Commentator names Milan as ‘ideal’ destination for Raspadori: “There is already something going on”

By Oliver Fisher -

Former goalkeeper and current commentator Simone Braglia has suggested that there is ‘something going on’ between AC Milan and Giacomo Raspadori.

The 22-year-old Raspadori had somewhat of a breakout season last season under Dionisi, scoring 10 goals and providing six assists in 36 Serie A games and breaking into Roberto Mancini’s Italy side, but now there are rumours about him making a big move.

In fact, Sassuolo’s CEO Giovanni Carnevali confirmed that Raspadori is close to completing a move to Napoli and will do so if the conditions were right, because the young forward wants to take the next step in his career.

Braglia was asked by TMW Radio about the potential of Raspadori joining Napoli this summer and not only did he show disapproval at the idea but he even suggested Milan would be the right fit for him.

“In my view, Napoli are not the ideal club for him. In the context that he is not tested, a place in which to fit into becomes important for someone like him, the ideal context would have been Milan. There is already something going on there,” he said (via MilanNews).

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  1. Serie A is starting and we only have one clear striker available (that had also a minor injury)…that should ring alarms at Milan.
    We need another striker.

    1. Milan has plenty of striker options Giroud, Rebic , Leao, Charles de Ketelaere and Lazetic.
      No need of another striker with Origi on his way back, plus Ibra

      1. I feel Origi is injury prone and zlatan is out rebic is supposedly A back up to Leao we have only Giroud if he ends up injured with Origi also out due to his proneness Rebic won’t be enough because we have a lot of matches to play this year

      2. @Chunga Lunga
        Plenty?? Exclude Giroud who is a clear striker and the only one as I mentioned above…The rest you mentioned are all around players that could play in the attack without any of them being pure strikers. It’s one thing to say that they can play in that position and a totally different thing them actually playing well as a pure striker would.
        Don’t forget that Milan is a team with many injuries throughout the season.

        1. Does Milan really need a pure striker?
          Most of Pioli strategy is based on high press and counter attack. Milan is not a team that dominates possession or send a lot of crosses where you need a pure striker. Milan actualy plays the best football when Rebic and Leao are playing together and interchange during games between a LW and Striker.
          Plus when Origi & Ibra come back what are you going to do with all those strikers? Players don’t like sitting on the bench , they wanna play.
          Milan has way more pressing need in midfield and defense. The attack is well covered. Whoever this dude Simone Braglia is, he is talking nonsense

          1. Even if you play high press or counter attack,you need a striker.
            Also counter you may play at the derby’s,but the majority of games (especially in San Siro) against lower level opponents you cannot play counter. That was Pioli’s mistake last season.Check and see how many points we lost against lower level teams.
            Regarding Zlatan, I love the guy and a admire him being exactly my age and is in the form he is in….But let’s be would be extremely unlikely for him to play more than 7-8 games…especially since he lost all preseason training.
            Despite the above, I hope your scenario works out instead of mine!

    2. yes we have unlimited budget to sign all position that fans want . Sign all striker you want but where is that money come from? From the sky? Dude our budget only 50m euro and we still need CB & DMF but you want AC Milan buy striker? So what are giroud,origi,rebic,lazetic? They are goal keeper?

  2. 90% of the articles on this site are click-bait, but this one takes the cake. First of all, Raspadori is valued at 40m. If Milan had had 40m to spend on players after CDK, we’d have gotten a CM and CB already. So that ought to bury this trash to begin with. Secondly, Raspadori is a seconda punta, which is basically a slightly higher AMC. We already have CDK, Adli, Diaz and even Rebic for that position. And not little Raspa is not going to lead out line as an out and out striker. Total rubbish.

  3. I’m a huge fan of Ibra, but fact is that he cannot be considered anymore as a ‘full’ player; so henceforth he must be viewed as a kind of ‘player-coach’.

    That said, our REAL attacking options are: Giroud, Leão, Lazetic, Origi, Rebic and CDK. Nothing to be desperate about, but could be better, certainly.

  4. Im a Milan fan and i have to say i dont think we look that great at all, we are so hyped and i dont know why, roma look better than us by a long way tbh, Maldini has an obsession with foreign players who will turn out to be garbage, italy and italian fans have accepted mediocrity and its so obvious, use some italian players for god sake and stop praising Maldini just because he is Paolo Maldini, sick of it tbh, in the champions league we will get kicked out in the first round, Belotti should have been an option but because he isnt foreign enough Maldini said no, even Scamacca would have been a good fit, Milan fans and italian fans need to wake up. Our football is ill.

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