to address our business challenges and enhancing fan experiences. As an example, in tackling issues like racism in football, we utilise AI to sift through social media comments, swiftly identifying and removing hate speech.

“Additionally, we will harness technology to personalise content on our website, providing tailored experiences for our audience. We have also experimented with AR-powered filters, such as our recent Fourth kit filter, offering fans unique interactive experiences in our stadium.

“Leveraging our extensive archive of over 100 years of content, we are exploring AI solutions to tag players and streamline content creation processes, ensuring we deliver compelling highlights and videos efficiently.

“Our focus remains on solving real-world business problems through technology, rather than solely prioritising engagement metrics.”

Milan’s partnerships with the New York Yankees and YES Network, the recent fourth kit launch with PUMA and Los Angeles streetwear brand PLEASURES (which broke records) and last summer’s pre-season tour show the increasing presence and influence in the USA.


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