CorSport: Zirkzee’s agent lowers commission demands – talks ongoing

By Euan Burns -

The agent of Joshua Zirkzee has lowered his commission demands which makes a deal for the striker more plausible, but they are still higher than Milan are willing to pay. 

As reported by Corriere dello Sport (via Milan News), Kia Joorabchian is now willing to accept a lower commission than the €15m that was initially demanded to facilitate the move.

Milan know that they can sign Zirkzee from Bologna by triggering his €40m release clause that will be active between July 1 and July 15, and they also know that the player himself is very keen to make the move on terms that Milan agree with.

The only problem is the agent’s commission, which has slowed the move down. The news that Milan are not fighting Arsenal and Manchester United for Zirkzee is very welcome, and that may be what has forced the agent to climb down slightly.

It is not clear to what level Joorabchian has dropped his request, but it is not below €10m which is what Milan have been demanding.

The feeling is that whilst this delay is not helpful for anyone, the deal will eventually go through on Milan’s terms given the will of the player to make the move happen.

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  1. highly doubt it as man utd are now in the running of Zirkzee and they have been known to pay more than what it takes to get the player. We will get a young relatively inexperienced ST and then we will complain when we will not even qualify for champions league next season

    1. Man Utd can’t make big money signings because of their precarious financial state and the tightening of financial fair play rules in the Premier League. They also don’t have any real incentive. Your other complaint is without merit. We weren’t even at our best this season and still ended up in 2nd.

      Man City is in trouble right now for this reason.

      1. Yes but this season, everyone was not good enough apart from inter. Next season,
        – Napoli have Conte, who will make them challenge for the season.
        – Juventus got Motta, who is an amazing coach and will surely make them play well.
        – Atalanta will improve their squad without selling their key players, as they always do.
        – Inter have already strengthened with the additions of Zielinski and Tahremi, not to add the renewals of Lautaro and Barella.
        – Roma are building with DeRossi

      2. ManU are still one of the richest clubs in the world. They can outbid pretty much any team. That said, I also doubt the reports that they’re going all in for him. Just part of the negotiations I guess

      1. Bro Man Utd being crap the past few seasons and having the ability to pay for a player are two different things. Also it’s the other Manchester that’s under investigation. not them.
        Man utd has like 800m in revenues, twice ours almost

    2. Sans notre condition il n’a qu’à aller voir ailleurs. On ne dépasse pas les 8 m. et puis c’est tout

      1. Nah, i event doubt you are milan fan. Milan have good history poaching ex inter forward. Thet sign Viery, ronaldo, Pazzini, ibra and even Meaza as well. So be nice and dont talk to others like that.

  2. That’s strange because today I saw an article saying that Arsenal is no longer interested in him because they are not willing to pay 15mil comision… United already have a striker and they don’t play in UCL to need a second striker, so basically Milan is the only team that could get him. Kia is playing a very dangerous game here waiting and see who is gonna pay the comision but if Milan won’t buy Zirkzee and he will stay at Bologna next season how is he going to perform without Motta? I would just buy Gimenez or Girona striker, Zirkzee definitely has at 5 mil promised from that 15 mil comision and not really worth the trouble, in 3-4 years we will have the same drama trying to convince him and the greedy agent to renew… Theo even took a cut from his salary to come to Milan, yeah I know it was Maldini who convinced him but a player who wants to play for a big team like Milan and wants to stay in Seria A (his words) should cut some slag and accept the offer it’s been given.

    1. Man u need CF more than others. They lost martial and they play in Europa leage, wich is more games than ucl. Not to mention they have 3 local competition wich is again, more compare to italian club who only have 2.

  3. Even at 10mil it’s a 25% commission. Steep. Milan are “willing” to pay that? I find that hard to believe since on a 32mil move they only paid a 3mil commission.

    1. Actually Furlani will be the winner here no matter how it goes. Either he gets Kia to lower his ridiculous demands and signs Zirkzee or Furlani & Milan wins as someone else (or no one) pays Kia insane figures and Milan dodges the bullet.

      Just for the sake of the idiot agent I hope it goes down to the point that no one will buy him and Kia won’t get a dime.

  4. How is possible that UEFA allow to happen something like this? What this agent invest in player and how much money? This is insane! I think, owners of clubs must unite and press UEFA to change this. 1-2% of transfer must be the most that agent can receive for players contract.

    1. Uefa has 0 say in what goes on in transfer deals. The only thing uefa does is organise cups and pocket money. O, and cheat

  5. He got called up to the national team. His demand may go up with his performances. This one works in Kia’s favor.

    Milan would be wise to wrap this up ASAP.

    1. “The club are still convinced that Zirkzee’s interest in the move will be enough to force it through”

      They let Thuram marinate after knowing Inter offered him more with the same reasoning..We onow how that played out.

      Pay up or let it go. Or the kid has to drop his agent. What agent will represent him after he refuses his agent get true market value for what he is worth? He is burning a bridge by doing that. With one good season under his belt I doubt he will press his agent that hard or fire him

  6. There’s something about this kid that’s making so many clubs show interest in him. Good thing for us is his desire to remain in Italy. Despite this, Man U and Arsenal are waiting to pounce. English clubs pay far more for players with lesser quality. Agent commission will not be a problem for them. Milan needs to do what is necessary to get this deal done. They knew the conditions of the deal b4 going into it. The thought that no one else would buy him if the talks with Milan fails is childish. Vultures are lurking, hoping that we don’t get him.

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