CorSera: Gazidis to meet Maldini over renewal but cannot guarantee big investments

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan are about to change owners and one of their first jobs will be to extend the contracts of the management, a report claims.

In addition to the change of ownership, Corriere della Sera (via MilanNews) writes about how the question of the renewal of Paolo Maldini must be sorted. His public declarations about feeling disrespected regarding the lack of a renewal have meant that it has become a matter of urgency to resolve his future.

Immediately after the signing of the deal to transfer shares of the club, which should take place this week, the CEO Ivan Gazidis will meet the Rossoneri director to talk about the contract extension, even if he will not be able to give him the guarantees he is asking for on the investments to be made on the market.

Maldini spoke about needing two or three quality signings to raise the level of the squad, which will be hard to do this summer given the change of ownership in progress.

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  1. Gazidis is a bureaucrat. He was always an administrator in a world of football. In MLS, in PL and now in Serie Ass. Arsenal fans claim they are still trying to recover from his tenure there.

    I only trust Maldini, Massara and Moncada, rest are just paper pushers, bureaucrats and parasites leaching off Milan.

    Prime example Scaroni, most useless twat of them all. Issues a statement every month or so saying Stadium is not built yet, pockets a few hundred thousands or a million or two and he is done for that month.

      1. Now you’re just quoting my one of my older posts where I, knowing full well that I am just as useless if not more useless than him, asked where I can apply for his job.

          1. LOL! I know the feeling! So many typos every day,,,,

            But yeah, Scaroni is the biggest leech here. He wants Milan to have a 50k stadium instead of a 80k one just so he can more money (as the smaller stadium costs less).

            FU, Scaroni! Listen to Maldini on the stadium capacity!

    1. With respect, that’s a rather simplified view. We know of Maldini, Massara and Moncada because they are the ones who we can attribute spending money and buying players to.

      But it’s 2022 and Milan is a huge operation. Gazidis’ job is to make sure everyone at the club is doing theirs. He’s the one that has to say ‘no’ to them if they’re looking to spend money the club can’t make back and he’s ultimately responsible for Milan as a business.

      I’m sure he’s by no means perfect (and letting Wenger have so much power for so long is a perfect example), but have the coaches, scouts and sporting directors never made mistakes? Arsenal fans are trying to ‘recover’… they’re one of the most valuable clubs in the world FFS, and they’ve done it without relying on a state or oligarch to fund them.

      And that’s just singling out one. Paper-pushers and bureaucrats aren’t doing flashy jobs and their names aren’t in the papers, but every euro of sponsorship, every partnership deal, every business box at the stadium, every opportunity in a new country, each post you see on the club website, the long-term financial planning, the upkeep of facilities… there’s a lot more that goes into running a football club than just identifying players to buy.

      That the club is so valuable now isn’t simply a result of buying the right players on the pitch, it’s everyone else that does a job in the background too.

    2. We won title and Arsenal don’t. So Gazdis wasn’t the problem for Arsenal, he is long gone from there and they are not better. He is doing what owners ask, he did great job for Milan

      1. That is the worst thing about winning Scudetto. All of a sudden ALL of our players are world class, and our last two transfer windows were a success.

        1. @shiva I agree with you on that. Nobody will remember the hardship we had with the squad quality. We won the tittle, that’s credit to them, but we won’t have sustainability if we continue with the current squad, winning the tittle gives you confidence that’s true but the quality is a tricky thing, and for milan, it’s still a long way to go. And as for the case with maldini, He literally is Milan Himself, whatever he says i’m with him all the way, to the fans who think gazidis or elliot are doing these cuts for the betterment of the club, they are simply too naive or too dumb. Nobody’s doing anybody any favour, it’s all business, in that case maldini’s heart belong to milan, so i will believe him rather than some businessmen.

          1. I’m a bit worried that no one will listen to Maldini yet again. He warned Berlusconi after the 2007 CL win that it was almost a fluke and that Milan would drop if immediate restructuring and investment wasn’t to take place. And they did drop, 2011 scudetto AND IBRA involvement notwithstanding. Maldini and Ibra made another mini miracle happen again, but I feel that the club owners( old and new) will choose to rest on this new title’s laurels(just as Silvio did in ’07) and bs everyone into believing that bigger spending is not a requirement or a symptom of further and more glamorous success. Overspending is not necessarily the answer either, then again, should fans be bothered with whether the rich owners are wisely or stupidly, for that matter, spending their fortunes?

  2. Obviously we cant expect the words of this management to automatically carry over to the next one but i remember either gazzidis or scaroni saying that they were planing to allow a transfer kitty in the vicinity of 100 mil this year so that would be the bare minimum in my view. Add to that we won the scudetto so i would expect 20 mil on top of that ammount so it stretches to 120 mil If red bird wants to get a good start of their ownership then they need to at minimum make such an ammount available to maldini.

