Sky journalist confirms Ibrahimovic’s big influence at Milan: “Super sporting director”

By Oliver Fisher -

When Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s return to AC Milan was confirmed late last year, there was little clarity about what his role as Senior Advisor actually entails.

Ibrahimovic retired from football at the end of last season and it didn’t take long for rumours to surface suggesting that he would be welcomed back to Milan in some capacity.

Sure enough, his return was confirmed towards the back end of last year and the Swede has been present alongside the team at training as well as in the dressing room.

Ibra is also doing media duties as he appeared on stage at a Financial Times event with owner Gerry Cardinale, talking about the future of the club and the importance of a new stadium.

Now, the journalist Paolo Condo has spoken on Sky to try and clarify exactly what it is that Ibrahimovic does at Milan while he also went on to address Cardinale’s words to the Financial Times.

“Ibra is a key element in the Milan dressing room, he is almost like a super sporting director, he will be the man who will decisively decide the future of the players and coaches, as well as Cardinale clearly,” he said (via Radio Rossonera).

“The Swede is a technical and environmental consultant, he is very valuable in the Milan world. We will see at the end of the season what choices will be made.

“What Cardinale said was honey for the Milan fans. Economic sustainability is very important, but a club like Milan cannot and must not be satisfied with participating, they must always try to win.

“From this point of view, Ibra’s entry into the club was a guarantee, even for the players who often see a champion like him at Milanello or in the dressing room.”


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  1. To The RedBirdOut crowd:

    If this were solely a vehicle of revenue for Cardinale he wouldn’t have taken on Ibra into the structure of RedBird.

    If there’s one thing we know about Ibra to this point, it’s that he doesn’t do participation trophies and he is not a YES man, or a pawn. And I’m sure that was addressed to Cardinale before he got hired.

    If Ibra joined this project, it is likely to bring in the competitive spirit and reinforcement of Milan values. As Capello said, we don’t know how diplomatic Ibra will be nor should he be, but I am sure that while he is on board he will do everything to keep Milan competitive.

    1. I have the same feeling here, glad Ibra has this role.

      Let see how his first summer is and we can pass our judgment afterwards.

      I am actually excited about this!

    2. Not in the Redbird out crowd but I’m in the don’t bs me Gerry crowd 😅
      “he is not a YES man, or a pawn.” Oh really. Maybe not a yes man but he is a pawn and Gerry confirmed as much. Ibra is to do his bidding while he’s not present at Milan. He doesn’t want to go to the locker room so he told Ibra, literally, “you go do it” lol 😂
      He works for Gerry, the king 👑

  2. I wouldn’t say I am RedBird out. I’m more don’t trust that RedBird has any idea what it is doing beyond delivering a stadium.

    The simple reality is that a supposedly serious organisation sacked a director with 5 years experience in the job, with a return to the UCL (entrenched in the top 4 for 3 years running), a UCL SF and a scudetto to show for it, to replace him with a guy who has no experience who is going to be trusted to overall the existing approach.

    And they didn’t even have Zlatan lined up when they terminated Maldini.

    This whole thing is bullshit. Zlatan is a smoke screen.

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