PM: Comparing the squad value of the UCL quarter-finalists – Milan far from bottom

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan are in for a very tough two legs no matter who they draw in the Champions League quarter-finals, but when it comes to squad value they stand ahead of three other teams.

PianetaMilan have taken a look at the data provided by Transfermarkt regarding the overall value of the squads left in the Champions League, namely Benfica, Milan, Manchester City, Chelsea, Inter, Napoli, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich.

It is no surprise that the two Premier League sides lead the way as Manchester City’s squad is worth a combined €1.05bn, with Erling Haaland (€170m) and Phil Foden (€110m) the two players to break the €100m mark. Chelsea are on €1.02bn, but Graham Potter’s team does not have any players worth over €100m, with Enzo Fernandez the highest at €85m.

Bayern Munich are in third place  with a squad worth €995,700,000 and Jamal Musiala as the only player who reaches €100m in value. A little behind are Real Madrid whose squad is worth €851m, with Vinicius Junior (€120m) and Federico Valverde (€100m) the highest rated.

Then there is a big gap to Milan in fifth who have a squad worth €571.4m with Rafael Leao at €85m as the leading man, with Inter and Napoli slightly behind as the Nerazzurri are at €555.95m and Napoli €543m with Osimhen valued at €70m.

Benfica close the eight teams left at €313m in total value, with Goncalo Ramos leading the team with a value of €40m.

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  1. The value of a player is whatever another club is ready to pay for him, not what transfermarkt says.
    Enzo was bought for 121 mil a month ago but his value according to some website is 85.
    Enzo and Leao supposedly are valued the same, but the same club that was interested in both, only offered 70 for one and paid 121 for the other just 4 months later.
    Also, Osimhen will be going for way over a 100 mil. Outside of Haaland he is the top striker in Europe this season

    1. Haaland is lucky to play in the era of pussies defenders.If he would have caught maldini,nesta and stam he wouldn’t have touch the ball.He is just a bully infront of the goal cause the defenders nowadays are more elastic and fast than robust and tough,when City will be stopped into the midfield area with a heavy pressing to reach the box,Haaland will get lost in space and that is going to happen pretty soon.

    2. And how do those clubs determine the amounts they will offer or accept? Draw them out of a hat? Pin the tail on a valuation? I think certain metrics are looked at, including comps (comparisons to similar player), supply and demand, etc. “The value of a player is whatever another club is ready to pay for him, not what transfermarkt says.” -This can go both ways. If Chelsea had paid 500m for Fernandez is that really his value? Would you truly be able to say that with a straight face? Of course not. Certain clubs have been distorting the market for the last 10-15 years already, because their own finances are not based on actual business metrics. Go back to the time before Chelsea, City and PSG. Yes prices for top players climbed a little year over year, but not like this. Look at the Figo and Zidane transfers. Figo goes to Madrid for 60m in 2000, and then Zidane goes to Madrid for 77m in 2001. That 77m was not topped until Ronaldo’s 94m transfer in 2010 (9 years later!), with players like Drogba, Rooney, Robinho (twice), Shevchenko, and many more top players transferring during the period. Today, it would be Figo 200m -> Zidane 225m -> Drogba 250 ->, etc., each one just higher than the other because these nouveau riche clubs just don’t operate within normal financial conditions.

      1. The value goes up and down (like everything esle on the market), based on performances, age, contract length, what league and club are they going to. That’s why I used the Leao – Enzo comparison. Same club was after both of them and look at those numbers.
        Benfica valued Enzo and 121 and Chelsea paid 121. That was his value.
        Milan might value Leao at 150, transfermarkt might say he is worth 85, but no one offered more than 70. That’s his value.

        Also, Drogba was bought by Chelsea when he was still fairly young and unproven. He left when he was past 30. Same with Sheva.
        Zidane and Figo were sold in their prime.

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