CorSera: Concerns arise regarding Krunic’s ability to play as a regista

By Oliver Fisher -

Rade Krunic is yet to convince in his auditions playing at the base of a midfield three just in front of the defence, according to a report.

As Corriere della Sera (via MilanNews) writes, one of the main tactical themes that characterises the Rossoneri’s preseason is understanding how Pioli will design and deploy his three-man midfield.

For the moment it is Krunic who has been playing the role of regista having started both the Real Madrid and Juventus friendlies in that position while on the USA tour, with Tijjano Reijnders and Ruben Loftus-Cheek either side as mezzalas.

While waiting for the return of Ismael Bennacer – which will take some time yet – the paper judged Krunic’s performance against Juventus as being quite a worrying one.

They picked out his ‘slow playmaking’, adding that if he wants to keep his place as the director of the midfield he will have to accelerate, because more imagination and creativity is needed from midfield.

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  1. Whoever had the idea that he fits that role is the problem. Nothing in his game suggest that he has the technical ability to dictate a midfield.

    1. Pioli, Furlani, and Moncada. They don’t even targetting deep lying midfielder. Even Musah is being pursued as mezzala.

      Krunic is usually reliable though, he might adapt before the season start and fill in untill Bennacer returned. It’s a gamble.

  2. Well, let’s hope Pioli gives Adli a real chance. If we sign Musah I doubt we’ll get another midfielder, so until Bennacer returns we have Krunic and Adli for that position.

  3. Well I’m concerned that he could be starter in first place… Not even thinking about positioning . He’s at best a sub

  4. Is not good for Milan, Adli is 10 times better then him. They should sell him now when they still have an offer for him.

  5. Krunic sucks at every position. He just doesn’t suck THAT bad. With the current squad he shouldn’t be playing at all but a few copa Italia games and an injury disaster. Hopefully we never have to rely on such a limited player ever again.

  6. Pioli and krunic are more than boyfriend/girlfriend romance,pioli will want to give krunic more playing time than the rest of new recruits which will eventually cost him his job.

    1. Omg should have read this before I ranted. It is basically what I’ve been saying all along. Look at his reading of the game. Smh. He basically marshalled the defensive midfield including Bennacer. I really don’t get the hate. I’m pretty sure he’s a starter this season. Even more so if we go back to 4231

  7. Krunic was always a bench player, second string to Kessie, Tonali and Bennacer. We used him last season, primarily out of necessity because of rotation, and send depth.

    I’m hoping his contributions this season are simply event of transition and integration of new players in. He is a bench piece.

  8. Krunic is a solid team player and the ideal BACKUP AND SPOT STARTER – but he is not an everyday starting caliber DM that we need. Not sure if Musah is either – let’s hope, because Benny is out until next year and by the time he achieves match fitness the season will be practically over. Wish we would just bring Kessie back for 15M (reported – also so Juve doesn’t get him) but I know that will never happen. I think we would like to sell Krunic and replace him with Dominguez but Pioli is standing in the way – he’s in love w Krunic. So seems we are stuck. Let’s just hope Musah is capable of playing on that role

    1. I wanted us to get Kamada and for assurances sake because it may come back to us needing to switch to a formation where an AM is need and he would suffice. Getting Kessie makes no sense financially unless Barcelona release him for free to us. The main issue is Pioli’s instructions to players and I can bet he isn’t giving any that’s why we bank on individual brilliance all the time and from the juventus game I see us having same struggles next season.

  9. I always said we needed an experienced midfield who can dictate play and can control the game without any institutions, there ain’t many a Joghino or Amrabat type, we had the chance to sign the latter but we didn’t flinch. I will keep saying it, Pioli is not a technically sound coach and the players he needs have to be able to operate without instructions, a deep lying midfield with tons of experience would have solved his blushes but we didn’t get one. CDK is struggling because he is lacking institutions and guidance this is exactly what he’d benefit from PSV loan. As long as Pioli remains we’d still need individual brilliance to win most matches. This is my own piece you can agree or not.

  10. This Proves My eveluations that its time to get rid of Krunic.
    We will not win by the love of Pioli
    We need Perfomance Uppruasal
    The best way is to sell.Krunic and replace Strong Young Defenssive midfielder ASAP.

  11. I don’t see him playing that much with the new signings. However, he could always be brought in to do more defensive work in the middle. He’s not a skillful player. I’ve always wondered why they bought him, but, after Kessie’s departure, he has always done his bit to support the midfield. Though, not a fan, I was particularly impressed with his performance against Napoli in the Champions league last season.

  12. Krunic maybe a versatile (but not a good) player but he should be sold considering all the quality midfielder we bought. Krunic can be sold with a nice profit.

