CorSera: Giroud rejected advances of Saudi sides to stay at Milan

By Oliver Fisher -

Olivier Giroud has had the opportunity to move to Saudi Arabia and enjoy the vast riches of the league there but rejected all advances, it is claimed.

Back in April, Giroud signed the renewal of his contract with Milan until June 2024 which thus certified his importance to the team but also his happiness at being at the club, with whom he has 32 goals and 11 assists in 85 games.

According to Corriere della Sera (via PianetaMilan) however, the Frenchman has had the chance to join the Saudi Pro League where the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo play among many others.

As Giroud’s agent revealed to the paper, despite the fact that the striker had received calls he never regretted his choice to stay with the Rossoneri.

“We have been contacted by many intermediaries, but we have said no,” he said. Milan have signed Noah Okafor to compliment the 36-year-old, but he will still be the focal point of the attack going into next season.

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  1. I like Giroud even more now, any player joining that morally corrupt country that doesnt give a damn about human rights for the sake of more money should be ashamed of themselves as i see it.

    1. you cant say stuff like that on here. Some PC keyboard warrior will call you a racist and a bigot :(.
      Tho i agree. People who went there should stay there from now on..

      1. Yeah I now its a risky comment but quite frankly if saudi arabia doesnt care about human rights i dont have to talk nice about that regime either. They killed a turkish journalist in recent years with clear proof going back to the prince of the country, doesnt seem to care much about womens rights, Gives a damn about lgbt rights, workers rights and so on.
        They can call me a racist as much as they want i dont give a damn about that in this regard but yeah people who whent there can stay there for what i care as well.
        Players like ronaldo really sold out as he was already super rich when joining them and he is basically giving the approval of vile regime for the sake of money.

      2. And who does that?

        Certainly not me because I slammed Saudi Arabia for all their human rights abuses on this site in the past. They sent a hit squad and murdered a journalist in a different country. And internally have a secret police that arbitrarily kills people without any trial.

        1. Under the world cup i criticized quatar and there was soon an influx of digruntled clowns replying to my post, so it does happen.

          1. It’s why I oppose any Saudi money in this team. Some demand it, but to me it’s blood money. Like taking money from murderers. And i agree, their record in general is horrible. For LGBT people, for women, for dissidents…

            So I hope Redbird avoids any temptation to sell this team in the future to murderers.

            And yes Qatar is pretty bad too. Many of my friends are LGBT and would never have wanted to go see that world cup in person. Just incredibly dangerous.

          2. Same here and if the club actually were to be sold to the saudi regime id actually seriously consider throwing in the towel after over 30+ years as an ac milan fan so yeah lets avoid that sort of influence.

            Its dumbfounding to think that the 2030 world cup could endup being held in saudi arabia and thats also why they are trying to paint a better picture of themselves right now by trying to tempt star players with astronomical wages.

            I know a lot of lgbt people as well and i can understand why they wouldnt go there but even as a straight man i wouldnt put a dime into a country like that but just to be clear neither would i in israel due to the treatmnent of the palestinians.

    2. Yes we still need giroud as leader on dressing room after ibra retired, giroud will help the growth young striker like colombo & alejo veliz ( rumour source di marzio)

      1. No you should be ashamed of yourself if you put your imaginary friend ahead of common reason and other peoples human rights,

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