    1. Agreed Martin. However if feel Redbird will not spend that much and we will all be left with disappointment over this transfer window and future ones. Elliot retains a 30 percent ownership which is a minority stake but a very large one at that. I highly doubt they, with Redbird will say to M&M “here is 150M to spend this summer.” I hope I’m wrong but it goes against their business philosophy and I think we are all dreaming. Redbird are a fund like Elliot. They operate for profit for their shareholders. Why would they all of a sudden come in and spend 120-200M on players when they are making a solid profit as is? I personally don’t see it happening and feel we would be lucky to get the players we are linked to (Origi, Sanches and Botman – replacements for Ibra, Kessie and Romagnolli) and perhaps one other signing for RW or CAM (Berardi or Lang) to try to appease the fans – but that’s it. Thoughts of Nkunu, Nunez, De Ketelare, etc…are dreams and I just can’t see it happening. The best Redbird can do for the sake of the club is build or OWN fkn stadium ASAP. That would be the greatest gift of all. Like I said I hope I’m wrong but like @shiva I am highly skeptical of Redbird and (always was) about Elliot about their desire to WIN titles. Making us an attractive investment – Yes they accomplished that. Sustaining us like Maldini requested to compete for titles and against Europes best in CL – that is another matter and one that I don’t think Redbird or Elliot have any intention of satisfying.

      1. Yup, yup. Exactly. Origi, Botman and Renato if we’re lucky. And then Messias and Florenzi on permanent deals. If sell Rebic, Ballo, Samu then maybe another RW/LW/CAM combo and that will be our mercato. Which is not bad at all. But we should stop dreaming about Darwin, Jesus or anyone above 25million.

      2. To be fair im actually glad we didnt get bahrain owned company invevsticorp as new owners as it seems like they was trying to insert loans into the club for 400 mil which would force the club to earn that money back to even end up at scratch and from what i can see it would have been worse in my view. Add to that the idea of investicorp who bought handball players to play for their national team iwasnt really intriguing or for that matter very sportmans like so personally im of ther view that we dodged a bullet there.
        The fact that elliot keeps a 30% stake is actually positive in my view as it gives them the extra sentiment to keep up their good work and whether that is in the interest of earning cash or improving the club further doesnt matter much to me as im sure they want to max the profit either way and that happens due to the successes the club might achieve.

        Players i expect to arrive this summer and i might of course end up being disapointed.

        origi – free
        Botman 30 mil
        sanches 20 – maybe a bit less in combination

        de ketelaere 40-45 depending on bids
        lang 20-25 – if rebic leaves i can see lang joining us and maybe in combination of buying the two belgians we might be able to get a small discount.

        berradi between 20-30 mil

        Aquisition of florenzi – 4.5 mil.

        maybe belotti on a free transfer but my hopes are
        unfortunately very low at this point.

        That would cost around 145-150 but assuming we sells rebic for 20 mil then i believe its within reach of this summer market but i might of course be wrong in that estimate.

      3. Hey Juro.
        I seem to be agreeing with pretty much everything you’ve been posting on this forum lately.
        These American investment firms are more than aware that spending heaps and/or winning titles does not implicitly translate into making the club more “attractive” or valuable as far as a potential future sale might go. There are some posters here claiming that these USA funds are actually big spenders, giving as irrefutable proof a couple of EPL clubs, forgetting that those clubs are already making lots of cash and revenue out of the TV rights and sponsorship deals, thus not requiring the US fund’s capital. I’m not against an American ownership for AC. But they’re clearly more into short term bizz and quick profit on the return on investment. Berlusconi was as dodgy and corrupt as they come and used his club AS A political platform. BUT he DID care about his club’s success and title count and was proud to flaunt this and claim merit. As would most of the also very dodgy/corrupt Arab potential owners.
        Elliott took Milan from the brinks of bankruptcy and made it look attractive for a future sale. And guess what? They’re selling! There’s no pride or involvement here, other than the quick cash back.
        PSG or Man City might not be as sustainable, then again Barca is drowning in debts nevertheless…, but their respective owners are definitely going for titles and prestige and not quick profit. As a fan I’d rather see Milan lose in CL semis and not bring a profit to its owners than have its market value doubled and struggle for a serie A top four spot.

        1. Thank you @Dan. I couldn’t agree with you more either lol.

          @Martin Bernhardt – hope you are right – but I would be pleasantly shocked if we spent 150M on players this summer…I just don’t see it happening. And if we don’t I intend to agree w Maldini – repeating the same success as this season will be very difficult and advancing far in CL even more so. Again I hope I’m dead wrong but am very skeptical of a Redbird/Elliot ownership team = a desire to WIN titles as opposed to being profitable (i.e. Atalanta). Time will tell…

          1. As i said i might be wrong and generally speaking im not really a milan fan with insane requests for transfers but looking at what we invested this past season which is 77.5 mil and around 35 the previous one. Add to that we have played with many spectators for a great deal of the season , we have played cl, we have won the scudetto this indicates to me that we will have a great transfer window obviously we might not get everyone i suggested but then i atleast would expect other viable solutions to arrive. We will indeed see and it might be me who are dead wrong in my estimate but anything less then 100 mil would be a big letdown in my view but maldini has my confidence either way but as i see it we are in a position to finally make a statement of our intentions to come back in europe.

  3. Let’s be realistic! We won Scudetto, because there wasn’t big competition, and we were lucky. That will not happen again. We need few more good players. I don’t see RedBirds will invest big money. They are Fund, and Cardinall must ask Bord or whatever is name, to allow money for new players. It is not his money. Now, I can imagine some American businessman, who never watch football game, to approve 100M for soccer player transfer? Most of them have no idea where is Italy. They think in this World are only: USA, China and Russia. It will be very funny Mercato.

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