  13. Krunic was valuable to Pioli the last two seasons because of his versatility. This meant that the midfield had sufficient depth to withstand some attrition. He is strong, intelligent, good balance, and enough technical ability to stay in the squad and contribute in meaningful ways. Champions league and Serie A will impose enough attrition. Both Pulisic and RLC have been prone to injury in the past. I don’t see Krunic leaving unless the offer is really good.

  14. People have no idea what a regista is do they.. and they have no idea what the players who were bought are.. Krunič is no regista. never was, never will be. The only player that can play regista,
    effectively, atm is Benacer. And he is out till december.
    And peope on here are saying sell him.. L0L.
    my prediciton, we will end up playing 4231 still with reijnders, krunć and pulisić in midfield.

      1. Yeah. We shall see about him. Not optimistic for the first season. The other 2 at least have mileage.
        None of them came to sit on the bench alas spots are limited on the field

        1. Lol. You been wrong plenty of times. Already dumping on a player that isnt even at Milan yet. Krunic isn’t starting and is declining as a player.

          1. Also mileage? Huh? Musah has 100+ appearances for Valencia, and 27 appearances for his national team. You’re confused. I can’t even…

          2. Nobody cares about your feelings about Pioli or Krunic. Krunic started because we had injuries. You hate Pioli and have this idea he will only start Krunic.

          3. Don’t be ridiculous. You know very well why pioli started krunic again and again last season.
            And he will continue to do so.
            You want musah to succeed, good for you. I’m sure he appreciates it. But brace for reality.
            Like i said before. All of them came to play, nobody wants to be on the bench. Some of them will be on the bench.

          4. You’re the one that’s ridiculous. And deluded with plenty of bias on top of it. You wouldn’t know reality if it slapped you in the face ten times.

            You’re biased. You have no clue what you’re talking about. We had plenty of injuries last season.

            You hate the transfers, you want Pioli fired (why don’t you apply for the job?), and you want a new owner. We all know where you stand.

          5. I’ve no idea what you’re talking about.
            I want pioli fired? I want a new owner?
            When the fuck did i evenmr say that?
            I can’t even… jesus. Clearly under the influence.
            You’re worse than my demented father.

  15. Krunic is gonna start over everybody according to know it all who is never ever wrong lmao… despite being wrong all summer. Krunic only played last season because of injuries (Bennacer primarily).


      1. You’re smoking something a lot worse than weed. Imagine wanting the team you claim to cheer on to fail with krunic starting (and he would cause failure). You hate pioli and we already can see that.

        1. Triggered like a little school girl…
          Just stop
          Go take your pills or something. Get out, touch grass a bit

  16. Flying Tortoise. Deluded name. Obviously a Tortoise can’t fly. The guy moves as quick as a Tortoise. At glacial speeds. His mind is even slower.

    Imagine losing your mind… what a sad reality.

  17. Ok I’m sorry. I’m super pissed at all the hate Krunic gets. Let me be clear, there’s currently no one in the team that can play the double pivot or the central of the 3 midfield player better than Krunic. His understanding and reading of the game is super underrated both in the offensive phase and the defensive phase. He’s the only one that can viably protect the back four and with no help because neither RLC and Deers have that level of positional awareness. And I don’t even like him that much but with Tonali and Kessie gone, Bennacer out he’s simply the next best option.
    Tired of ppl saying he’s garbage or suck when he’s carried on many occasions Bennacer and Tonali last season. Adli 10x better ????? What crack are u guys smoking

    Sorry for the rant but geez, it’s like ppl just love shiny things dangled in front of them..all that glitters is not gold.

    1. Same, i dont understand why ppl here say adili better than krunic . In my country i always comment both 433 or 4231 krunic will play as balance maker but they dont believe . Krunic are senior player that understand pioli tactic while new player like reijnders , rlc ,yunus need time to learn pioli tactic . If in 433 i think pioli will deploy yunus-krunic- reijnders while in 4231 he will deploy krunic & yunus/reijnders as main double pivot . Ppl cannot accept reality that tonali – bennacer are bad pairing for double pivot last season ,thats why krunic step in become main starter double pivot last season

  18. Krunic plays better as DM instead of AM. His accurate simple passing, calmness, defensive awareness and aerial ability help him as a good achorman, not as regista or deep lying midfielder. Offensive duties should be carried on by RLC and Reijnder.

  19. We must use 3-5-3 or 4-4-2 formation..

    Pioli is lacking of tactic. Change pioli with de zerbi or spalettii

  20. Coach Pioli, what happened with..??
    Is that something wrong between you and Adli ?
    He has a skill better than krunic, younger, just practice him, and believe him more, and he will be your deadly weapon.

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