CM: Conte wants Milan, Inter or Juventus next but Growth Decree presents an obstacle

By Oliver Fisher -

Antonio Conte seems to be nearing the end of his time at Tottenham and AC Milan are among his three preferences for his next job, a report claims.

As report, it feels as though Conte’s recent comments in the media criticising his players and Spurs’ lack of ambition will cost him his job potentially as early as today, but whether the sacking arrives this week or at the end of the season he will be free to start a new challenge from then.

His idea is clear: he wants to go back to Italy to be close to his family and loved ones, a feeling which became more profound during the period of his operation. His family is based in Italy, between Milan and Turin, and it is no coincidence that he has three preferences for his next job: Juventus, Inter and Milan.

Those preferences are in order too because he would say yes to Juve regardless of figures and project, while a return to Inter could materialise because of his relationship with Beppe Marotta and finally the Rossoneri are a team he spoke highly of during the meeting in the Champions League but just like Spurs (who he criticised) they are not expected to spend big.

Conte is one of the highest paid managers in the world and there is an obstacle in this regard because no Italian club can benefit from the Growth Decree. The 53-year-old has had his tax residence in England for over a year and, consequently, cannot return to the old benefits.

His signing with Tottenham arrived in late October and as a result the point of having a two-year stay away from Italy – which would allow him to once again access the advantages of the Growth Decree – will only arrive in October.

Therefore, anyone who wants to hire Conte in the summer will have to pay the full gross amount, which means if he agreed to €5m net per season the gross would be close to €10m and not €7.5m with the Growth Decree.

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  1. Only a fool will go and sign Conte.
    He is an unstable person. You can’t build a project around him because 6 months or a year into that project, after he made you buy players that only fit his awful “park the bus” system, he will have a tamper tantrum and quit on you.
    He did that at every coaching stop he had.
    If you are already firing Pioli, look for another coach. Conte should never be on your list.

    1. I tend to agree although I probably don’t see it in terms which are quite so absolute.

      Conte doesn’t seem to work for more than the short term. He seems too intense to last more than a few years. That is not in keeping with what Milan is trying to build.

      I listen to a lot of commentary from the UK which is to the effect that he is annoyed about the Tottenham squad, that’s despite a lot of money being spent.

      It’s hard to see him as being prepared to put up with the limitations we have during the mercato.

      If we’re brining in Conte, we might as well line the next guy up to. Conte will either crash completely and blow the whole thing up or he’ll win something and it will get blown up anyway.

      We need to find the next Ancelloti / Sacchi before he has the reputation. Italiano is probably the front runner in terms of the next generation who might be ready for the step up. However it would be a hard sell if Fiorentina maintains its current position in the league (despite that essentially being the result of difficulty finishing). Sottil and Paladino have only just started in the top flight.

      De Zerbi would be ideal but it is almost a demotion for him given where Brighton sits.

      If we qualify for champions league, it seems to me we stick with Pioli.

    2. 100% agree. I do not like him as a person or as a coach. We don’t need anymore park the bus 3-5-2 systems and he will totally walk out in a year. This rumor can’t be true anyway because the guy always demands 100m spends every summer and we are way off that.

  2. Grow under Pioli. But even if you do sack Piolo and start over, don’t hire someone just because of their history. What matters is the future and Conte is one of many historically great coaches who does not have a great future.

    I’d rather see Ibra become manager. He always finds a way to succeed.

  3. I’m a Conte fan, but he’s not right for a long term project and definitely not right for Milan right now since we don’t spend money. That said I just want to say how hindering the growth decree is and how backwards it is.

    Basically it’s a tax break for clubs when they sign foreign players… idea was supposed to “help” italy, yet by making you not want to buy italian players ever since they don’t get a growth decree and are more expensive, the national team is suffering worse than it ever has. such a dumb thing to have and killing the footballing quality of the country.

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