Codacons request FIGC order replay of Milan-Spezia and Spezia-Lazio due to refereeing errors

By Oliver Fisher -

The Coordination of associations for the defence of the environment and the rights of users and consumers – commonly known as Codacons – have requested that Milan-Spezia be replayed.

The game against Spezia at San Siro was overshadowed by the refereeing controversy that cost Milan all three points, as Marco Serra blew early for a foul on Rebic in injury time with the score at 1-1 a fraction of a second before Messias scored the goal that would have made it 2-1, thus negating an advantage which should have been played.

Codacons inserted themselves into the controversy in January and officially requested a replay of the match. The well-known association looks after users and consumers and they published a note in which they formally requested Lega Serie A to repeat Milan-Spezia, due to an error that damages all the parties involved.

Months later, Codacons have once again claimed that the game should be repeated, addressing a note to the FIGC to replay both that match and Spezia-Lazio. The following press release accompanied it (via PianetaMilan):

“Both matches were decided by two macroscopic technical errors of the match director, of the assistants and, in the case of Spezia-Lazio, also of the VAR room.

“If the Football Association does not provide for the immediate repetition of the defective matches, the regularity of the entire Serie A championship could be lost, with teams that have acquired irregular advantages against other teams unjustly damaged.

“A situation that also causes damage both to the fans, who have watched a clearly spoiled sporting spectacle , and to the bettors, by virtue of the results of the matches on the field, distorted by the clamorous referee errors.

“These are not simple errors of interpretation or discretionary referees, but technical mistakes in the application of the Rules of the game of football, and for this very reason the Football Association must absolutely order the repetition of the spoiled matches. Sports justice cannot claim the right to damage the rights and interests of millions of football fans.”

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  1. Let’s just win the remaining matches first and see that Spezia match as unimportant. We all know Spezia isn’t easy to deal with….

  2. As much as the errors were egregious the result must stand. Football is inherently human and there will always be errors made even if it hurts. We can’t go around replaying matches for every error or the season would never finish. I doubt this will gain any traction and hopefully it doesn’t. It’s sport and these things happen to everyone, sometimes it seems more to one team than another but that’s life. No need for that drama

  3. It would be better if codacons recommended that the FIGC leadership stepped down. They have allowed rampant corruption and incompetence to persist causing the decline of one of football’s greatest institutions.

  4. “These are not simple errors of interpretation or discretionary referees, but technical mistakes in the application of the Rules of the game of football”. What they mean to say is that if these results stand then the rules of the game are open to interpretation…and that messes with the fundamentals of sport which are : every game has rules.

  5. I suspect this is a diversion to make the team careless for our last three fixtures. No need to think the replay match against Spezia for now. Just win all the remaining match, then you’ll get the scudetto.

  6. LOL. Everyone settle down. I remember something similar from Codacons a while back. This mere lip service. Nothing is going to happen, nor should it.

  7. Football will not be interesting without these critical judgements and controversies, it spices up things. Let’s move on, and hope that officiating the game in Italy will be much better in the coming seasons

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