CorSera: OGC Nice boss becomes latest candidate to replace Pioli

By Oliver Fisher -

A number of different names continue to be mentioned in connection with the upcoming vacancy at AC Milan, and Francesco Farioli’s name can reportedly be added to the list.

According to this morning’s edition of Corriere della Sera (via MilanNews), Stefano Pioli’s fate at Milan seems to be sealed after the recent defeats against Roma and Inter. After five and a half seasons the coach will say goodbye to Milanello, paying for two seasons without trophies after winning a Scudetto.

Out of respect for a coach who has given so much to the club, Pioli will be allowed to work in peace until the end of the season, with the objective of keeping hold of second place for financial and sporting reasons.

The hunt for Pioli’s successor has already started with several names having been mentioned by various sources, and now the profile of Farioli has re-emerged, a former collaborator of Roberto De Zerbi who is now at OGC Nice.

The CorSera headline reads: ‘Farioli among the candidates to become the coach after Pioli’. He is still very young at 35 years old, but Farioli is considered to be a coach with very high potential.

He has a degree in philosophy and would meet some of the requirements that Milan is looking for, i.e. good with young players and has a clear style of play.

The Italian doesn’t have much experience, especially in European competitions, but Nice have had a positive season and still have a chance of securing Champions League football for 2023-24.

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  1. Ac Milan should stay clear of this option, the melancholy truth is most coaches who have never played professionally will always lack certain professional traits and experiences that Coaches who have played on the highest level have, it is only when you have been in certain situations, that you understand how to react or behave during a match.
    At first they could be geniuses at the beginning, but later those deficances they have tend to come out and hinder them, case in point Mourinho, Villa Boas Arrigo and a host of them, they were all one trick ponies, they might be successful in the beginning years, but later, those handicaps begin to manifest, and they are unable to react or change course.
    But players who have played professionally, and have been in the thick of battle, and have shared the locker room with professionals, tend to interpret certain scenarios better and tack action, look at Ancelloti , Guardiola , Cruyff, Alonso, Mancini and a host of them, there experiences as players is a reference point for them in how they act and behave, and take action.
    The best option we have right now is Van Brommel, he is a winner, a Milanista, he is experienced, he has played with, and shared the locker room with Champions, he will give our young players a chance, he knows the club and Italy…..this Nice coach is a bad idea….

  2. When Real Madrid hired Ancelloti, after a while the players said Ancelloti understands the nature of football, he understands the nature of clubs, and he understands players better the Mourinho.
    Sergio Ramos said when you sit down for a team briefing with Ancelloti, you always learn from him, he speaks to you about his experiences as a player, when he was team mates with great players, he speaks to you about all the great opponents and great teams and matches he has played, he speaks to you about great coaches he played under, and how he learnt from them, and understood, patience, humility and hardwork, he said on the other hand Mourinho always spoke to them about nothing, simply because he has nothing to speak to them about his experiences as a player, or learning from great coaches.

      1. I prefer Conte too. I’m remember him to be excellent in the domestic league and his tactics lacked in the Champions League. Am I wrong?

  3. So… Management wants even the coach to be the cheapest possible, eh? Sounds like a bulletproof idea to save there. Let’s say a proven, “guaranteed” coach costs 10M€ (with taxes) per year and the “young & cheap” is 4M€. That would save us a whopping 6M€ per year.

    OK, fine. Money is money. But… When that “young & cheap” option fails to deliver the results and Milan doesn’t make it to the UCL, there will be a 50-100M€ drop in the next year’s budget. Worth the risk?

    The next head coach is THE most important figure for next year’s campaign. We cannot afford to f*** this up!!!

    1. so almost all Milan fans say to sell Pioli, but there’s lack of agreement on who the new coach should be. Some say Conte, some say De Zerbi, some say Motta, some say Klopp (wishful thinking), some say Gallardo, etc

      Point is, I’m not sure that if you take any of the viable candidates and compare him with Pioli, you’d have more than 50% of the fans that would say that Pioli is worse and we should go with the new coach.

      Isn’t it possible that the coach is not the weakest link, and we should focus on the clear weakest links to strengthen the team before we try to fix the coach (who got us a scudetto and into a semi-final of CL…)

      1. Pioli has lost the dressing room ages ago. He can’t even motivate the players to give their best against Inter. At home. To prevent them winning the scudetto on their backyard.

        Game over. Pioli must go.

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